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A couple of months ago we released a new version of the Always Encrypted Wizard that now supports secure enclaves and in-place encryption. With the new release of SSMS 19.2 we introduced a bunch of extra performance improvements and a big Always Encrypted Wizard enhancement. In this blog post I’m going to give you an overview of the new wizard capability and the performance improvements.


Always Encrypted Wizard – Enable Secure Enclaves

We made the wizard smart! When your database is not configured with a secure enclave, the wizard will give you the opportunity to enable a secure enclave. Using an enclave enables you to run cryptographic operations in-place, without moving data out of the database. We strongly recommend you enable a secure enclave to improve the performance of the initial encryption.

To enable the secure enclave, simply click the “Enable Secure Enclaves” button.




This will only take a couple of seconds to enable a VBS enclave on the database.





Performance Improvements


While testing a very simple Always Encrypted scenario, encrypting 1 record with the wizard, we noticed that DacFx sends 3000+ T-SQL calls to the database. Out of these calls only 2-3% were unique statements. These commands not only unnecessarily overload the SQL Server, but it also added considerable delay in the overall encryption process.


We have optimized the repeating T-SQL calls and improved the encryption and decryption process with approximately 20%!


SSMS and Wizard Fixes

We also made some bug fixes in SSMS that were reported to us.

  • SSMS wizard fails if randomly encrypted columns already exist with and index.
  • SSMS should not allow the user to Encrypt Columns of a database that is not in an online state.
  • Cancelling the AE wizard/Set-SqlColumnEncryption cmdlet does not delete temporary tables.
  • The table owner is changed after encryption.
  • Encryption of computed columns should not be allowed.


Next Steps

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Tutorial: Getting started with Always Encrypted - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn


We’d love to hear your feedback – please contact us at alwaysencryptedpg@microsoft.com



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