Ensuring the right to vote for Everyone: Electronic and online voting is inclusive, easier, and safe

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ELIGO is a complete solution for voting and statutory meetings.

A comprehensive, integrated Azure cloud and web-based suite for digitally staging all types of online, in-person or hybrid voting and assembly.

ELIGO's products enable small and large public and private entities to digitize voting phases and operations by reducing set-up time, costs and resources related to the election event.

With ELIGO, every organization simplifies and speeds up the management of its elections.

All with the utmost respect for security, legality and protection of voter data.

ELIGO is an ISV Start up and has been accepted to the Founders Hub, Microsoft for startups Program, that will help them grow, drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting ELIGO with the Microsoft Ecosystem and resources.

In the context of this partnership, ELIGO wants to transform the world of voting and the platform is designed to fully adapt to complex and widespread organizations but also take very seriously diversity and inclusion, as Microsoft does.

Therefore, ELIGO is also part of the Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact community led by Microsoft that support Founders Hub Startups that have a strong social and sustainable impact on the local community.

Within this frame of reference, ELIGO ensures the right to vote for people with disabilities.

“Many people often find themselves limited by the physical environment due to the poor adaptation of physical polling places and related architectural barriers. There is often no accessibility to either places or information regarding an election event, leading to the question: is everyone really able to exercise their right to vote on equal terms?

When it comes to voting, people with disabilities are often overlooked and excluded, even though the law provides for different types of assistance such as assisted voting with a companion in the booth (for voters with physical impediments), voting at home (for intra-personal voters), voting in another section for accessibility reasons (for voters with walking problems), and dedicated transportation services. Online voting (internet voting) can help to increase the involvement and participation of people with disabilities in decision-making and democratic processes, ensuring the expression of votes from whatever device and wherever the person is and thus nullifying technical and spatial barriers.” Says Irene Pugliatti, CEO of ELIGO.

The issue of inclusion is a priority for ELIGO and extends to all business processes, but especially to product design. One of the drivers for the development of our solutions is precisely accessibility, which translates precisely into equal opportunities and rights of use and experience.

Voting should not be a privilege, but a right of all.




Electronic and online voting platform - ELIGO eVoting

Electronic and online voting for people with disabilities - ELIGO eVoting


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