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Are you a developer who wants to learn how to use Microsoft AI tools and services, such as Azure Cognitive Search, Azure OpenAI Service, and more? Do you want to get insights into the latest AI trends and best practices from Microsoft AI experts?  


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join Microsoft Reactor’s Make Azure AI Real livestream series kicking off today! We’re thrilled to bring you a collection of AI livestreams that are focused on in-depth AI technical content from experts at Microsoft where you will discover how to make AI real for your projects and goals and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to experts.


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What is Microsoft Reactor? 

Microsoft Reactor is a global community of developers and startups who learn, connect, and build together. Microsoft Reactor offers virtual events, workshops, and hackathons that cover various topics and technologies, such as cloud, AI, data, gaming, and more. 


What is Make Azure AI Real series? 

Make Azure AI Real series is a part of Microsoft Reactor’s YouTube channel offerings. It is a series of seven YouTube livestreams that will run from October 19 to December 7, 2023 on various dates and times. Each livestream will cover a different aspect of Azure AI, such as vision, natural language, search, and more. You will learn how to use Azure AI services and models for given scenarios. You will also see demos and examples of how to apply these skills to different scenarios along with the opportunity to ask questions to Microsoft experts.  


Don't want to wait? Take your generative AI skills to the next level with Azure. In this blog post, you will learn about the benefits of generative AI for various industries, the latest Azure capabilities to empower you to use generative AI, and the resources to help you skill up on this exciting field.  


How do you join Make Azure AI Real series? 

To join Make Azure AI Real series, you need to register for the series You can register for individual events if you are interested in specific topics or all of the episodes in advance. 


The events in the series are: 

  • Today! Make Azure AI Real: Apply Azure AI Services for Vision & Florence to Your Image Data (October 19) 
  • Make Azure AI Real: Exploring Azure OpenAI Service (October 26) 
  • Make Azure AI Real: Train, Debug & Deploy Responsible AI Models with Azure ML Part 1 (October 31) 
  • Make Azure AI Real: Train, Debug & Deploy Responsible AI Models with Azure ML Part 2 (November 1) 
  • Make Azure AI Real: Azure AI Cognitive Search and ChatGPT (November 9) 
  • Make Azure AI Real: Building NLP solutions with GPT-powered Azure AI Language (November 29) 
  • Make Azure AI Real: Building Apps with Rich Conversational AI Experience using Azure AI Language and Azure OpenAI Service (December 7) 

All the events are in English and will run for about one hour. You can check the time zone and format of each event on the website. Watch past episodes on demand


Why should you join Make Azure AI Real series? 

By joining Make Azure AI Real series, you will: 

  • Learn from Microsoft AI experts who have deep knowledge and experience in Azure AI. 
  • Get hands-on experience with Azure AI tools and services that can help you solve real-world problems. 
  • Discover the latest AI trends and best practices that can help you stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Connect with other developers who are passionate about AI and share your ideas and feedback. 
  • Have fun and enjoy learning new skills that can boost your career or your next great idea. 
  • Take home an Official Collection page to nurture your AI building journey.  

So what are you waiting for? Register for Make Azure AI Real today:


See you there!

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