Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter – December 2023

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Ace Aviator of the Month


December's Ace Aviator: Sri Gunnala



What is your role and title? What are your responsibilities associated with your position?

I am currently working as an Azure Integration Consultant. As an Azure Integration Consultant, I specialize in facilitating seamless integration of diverse application components across enterprise systems using Azure Integration Services.


My role involves:

    • Designing and Implementing Integration Solutions: Utilizing Azure Logic Apps, API Management, Azure Service Bus, Event Hub, and Function Apps to architect and deploy robust integration frameworks.
    • Client Consultation and Solution Tailoring: Collaborating with a variety of clients to understand their unique business needs and crafting tailored solutions that enhance their technological infrastructure and operational efficiency.


Can you provide some insights into your day-to-day activities and what a typical day in your role looks like?

I love challenges/problems. I would typically work on solving them

The problem-solving involves

    1. Talking to clients to understand their pain points
    2. Providing solutions in terms of design/architecture.
    3. Implementing of solution (mostly Azure integrations related)
    4. And Learn from it.


What motivates and inspires you to be an active member of the Aviators/Microsoft community?

I strongly believe in “To GAIN the knowledge, SHARE the knowledge”. I am striving to be a lifetime student. I would want to continue learning. It is simple “Learn and Share” and I feel like it is my DHARMA


Looking back, what advice do you wish you would have been told earlier on that you would give to individuals looking to become involved in STEM/technology?

Technology is constantly evolving, so it's essential to embrace continuous learning. Don't be afraid of it.

Whatever it is - the only way to make it happen is to ‘START’. Prepare yourself to fail - learn and START again!


Imagine you had a magic wand that could create a feature in Logic Apps. What would this feature be and why?

Most of the features I wished for are already being introduced in the Azure logic app standard including an assistant to chat in designer.

Maybe one thing I can think of is seamless integration with on-premises systems without the need for complex setup and configuration. If we are on Consumption plan, datagateway is the only option.


What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career that surprised you?

Be a continuous learner

Don’t be afraid to FAIL

Seek help when needed - There are wonderful people out there who are willing to help

News from our product group:




Azure Integration Services Day

Missed AIS Day on November 30th? Watch the recap here!


Microsoft named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for API Management

We're thrilled to announce that Gartner has once again recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for API Management, marking the fourth consecutive year of this recognition. 


Introducing Azure Integration Environment & Business Process Tracking (Public Preview)

We are excited to introduce Azure Integration Environment, a new unified experience that helps customers manage and monitor their integration resources effectively.


Azure Logic Apps (Standard) workflow assistant - Public Preview

We are very excited to announce the Public Preview for the workflow assistant in Azure Logic Apps, a chat interface to answer any questions about Azure Logic Apps directly within the designer. 



Data Mapper for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) reaches General Availability

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Data Mapper for Azure Logic Apps in Visual Studio Code, a visual data transformation tool that can help you both create maps and execute transformations.


Introducing gRPC API Support in Azure API Management Self-Hosted Gateway

We’re excited to announce the public preview of gRPC support in Azure API Management in the self-hosted gateway. This new feature allows customers to manage their gRPC services as APIs in Azure API Management.


Making it easy to get started with the Azure Logic Apps Standard VS Code Extension

The Logic Apps standard VS Code extension seamlessly extends the Logic App designer empowering users to transition from developing workflows in the cloud to a local environment.


Azure API Management OAuth Reverse Proxy

In this article we will introduce Policy for building an OAuth Reverse Proxy into API Management so you can also use it to protect your Web Applications.


Azure Logic Apps Data Mapper Extension Merge

In preparation for General Availability of Data Mapper, we have merged the Data Mapper extension with the Logic Apps extension. The Logic Apps extension now includes the Data Mapper capabilities. 


Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study of Azure Integration Services - 295 percent ROI over 3 years

This 2023 TEI study revealed that Azure Integration Services collectively delivered a substantial 295 percent ROI over a three-year period. This significant return on investment is a testament to the platform's effectiveness.


Logic Apps Data Mapper - Compiling and Testing Your Map

In this blog post, we will delve into the APIs that power the map designer and explore how these APIs and libraries can be leveraged to create automated tests for your maps.

STB13_Michelle_03 (1).png

Discover your next integration inspiration at this year’s Ignite!

Ignite may be over but read this blog post for a recap on the major announcements for Azure Integration Services announced at this year’s Ignite event.


How Credential Manager in API Management can help you manage, store, and control access to your API

We're excited to introduce the rebranding and feature enhancements of Azure API Management's Credential Manager, previously known as Authorizations.


Your Complete Guide to Azure Integration Services Workshop

We’ve recently launched the Azure Discovery Workshop for Azure Integration Services. This "campaign-in-a-box" collection offers partners seamless access to all the necessary components for conducting workshops centered around Azure Integration Services.


Automate Azure Open AI custom model training data collection and deployment via Logic App

Read this article for information on the challenges need to be resolved with training a custom Open AI model which based Logic App cases in real-life



News from our community:

Announcing Logic Apps Aviators Germany

Post by QUIBIQ


We're very excited to see the Logic Apps Aviators community expanding with a new German branch, brought to you by QUIBIQ. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter: community@aviators-germany.de


Azure Logic Apps Standard: introducing the Workflow Assistant (AI)

Post by Stefano Demiliani


Read this new article by Stefano to learn more about AI coming to Azure Logic Apps Designer.


Resource Groups for Azure Integration Services

Post by Mike Stephenson


What should I think about when structuring my resource groups for an integration platform build with Azure Integration Services? Mike answers that question for us in this video. 


Unboxing Logic App VS Code Extension

Post by Mike Stephenson


See how much easier it is to get started with the new onboarding experience for Logic Apps extension on VS Code with Mike in this video!


Azure Microsoft Fabric: Capacity Cost Management Part 2, Automate Pause/Resume Capacity with Azure Logic Apps

Post by Soheil Bakhshi


Take a look at this awesome automation use case using Azure Logic Apps from Soheil today!


Azure API Management Standard V2 Preview | Virtual Network Integration | External | Internal Mode 

Post by Sri Gunnala


Watch this video by Sri to learn more about exciting updates with VNet Integration and what that means for you.


Azure Functions: Effortlessly Driving Innovation On The Cloud Highway

Post by Derek Marley 


Check out the 3rd installment in this series about the products making up Azure Integration Services, this time: Azure Functions!

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