Lots of news to share about IoT and Edge at Microsoft Ignite 2023!

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It’s an exciting time for Azure IoT and the digital transformation in physical operations!  Join us at Ignite 2023 to learn what the teams have been up to lately (Hint: we think you’re gonna like it :smile:).   Don’t miss out, Ignite is the best place to get up to speed on the latest information and technologies from Azure IoT and Edge platforms and connect with product teams.   


We’ll have several breakout sessions to share announcements and updates, along with product roundtable discussions to provide feedback and share your needs and challenges with teams developing the next generation of Azure IoT services, platform, and tools.  


To help you navigate through the many Ignite sessions and opportunities to learn and connect with Microsoft's IoT product teams, below is a list of sessions to help steer you in the right direction.  Register and build yourself a learning path at https://ignite.microsoft.com. 


If you’re attending in person, make sure to stop by the IoT area in The Hub for some great demos and connect with product experts to answer questions and help solve your technical roadblocks.  


Click here for the complete list of IoT related sessions at Ignite.  







The AI-era of Industrial Transformation 


Keynote breakout 

Lili Cheng, Kathleen Mitford, Andy Pratt, Kam VedBrat 

AI, Cloud, and IoT solutions are poised to reshape the entire industrial value chain. Learn how organizations across this sector are using new investments to optimize their operations by extracting insights from information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and engineering technology (ET) data with cloud-to-edge technologies, democratizing access to these data for better decision-making with copilots, and empowering frontline workers with enhanced mixed reality applications. 

Evolving IoT for physical operations 



Lior Kamrat, Reddy Duggempudi 

Industrial organizations need visibility into their equipment and production lines to optimize and save costs. Digital solutions developed to achieve this visibility are often built on siloed, proprietary technology stacks. This approach creates burdensome ecosystems and disconnected insights that have trouble scaling. Learn how Microsoft accelerates digital transformation by enabling collaboration across IT and OT and ensuring solutions are interoperable and scalable. 

Design cloud to edge architecture patterns with Azure Arc 



Dominic Clements, Jonathan Hathaway,  
Lior Kamrat, Megha Tiwari 

Join us in a demo heavy session to learn how to architect, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure across cloud and edge. See how to use Azure operations and management tools to improve your Windows and Linux workloads wherever they are. We'll demo how to create deployment and data pipelines for Kubernetes anywhere - transforming physical operations of critical infrastructure. You’ll also get an early preview at how we’re shaping AI in Azure as we enter a world of AI-enhanced ops. 

Boosting ID Protection Amid Sophisticated Attacks 



Alex Weinert, 

Mia Reyes  


Join us for a deep dive into the escalating landscape of threats targeting digital identities amidst evolving tech realms of IoT, OT, and hybrid workspaces. Uncover alarming statistics and real-world incidents underscoring the dire need to reinforce identity protection. And learn more about innovation in automated key management and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for fortified key storage, crucial in mitigating human errors and bolstering defenses against sophisticated aggressors. 

The Future of Intelligent Edge Computing with Windows IoT 


Product Roundtables 

Megha Tiwari, Vandana Lokeshwar 

Join us for a roundtable discussion on the future of digital transformation and intelligent edge computing with Windows IoT, the platform that powers the next generation of smart devices. Learn how Windows IoT enables you to build, deploy, and manage IoT solutions that are secure, reliable, and scalable. We would love to hear from customers and partners who have successfully leveraged Windows IoT for their business and industry needs. Share your feedback and questions with the Windows IoT team and get insights on what’s new and what’s next in Windows IoT! 

AKS Edge Essentials: A Microsoft-Managed Lightweight Kubernetes Platform for the OT Edge 


Product Roundtables 

Francisco Cabrera, Roycey Kakkunny 

In this roundtable participants will discuss strategies for: Building next generation edge applications with modern cloud tools and platforms while leveraging existing investments to improve developer efficiency and accelerate digital transformation Simplifying deployment and management of IoT applications and devices through a single control plane in Azure Reducing downtime by using highly available multi-machine Kubernetes clusters running on small-footprint edge devices. 

The Future of Edge Location Management 


Product Roundtables 

Alexander Pease, Kilol Surjan 

Do you want to improve how your company manages and monitors operations and applications at edge locations? The Azure Edge team is planning to implement new functionality for companies with edge deployments at multiple locations, like manufacturing plants, retail stores, or construction sites. We’re looking for feedback from IT Professionals with experience in Azure Arc, Edge, or IoT scenarios. Join us to learn about new features, inform the product roadmap, and to help define feature requirements! 

AKS Hybrid - Let’s network about storage 


Product Roundtables 

Mike Kostersitz, 

Shivani Pradhan 


Calling all developers and device AKS hybrid enables you to run AKS clusters on different edge and datacenter infrastructure. AKS hybrid offers deeper Azure integration for AI-enabled workloads, and AKS consistency, with a simple pricing and licensing model for containerized applications running on HCI, WS, IoT and vSphere. You will learn about the storage and network options available and coming soon on AKS Hybrid. We would like to learn about the storage options you would like to share from vVols and vSANs to support for read-write many. Please join us to discuss the networking issues you are facing, from Multus to proxy, load balancers and CNIs or if you simply have an opinion on how you'd like to see a networking or storage problem addressed. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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