Utilize Microsoft Learn during exams and discover community in Security.

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Leverage Microsoft Learn to help you complete your role-based certification exams.


With Microsoft Learn, anyone can master core concepts at their speed and on their schedule. You can now access Microsoft Learn as a resource to help you complete your Microsoft Certification exams. This resource will be available in SC-100, SC-200, SC-300, SC-400, and other role-based exams in all languages. 


Here's what you need to know about this new resource: 

  • Access to everything in the learn.microsoft.com domain except Q&A and your profile. 
  • No extra time will be added to complete the exam. 
  • The exam timer will continue as you search Learn for the information you need.
  • Only available on role-based exams, not fundamentals. 
  • Available in the same languages as the exam. 


Microsoft is committed to improving the overall exam experience. This change is attempting to ensure that everyone who wants to take a Microsoft Certification exam can do it without any barriers or hurdles and can showcase their expertise for in-demand job roles. 

Explore how to earn your next Microsoft Security Certification 

Empowering learning through connection  


Microsoft Learn Communities are a collection of experiences offering you a variety of ways to connect and engage with other learners and technical experts. To help these communities achieve more and open new possibilities through learning and gaining new skills, we have enhanced the Microsoft Learn Community experience to offer more ways for you to achieve your career goals and increase your expertise.  


This new and exclusive component of the Microsoft Learn Community, Learning Rooms, is designed to offer learners a dedicated space to connect with experts and peers. Microsoft's learning rooms offer a dedicated space for you to connect with experts and peers. These rooms are facilitated by Microsoft Learn Experts and provide a safe environment for you to engage in topic-specific discussions through asynchronous discussions and virtual sessions. You can directly interact with an expert and ask questions about the topic at hand.   


There are currently four Microsoft Security Learning Rooms to choose from that span end-to-end: 

  • Cloud Security Study Group 
  • Compliance Learning Room 
  • Cybersecurity from Beginner to Expert 
  • Microsoft Entra 


Whether you choose one path or all of them, the Microsoft Learning Rooms are ready to support your learning journey. 


To explore additional security technical guidance, please visit the refreshed Security documentation hub on Microsoft Learn.  

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