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Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an astonishing pace, poised to transform our daily lives in ways we can hardly imagine. Do you have a brilliant idea for an AI project? Are you eager to turn that vision into a reality? Look no further because the "Tips and Tricks to Bring Your AI Idea to Life" series is here to guide you on your journey!


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Join Abril Ureña and I (Cynthia Zanoni) in this 30-minute weekly series as we embark on an exciting exploration of the robust tools and cutting-edge technologies offered by Microsoft. These tools will serve as your trusted companions in the development of your AI projects. 

In each episode, we will be joined by industry experts who will share their invaluable experiences and insights. Together, we will learn how to transform your innovative ideas into practical, real-world solutions.


Oct 17, 12:30pm

Planning your AI Journey

Why Choose Microsoft Technologies for Your AI Project? Discover the reasons why Microsoft solutions stand out in the AI landscape and how they can benefit your project.

Oct 24, 12:30pm

Transforming Data Analysis with Power BI and AI

In this episode, we will discover how the combination of Power BI and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powerful to reshape the landscape of data analysis, providing organizations with the tools to make strategic decisions grounded in invaluable insights.

Oct 31, 12:30pm

Threat Intelligence: Data Collection and Analysis

You've probably heard that "security is everyone's job," and when considering a successful project, it's important to include a security strategy in your planning. In this presentation, we'll delve into the world of threat intelligence and discover how this powerful approach can accurately predict and mitigate cyberattacks. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the ability to anticipate and defend against cyber threats is crucial.

Nov 07, 12:30pm

ChatGPT and Beyond: Exploring the language model to build an intelligent search

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we dive into the world of language models and their role in crafting intelligent search experiences. In this episode, we'll take you on a deep dive into the groundbreaking "Retrieval Augmented Generation" pattern—an innovation that empowers you to create ChatGPT-like interactions tailored to your specific data.

Nov 21, 12:30pm

LLMs in Computer Vision

In this session, you'll discover how LLMs (Large Language Models) have revolutionized the Azure AI Vision service, unlocking unprecedented scenarios, including the remarkable world of image generation.

Nov 28, 12:30pm

Crafting Spells with GitHub Copilot

Have you ever imagined having a programming assistant that learns from billions of lines of code and suggests solutions to your problems? That's the proposition of GitHub Copilot, an artificial intelligence tool that seamlessly integrates with your code editor and provides suggestions for entire lines or functions based on natural language comments or initiated code.

Dec 05, 12:30pm

Responsible AI: Shaping the Future with Ethical Practices

In this special episode, we delve deep into the world of "Responsible AI." Discover how AI is shaping the future and why it's crucial to incorporate ethical practices into its development and implementation.

Dec 12, 12:30pm

Data and AI trends for 2024

Our season is coming to an end, and we hope this journey has been incredible for you as well!
In this episode, we will explore the Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends for the year 2024 and how we can prepare ourselves.


Use the comments section below to share your journey with us. We would love to know about you (are you a student, developer, entrepreneur or both?) and what you plan to do next.



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