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On November 14, 2023, the eagerly awaited latest version of .NET, .NET 8, was released globally. Coinciding with this release, the virtual conference .NET Conf 2023 started on the same day as a celebration event for .NET 8. It featured various functionalities of .NET 8, C# 12, and explained how to utilize Azure OpenAI Service and other platforms with .NET.


For those interested in delving deeper into .NET 8, a Ukrainian MVP has stepped up. Previously, we introduced Developer Technologies MVP Andrey Gubskiy in our blog article Exploring Elements of Technology Inherited from the Past, and now, he has published an article explaining .NET 8. This blog will introduce his article and comments about .NET 8 from him.

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The Ukrainian version of this article is published on DOU, Ukraine's largest developer portal. According to Andrey, the target audience ranges from developers who have just started using the .NET platform to advanced specialists deciding on switching to the next LTS version. Additionally, an English version is available on his blog, aiming to serve a broader audience.


We asked Andrey for key insights about .NET 8 and received the following response. “For me as a developer, a few things are very interesting: the performance of .NET 8 and security improvements implemented in containers. Also, the new syntax of C# and F# is very interesting to me”.


Lastly, we inquired about Andrey's upcoming community activities related to .NET 8. “In our online community, we are currently actively discussing new features of .NET, new syntax of C# and F#, and also .NET Aspire. As one of the leaders of the Ukraine .NET community, I share new information both from Microsoft blogs and from independent developers' blogs. Also, I plan to move some of my open-source projects to .NET 8”.


For those interested in further learning about .NET and related technologies, including the significantly improved performance and security of .NET 8, it is recommended to watch the YouTube videos from .NET Conf 2023, learn by yourself using Microsoft's official learning content collection .NET 8 - Learning Materials on Microsoft Learn, and read the articles by Andrey.


Also, consider participating in the .NET Conf Local events currently being held worldwide. These events offer an opportunity to learn from others at in-person events or through online broadcasts. You can find out about upcoming events on the following website and join any that interests you.

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