Miss our latest Azure webinar? Discover the innovative power of a modern integration platform.

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Businesses have seen a sharp rise in the number of applications they manage. Seamlessly integrating applications across on-premises and multi-cloud environments is not only vital for streamlined operations, but it also stands as a strategic imperative to outperform competitors in the market. 


Azure Integration Services, Microsoft's enterprise integration offering, is purpose-built to address the unique requirements and challenges faced by today's businesses. We recently hosted a webinar on this topic in our Microsoft Azure Innovation Forum, titled "Unleash the Power of a Modern Integration Platform." Participants heard from analysts, product leaders, and Microsoft customers on how Azure Integration Services accelerates innovation, boosts productivity, and promotes a competitive advantage.  


The webinar offered a one-of-a-kind chance to engage in live conversations with Azure experts and network with fellow business leaders and peers who are embarking on the journey to app modernization. If you missed the opportunity to attend, don’t worry! You can now access the recorded session and witness firsthand how Azure Integration Services can unlock the potential of event-driven integration, empowering your business. 


Are you eager to connect with Azure experts in real-time? Great news! We're hosting the webinar once more on November 8, 2023, at 1:00 pm ET. Register now and seize the opportunity to interact with Azure Integration Services experts and have all your questions addressed! 


Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn by watching the webinar: 

  • Innovating through integration: The event kicked off with the five fundamental requirements of a modern integration platform based on insights drawn from our extensive interactions with customers and partners. While the proliferation of apps is undeniably impressive, it also presents a set of challenges, such as inefficient workflows, security risks, and data siloing. We looked at how a robust Integration Platform enables you to adapt, innovate, and maintain your competitive edge. 
  • Driving business agility: Curious about how Azure Integration Services empowers customers to drive superior business outcomes? We delve into our tailored integration solution approach that grants you the freedom to select and adopt services aligned with your objectives, and how unlocking the full potential of Azure enables comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent end-to-end experiences across your organization. 
  • Quantifying the benefits: We spoke with Anna Orban of Forrester Research about the company’s Total Economic Impact study of Azure Integration Services. The study meticulously outlines not only quantified benefits but also unquantified ones, offering organizations a comprehensive blueprint to calculate their own ROI projections and build compelling business cases. 
  • Democratizing the integration experience: To remain competitive, it’s essential to extend your developer bench and provide tools and capabilities that make integration easy, efficient, and adaptable for everyone in your organization. With user-friendly visual workflow designers, Azure Integration Services eliminates the traditional barriers associated with coding-intensive integration projects. In this webinar you’ll hear inspiring customer stories that highlight how app developers deliver integration across their entire organizations.  
  • Securing your applications: In today's digital landscape, security and compliance are non-negotiable. That's why Azure Integration Services places these aspects at the forefront of its design. In this webinar we reviewed how our multi-layered security measures and stringent adherence to industry compliance standards provides a fortified shield around your integration solutions.  

What are you waiting for? Register today for the webinar, "Unleash the Power of a Modern Integration Platform" and experience how Azure Integration Services can bring added efficiencies and cost savings to your company through innovation and enhanced agility. 

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