Mastering Endpoint Management: Unveiling the new Microsoft Intune Advanced Deployment Guide (2023)

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Now available! Updated: Microsoft Intune Advanced Deployment Guide 



Did you know that 80-90% of all successful ransomware compromises originate through unmanaged devices? Source: Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023   



Endpoint device management and security are critical for every organization, especially in the era of hybrid work and ransomware attacks. That’s why we are excited to announce the updated Microsoft Intune Advanced Deployment Guide (2023), a comprehensive resource to help you set up, configure, and optimize Intune for your organization’s needs. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of what’s new in the guide, how it can benefit you, and how you can get started with it today. 



The new guide gives you a roadmap to set up and configure Intune and includes enhanced tools to simplify deployment. Whether you are new to Intune or a seasoned pro, this guide will help your organization secure and optimize your device management settings and information technology operations.



What is Microsoft Intune?  

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device management solution that can control devices through policy. It helps IT Systems Administrators assess, manage, and protect apps and devices with or without device enrollment. Already part of Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5Intune reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by bringing together management and security of all endpoints including cloud, on-premises, corporate, and personally owned devices. 


What are some of the benefits of Microsoft Intune? 

  •  Zero Trust Security Model: Intune supports a zero-trust security model, where trust is never assumed, and verification is required from anyone trying to access resources.
  • Helps improve device security by reducing attack vectors.  
  • Helps consolidate, automate, and streamline your organization by simplifying workloads and strengthening your zero-trust security architecture with Microsoft Intune  
  • Automation: Intune allows for the automation of routine tasks, such as software updates and configuration changes, reducing manual intervention and saving time.
  • Device Compliance Policies: It enables organizations to enforce compliance policies on devices, to help improve security posture, and configuration requirements.



What’s new in the Microsoft Intune Advanced Deployment Guide (2023)? 

The new Microsoft Intune Advanced Deployment guide incorporates feedback we’ve heard from customers to make deployment even easier for you to set up Intune using a simplified deployment approach, LEAD (learn, enable, assign, and deploy). The new guide is designed to help IT admins simplify securing endpoint devices in a hybrid workforce and strengthen your Zero Trust security posture. Small micro-learnings are integrated throughout the guide to help inform the user on capabilities and features as they secure and protect their data and applications on all endpoints.     




 New features include: 


  • A list of enablement scenarios that drive baseline security, app protection, device configuration, and more.  
  • Incorporating Microsoft Intune’s secure configuration framework for a level approach to at-scale delivery  
  • New options that summarize actions taken and highlighting progress.   
  • More learning content to help admins stay informed on terminology, capabilities, and features of Intune  
  • Improved automation from the Microsoft Intune API (Application Programming Interfaces) to simplify and reduce the number of steps needed to enable and deploy policies to endpoint devices.  



The new Microsoft Intune Advanced Deployment Guide will bring together mission-critical management and security tools into a single, cloud-powered solution. The guide will also focus on simplifying endpoint management, protecting your hybrid workforce by strengthening your Zero Trust security posture.  


Getting Started with the Guide

To access the Microsoft Advanced Deployment Guide for Intune, simply head over to the Microsoft 365 admin center. You'll find the new Intune advanced deployment guide under the "Advanced Deployment Guides & Assistance" section. It's designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned professionals, making it accessible to anyone looking to optimize their device management strategy.



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