Drive Mission and Alignment with Copilot in Viva Goals and Goal Customization in Private Preview Now

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Starting today, Viva Goals is delivering on its promise to make the goal-setting and management process easier, more efficient, and more impactful for organizations, leaders, and employees across the globe with Copilot in Viva Goals available in private preview, as well as goal customization capabilities for Viva customers who want to leverage Viva Goals outside of the OKR framework.

We also have exciting enhancements to our ADO integration available now, to make product and engineering progress updates more accurate and precise than ever in Viva Goals.



Copilot in Viva Goals: Private Preview Available Now


We have great news for Viva customers reflecting on 2023, summarizing progress, and planning for 2024: Copilot in Viva Goals is available now in private preview.


Using next-gen AI, Copilot in Viva Goals helps you align organization-wide goals, team goals, and daily work, prepare for business rituals, and give updates on progress with less redundant, manual work and time spent, so you can be productive in the ways that matter to your business.




Copilot in Viva Goals simplifies and improves goal-setting and management end-to-end by...


Generating OKR recommendations from existing strategy documents



Generating and refining suggestions with conversational AI




Publishing progress summaries based on contextual data



Customers are already seeing value from Copilot in Viva Goals, and we’re just beginning.


"Previewing Copilot in Viva Goals has shown great potential for critical time savings and more impactful goal-setting and management. We are especially seeing the value in assisting users as they create better goals and craft more relevant progress summaries, so we can free up time for improved productivity and innovation."

-Charles Bowles, Manager, Workplace Experience Advisory, Avanade


"As someone deeply passionate about the endless possibilities of AI, I find the integration of Copilot into the world of OKRs and Viva Goals truly exhilarating. The fusion of these technologies has the potential to revolutionize how we craft and pursue meaningful goals. With Copilot in Viva Goals, we're not just setting objectives; we're harnessing the power of data-driven insights to sharpen our focus, create more relevant targets, and elevate our goal-setting game to new heights."

-Scott Blackwell, Microsoft Digital Employee Experience

IT admins for Viva customers can sign up for private preview of Copilot in Viva Goals here.


Goal Customization in Viva Goals: Private Preview Available Now


MicrosoftTeams-image (80).png


Viva Goals was built upon the proven goal-setting methodology of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) because they are the most preferred framework at enterprise organizations. Viva Goals allows users to get started with OKRs easily, see immediate benefits, and get better and more agile at writing OKRs over time—especially with our announcement of Copilot in Viva Goals.

But, starting today in private preview, Viva Goals is embracing flexibility to meet leaders where they are and how they like to plan, regardless of whether they are using a formal OKR approach or have a different philosophy on team goal management.

All teams can benefit from the improved sense of mission and alignment that Viva Goals helps create, and that begins with giving organizations and teams the flexibility to title and structure goals in line with their organization’s own goal-setting methodology and preferences, beyond the OKR framework.

Admins can now modify settings in the “Custom Terminology” tab, with the following options:

• Change the term OKR to Goal
• Change the term Objective to Goal, Outcome, Theme, or Big Rock
• Change the term Key Result to Metric, Outcome, or Result
• Change the term Initiative to Project, To Do, Deliverable, Milestone, or Action

In coming months, you can expect to see additional flexible features, including the prompt to choose between goals and OKRs when you enter the product for the first time and create your organization, and the ability to create metrics and projects without a direct alignment to a goal.

IT admins for Viva customers can sign up for private preview of goal customization capabilities here.

Not a Viva customer yet? Sign up for an admin-led trial here, then request private preview access to goal customization capabilities here.

Available Now: Enhancements to the Viva Goals ADO Integration

In addition to rolling out significant new innovations with our private preview programs, Viva Goals continues to improve existing integrations that customers care about.

The enhanced Viva Goals integration with Azure DevOps enables users to track progress using ADO fields such as story points, effort, completed work, remaining work, original estimate, as well as any numeric custom field that the team may have defined for the Azure DevOps project for tracking their work.




This is in addition to the completion status of work items previously supported by Viva Goals. You can review our updated Learn documentation for more details here.

We have also just released our Viva Goals x ADO Playbook, which explains how to think about Viva Goals and ADO working in harmony, how to set up the integration, and how to successfully deploy and communicate with leadership and product teams.

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