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In June 2022, we introduced multi-factor authentication as a requirement for Bing Ads.


You may still need to make a code change in order to become compliant with this requirement. Microsoft Advertising is performing technical enforcement checks in early October.


Multi-factor authentication is a security process that requires you to verify your identity in two different ways (e.g., entering your password along with a code sent to your phone).


Here's what developers need to do:


1. Make a code change and/or SDK update


Update all applications to use the new msads.manage scope via the Microsoft identity platform endpoint. Note: Access tokens acquired via the bingads.manage or ads.manage scope will not be authenticated.


  • Live Connect: If you are still on Live Connect for some reason, this is no longer supported. The Live Connect endpoint was sunsetted upon enforcement of MFA.
    • Task: Change from bingads.manage to msads.manage
    • Task: Change endpoint to Microsoft identity endpoint
  • Microsoft Identity platform endpoint for developers: If you are already on the Microsoft identity platform endpoint, you only need to upgrade to the new authentication scope.
  • Task: Change from ads.manage to msads.manage


A detailed how-to guide is available via this link.


2. Prompt all users for consent (again)


The new msads.manage authentication scope requires renewed consent from all users of your application. This scope will not allow users to grant consent and authenticate without passing through MFA.


  • Task: Get all users to re-login to the application


Here is what to do if you use a 3rd party application:


If you use a 3rd party application to connect to the Microsoft Advertising API but aren't the application owner, please contact the provider to confirm that they make the code change. Then, proceed with re-authenticating your Microsoft accounts within the application to avoid disruption after enforcement.


If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact your account team or support.  


Thanks for your collaboration.

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