Meet a recent Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador graduate: Abhishek Mankame

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This is the next segment of our blog series highlighting Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors who achieved the Gold milestone, the highest level attainable, and have recently graduated from university. Each blog in the series features a different student and highlights their accomplishments, their experience with the Student Ambassador community, and what they’re up to now.  


Today we meet Abhishek Mankame who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from AJ Institute of Engineering and Technology in India.



Abhishek at the Microsoft Bangalore office in Bangalore India.
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When did you join the Student Ambassadors community? 

I joined Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors community in July 2021. I was pursuing my bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering.


What was being a Student Ambassador like?  

Being a Student Ambassador was a great experience. I had the opportunity to represent Microsoft technologies and tools by organizing workshops, events, and hackathons where I could showcase my knowledge with fellow students.


Was there a specific experience you had while you were in the program that had a profound impact on you and why?

I mentored fellow Student Ambassador Deepthi Sudharsan and helped her host an event on the topic "Teach your computer to learn.” It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to share my knowledge of machine learning. With guidance through the event organization, she was able to reach Beta Milestone, a rank in the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program where additional benefits are unlocked.

Tell us about a technology you had the chance to gain a skillset in as a Student Ambassador. How has this skill you acquired helped you in your post-university journey? 

As a Student Ambassador, I had the incredible opportunity to dive into the world of machine learning. Throughout my time in the program, I delved into various machine learning algorithms, data preprocessing techniques, and model evaluation methods. This skillset in machine learning has had a profound impact on my post-university journey. The program provided me with access to innovative tools and technologies. This has opened doors to exciting career prospects in fields like data science, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics, where machine learning expertise is highly sought after. With my knowledge in machine learning, I have been able to develop innovative projects and solutions that leverage data-driven insights to solve real-world problems. 


What is something you want all students, globally, to know about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program?  

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program presents an incredible chance for students globally to acquire essential technical expertise, connect with peers who share similar interests, and expand their professional connections. By participating in the program, students gain access to a plethora of valuable resources, such as cutting-edge tools, hands-on learning opportunities, and guidance from industry professionals. If given the opportunity to apply, seize it without hesitation, as it promises to be a rewarding journey that can positively shape your future.



Abhishek presenting on Data Science at AJIET in Mangalore.  

What advice would you give to new Student Ambassadors, who are just starting in the program?  

To new student ambassadors who are just starting off, my advice would be to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Absorb knowledge and put it into action fearlessly. Embrace the opportunity to initiate projects that you believe can create a positive impact. Don't hesitate to take the first step towards making a difference.


Build connections with fellow student ambassadors. Attend events, join communities, and be active on social media to connect with others and expand your network.

Share a favorite quote with us! It can be from a movie, a song, a book, or someone you know personally. Tell us why you chose this. What does it mean for you?  

My favorite quote is "Never give up." The quote means to maintain unwavering determination and persistence in the pursuit of a goal, even in the face of obstacles, failures, or difficulties. It is an encouraging and motivational phrase that urges individuals to stay committed to their dreams and aspirations, no matter how challenging the journey may become.

Tell us something interesting about you, about your journey.  

When I joined the program, I was completely clueless. Surrounding myself with people like those in the program gave me the necessary push to convert my adversity into strength. It was great to connect with like-minded people and host events along with them. Due to regular participation in the events, I have emerged as a good mentor and public speaker.


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