Introducing Microsoft Viva Amplify—now available worldwide!

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In today’s environment the way people work has changed. Since engaged employees are 46% more likely to feel like their company communicates well, organizations are looking to change the way they communicate with their global workforce. High Performing Organizations need the ability to drive engagement and productivity through streamlined corporate communications that reach users across the many channels they are working in.

Today we are announcing Microsoft Viva Amplify is now generally available. Viva Amplify is the newest addition to the Viva Suite, poised to transform the way organizations meaningfully reach and engage their employees. As businesses navigate an ever-evolving digital landscape, effective internal communication has become more crucial than ever before. With Viva Amplify, organizations can leverage centralized campaign management, multi-channel publishing, and reporting capabilities to empower corporate communicators to connect with every employee effortlessly.



Empowering corporate communicators

Organizations face a multitude of challenges in effectively communicating with their employees. As the workforce becomes more dispersed and diverse, maintaining engagement and alignment has become increasingly complex. Viva Amplify is designed to streamline and centralize the work corporate communicators do, all in one place - enabling communicators to create and manage campaigns, add reviewers, and schedule publications to ensure operational success throughout the campaign.



Preview content and schedule the date and time of publications.



Add team members for review or approval before sending.

In the midst of ongoing initiatives, coordinating multiple campaigns across various channels and apps can lead to extra work and disjointed messages. Viva Amplify centralizes campaign management, providing a single view to strategize, plan, and execute impactful campaigns.




With an array of communication apps and devices, crafting consistent and effective messages across platforms poses a significant challenge. Corporate communicators can use Amplify to draft, preview, and publish messages that reach every employee in the apps that they are using every day, ensuring that every employee has the information they need.



Publish messages to Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva Connections, and (coming soon) Viva Engage

Once sent, measuring the impact of communication efforts is critical. Communicators need visibility into who has read their communication and insights into how the message landed with their audience. Amplify introduces robust reporting and analytics, enabling communicators to measure the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve them.


Reporting--break down posts by audience.png


Armed with valuable insights around reach, virality, and sentiment, communicators can drill into their campaigns to understand performance and fine-tune their efforts. Communicators can even analyze their data based on information from their HCR systems of record allow pivots on job function, level in the organization, location, role, and more.

Viva Amplify charts the course for secure and streamlined corporate communication

Microsoft's commitment to secure integration and collaboration lies at the core of everything we do. Today, data security and privacy are of paramount importance to organizations and their employees. Viva Amplify offers a secure environment to share messages without compromising sensitive information, all while respecting the permissions and channels that have already been established within Microsoft 365.

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We invite you to explore Viva Amplify and visit our Adoption Center to discover how to manage your own campaigns. And for inspiration read about Microsoft’s own usage of Amplify and watch how Haleon, a result of the combination of three consumer health businesses, GSK, Novartis, and Pfizer, is using Viva for communications and engagement. If you are interested in trying Viva, please visit

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