Flexible maintenance options for Azure Database for MySQL (Preview)

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As an Azure Database for MySQL user, you most likely understand the importance of maintaining seamless database operations. We’ve traditionally offered two types of maintenance windows: System-Managed Maintenance Windows (SMW) and Custom-Managed Maintenance Windows (CMW). While these have served you well, we've been listening to your feedback, and it's clear that you want more control. That's why we’re thrilled to introduce preview support for flexible maintenance in Azure Database for MySQL!


What is flexible maintenance?

Flexible maintenance functionality is designed to provide you with unprecedented control over your maintenance operations. This feature provides a wide variety of new functionalities, setting the stage for the more advanced, highly customizable maintenance experiences that we just rolled out.


Flexible maintenance options

The two options we have enabled with flexible maintenance provide for:

  • Rescheduling with precision: In fast-paced business environments, plans often change.  With flexible maintenance, you’re empowered to adapt to those changes without incurring operational disruptions by using rescheduling. If you find that a previously planned maintenance window conflicts with another critical activity or peak traffic period, you can easily reschedule it to a more convenient time slot.
  • On-demand maintenance: Another exciting addition is the ability to initiate maintenance tasks 'on the spot' with a single click. This option allows you to run tasks immediately, without the need to wait for a predetermined maintenance window.


Getting started

For more information about how to get started, check out our video demo, which is covered in the first eight minutes or so of our most recent Live Webinar. You can also find out more in our public documentation, in the article Scheduled maintenance - Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server.



The introduction of these flexible maintenance options for Azure Database for MySQL is a leap forward in offering operational flexibility and control for our users. We’ve intentionally designed this feature to help address the ever-changing demands of modern business environments. Whether you're using SMWs, CMWs, or taking advantage of ability to reschedule maintenance activities, flexible maintenance does it all.


We're excited to see how this feature positively impacts your Azure MySQL experience and look forward to your feedback for continuous improvement. Try it out today and tailor your maintenance schedule to your business needs like never before!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below or reach out to us at AskAzureDBforMySQL@service.microsoft.com. Thank you!

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