Exchange Online Mail Flow Rules to stop supporting DLP-related rules, conditions, and actions

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In July 2023 we announced the discontinuation of support for all DLP-related functionality within Exchange Online Mail Flow Rules, and encouraged admins to finish migrating any remaining DLP-related mail flow rules to Microsoft Purview DLP. In August we stopped supporting mail flow rules (also known as Exchange Transport Rules or ETRs) that are linked to Microsoft Purview DLP policies.

Today, we’re announcing that starting in the middle of November 2023 we’ll stop supporting the following DLP-related mail flow rules conditions and action:


  • MessageContainsDataClassifications (message contains sensitive information)
  • ExceptIfMessageContainsDataClassifications
  • HasSenderOverride (sender has overridden the Policy Tip)
  • ExceptIfHasSenderOverride


  • NotifySender

Starting in mid-November, the following will occur:

  • The ability to create or edit new ETRs that use these conditions or action will be disabled.
  • ETRs that use these conditions or action will not be evaluated nor run (as if the rule is disabled).
  • The Mail flow Rules page in the EAC and the Get-TransportRule cmdlet in Exchange Online PowerShell will show these ETRs are no longer supported (Configuration Supported and Unsupported Reason in the EAC, and IsRuleConfigurationSupported and RuleConfigurationUnsupportedReason in Exchange Online PowerShell).

Migration Process and Playbook

To accelerate the migration of any remaining DLP-related mail flow rules to DLP policies, the compliance portal has a built-in wizard to help migrate them with a few clicks. The process is explained in the playbook at Migrating from Exchange Transport Rules to Unified DLP - The complete playbook. If you’ve already migrated your DLP-related mail flow rules to DLP policies, make sure all DLP-related mail flow rules have been deleted. This will help clean up your environment and make the management of your non-DLP mail flow rules more efficient.

Exchange Online Transport Team and Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention Team

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