Empowering and Enabling your Managers through Employee Listening

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On Wednesday September 27th we held a live event on Empowering and Enabling your Managers through Employee Listening.  We heard from Lynn Moffett, VP of Human Resources at BMC Software and Larissa Linton, Principal People Scientist at Viva Glint. 


Getting managers to take action following an employee survey is a common challenge for organizations. Larissa described the many obstacles that prevent effective survey results discussions and action taking for managers. These can include managers feeling overwhelmed with the data, feeling uncomfortable with discussing the feedback or feeling like they don’t have the authority to influence change in many of the areas reported in their team’s feedback.  


Lynn shared how using Glint manager empowerment features and tools has helped BMC Software achieve high survey scores across many areas of the employee experience. In particular, Lynn described how the organization pivoted from a traditional organizational-led employee listening approach to one that leads with transparency and democratizes access to survey results for managers, putting them at the center of action taking.  


In case you missed the live event, you can find the recording here:  


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