What’s new in Viva Insights – October 2023

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New person query and network metrics 

We are excited to announce new metrics in the Viva Insights advanced insights app for analysts. These features are now generally available and will unlock new scenarios for customers. 


These new metrics include three new person query metrics and two new network metrics that are used for key customer scenarios: Open 1-hour block; Time in self-organized meetings; Redundant meeting hours (lower level); Network outside organization; and Network outside company. 


These metrics help answer questions like, “How much control do people have over their calendar?”, “Is there an opportunity to reduce time spent in meetings by delegating?”, “How broad is a person’s internal network?”, and “How many customers are people in the sales team collaborating with?”  


Understanding whether employees have control over their calendar 

The metrics enable analysts to analyze meeting habits to understand whether employees have redundant meetings, whether they’re the originator of these meetings, and do the meetings leave them with enough time slots for focused work. The analysis given below highlights the need for managers in Org 1 to give their direct reports more autonomy by decreasing co-attendance in their meetings and enabling them to set their own meetings. 


Blog Oct 2023 01.png


Measure impact of network breadth on sales productivity 

The Network outside company and Network outside organization metrics, meanwhile, can be used to understand the breadth of a person’s network. The analysis given below shows that employees in the sales function that manage 15 to 20 accounts are more than three-times likely to exceed their quota. This could prompt sales leaders to manage sales workload and efficiency by keeping accounts assigned to a salesperson within the range. 


Blog Oct 2023 02.png


Domain suppression and reclassify external domains 

Domain suppression and domain reclassification are two other new features in the advanced insights app now generally available to admins. These are critical privacy features which improve metric accuracy while providing privacy.  


Domain suppression 

This feature enables admins to specify domains that are considered sensitive, so that data associated with the employees belonging to that domain are not surfaced in the analyst query experience. Customers can use domain suppression for scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions in which a domain is considered private, confidential, and/or sensitive. 


Here’s an example: Contoso is in talks to acquire another company, Adventure Works. While the deal is still considered confidential, an admin might want to prevent @adventureworks.com and details about people belonging to adventureworks.com from appearing in analyst experiences. By suppressing sensitive domains using this setting, analysts won’t view these domains in query results or deduce their presence from other information. However, Viva Insights will still use data from suppressed domains when it calculates metrics, ensuring accuracy.  


Reclassify external domains  

With this feature, admins can classify external domains as internal. You might reclassify external domains for a few reasons: Maybe your company recently acquired or merged with another company, and formerly external employees are now internal. Or, your company has subsidiaries, and you want to ensure collaboration with those domains is considered internal. 


Learn more about domain suppression and domain reclassification here.


Analyst onboarding email 

In addition, we’ve launched the onboarding email for analysts using the advanced insights app. This feature is now generally available and will help enable analysts to get quickly onboarded and run queries.  


The email enables quicker onboarding for analysts by: 

  • Notifying users about the Insights Analyst role they were assigned 
  • Providing the steps to activate the role 
  • Assisting with seamless onboarding by sharing key supporting documentation  

See the screenshot below for an example email:  

Blog Oct 2023 03.png

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