New on Microsoft AppSource: November 14-22, 2023

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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 261 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Archive360 Archive2Azure – Unified Data Governance: Archive2Azure is a SaaS platform that monitors data value and risk, retiring data from operational systems to a secure archive. It collects and consolidates all types of data from various sources, applies data-specific transformation and enrichment policies, and manages storage, retention, disposition, security, privacy, and compliance policies. The platform can run in hybrid mode for maximum security.
Asset Management: Asset Management is a web application that helps manage corporate assets with features like inventory creation, maintenance management, and reporting. It also offers QR code and RFID management for Industry 4.0, email notifications, and deep interface customization. Available in multiple languages, Asset Management allows for multi-company and multi-site management.
CyPROsecure: CyPROsecure offers advanced cybersecurity services for personal and small business use. It provides real-time threat detection, email protection, dark web monitoring, and more. The lightweight app delivers enterprise-grade security that is easy to deploy and use. 
FRISS Claims Analytics: FRISS offers AI-powered insurance fraud detection that automatically detects suspicious claims and improves customer experience. The solution seamlessly integrates with core insurance platforms and has been implemented successfully at more than 175 insurers in over 40 countries. The software combines AI, analytical models, predictive models, external data sources, network analysis, and insurance expert business rules to screen each claim during the claims process.
FRISS Underwriting Analytics: FRISS Risk Assessment at Underwriting enables a data-driven, straight-through underwriting process, helping users avoid defaulters and high risks, continuously monitor compliance, and improve customer experience. FRISS also enables digitalized and automated quotation, application, underwriting, and renewal processes with consistent and reliable screenings and minimized operational costs.
HP Authentication Manager with HP MFP Microsoft 365 Suite: HP Authentication Manager with HP MFP Microsoft 365 simplifies actions for users with familiar features and functions, saves time by performing tasks directly from the HP device console, and improves security with modern authentication methods based on the Zero Trust principle. 
LooprIQ Inspect: LooprIQ Inspect uses AI software and off-the-shelf hardware to provide complete visual inspection at low cost and turnaround time. It identifies defects in real time, stores inspection data, and can be easily scaled to every factory line. It also integrates with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric and Dynamics 365 for global perspective and KPI analysis. 
Manifast Performance Management: Manifast Performance Management software enables teams to set goals and record private notes, with HR managing processes to ensure consistency. Assessments can be archived and printed as PDFs, and plans include five hours of onboarding, support, and customization. 
Marketing Creatio: Marketing Creatio is a no-code platform that automates marketing campaigns and lead management workflows. It allows marketers to create personalized campaigns, manage complex campaigns across multiple channels, and increase conversion rates. With AI/ML automation capabilities, it enables marketers to build and manage highly customized marketing processes and create better customer engagement strategies.
PROCESO: PROCESO is a digital platform that automates SOPs and manual business processes. It offers ready-to-deploy process templates for various industries, improves operational efficiency through automation, and captures evidence-based information for compliance verification. The platform also enables collaboration and real-time analytics and integrates with multiple business applications. It is highly scalable and secure, with a mobile-first application for ease of use.
SaaS by Torpedo: Torpedo's SaaS allows Microsoft 365 customers to add subscriptions for their products, including web parts for SharePoint Online and Teams and extensions for SharePoint. Torpedo also offers consultancy services for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Teams, and Azure cloud services.
Sales Creatio: Sales Creatio is an end-to-end platform that automates sales processes, enabling companies to automate their entire sales cycle, manage sales processes of any type and complexity, and accelerate sales performance via intelligent goal setting, forecasting, and analytics. Powered by Studio Creatio and equipped with no-code and AI/ML automation capabilities, Sales Creatio enables users to create highly automated sales processes and implement new business rules.
Sales Offers: Sales Rebates is a module in Sales Offers by FoodCloudPlus that enables effective marketing strategies to attract and reward customers with special discounts. It allows users to manage and process rebate initiatives in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, create customizable rebate programs, set rebate calculation methods, define tiered systems, and view detailed rebate history. It is available in English and French in Canada and the United States.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Accelerate Innovation with Get Low Code Right: 4-Week Assessment and Proof of Concept: This offering from CongruentX helps IT leaders meet business demands, innovate securely, and automate processes. The strategy involves identifying problems, envisioning low-code solutions, and using design-thinking to align IT and business. Tactics include design-thinking workshops and developing high-value prototypes with the Microsoft Power Platform. The result is a high-fidelity prototype, business case, and backlog for four high-impact solutions.
AI Builder Consultancy: AI Builder consulting services streamline processes, extract insights from data, enhance customer interactions, and refine decision-making. Imperium Dynamics's consultants tailor solutions to align with business needs, train on building AI models with minimal coding, guide through efficient integration, and provide ongoing support. Gain quick ROI and maximum benefits.
Andworx Migration to Dataverse from SharePoint – Single Implementation Block: Andworx offers Microsoft Power Platform services and solutions to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation. By migrating from SharePoint to Microsoft Dataverse, organizations can improve scalability, maturity, simplicity, and flexibility of solutions. Andworx's team of experts will work with organizations to review solution requirements, define the business value of Dataverse, develop a solution, and provide an initial migration strategy. The deliverables include a Business Value Assessment Report and a functional Microsoft Power Platform with Dataverse solution.
Arcus IT Modern Workplace: Arcus IT Managed Services' complete workplace for SMBs with customizable aspects is based on individual needs, with a unique roadmap for each situation and a sample scenario provided. The process involves assessing the current situation, making choices, and integrating them into a centralized, secure, and user-friendly workspace.
Atech Microsoft Data Security Engagement: Atech's Data Security Check workshop helps organizations understand and mitigate potential privacy and regulatory risks from dark data. It uses Microsoft Purview tools and services to discover and analyze data stored in Microsoft 365 for security risks. The workshop provides a Security Check report with actionable next steps and a Compliance Manager Tenant Assessment report. 
Atech Microsoft Sentinel Engagement: Microsoft Sentinel offers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence for enterprises, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response. Atech assists customers in deploying and fully leveraging the product, providing evaluation and recommendations for future-proofing security practices. 
Atech Microsoft Threat Protection Engagement: Atech offers this workshop to help organizations identify and mitigate security threats in their cloud environment, providing actionable recommendations, a detailed assessment of IT and security priorities, and long-term recommendations. Atech also helps customers deploy and leverage their Microsoft investment, ensuring security is embedded in everything they do.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Jumpstart Workshop: RSM's Copilot for Microsoft 365 jumpstart program offers tailored workshops, risk assessment, and proof of concept for Copilot Studio to help businesses unlock the full potential of AI. The program includes live configuration, pilot testing, and post-jumpstart retrospective sessions to evaluate data risks and finalize the roadmap to full-scale deployment. 
Copilot for Microsoft 365: Managed Customer Trial for 300 users: The Managed Microsoft 365 Copilot trial offers a comprehensive program to test the technology in real-world scenarios, gain insights, define objectives, and measure ROI potential. Cisilion's trial includes preparation, execution, and justification stages, led by a team of change and adoption specialists. The trial aims to improve working practices, boost productivity, and drive user engagement.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 2-Hour Workshop: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a customer data platform that provides a comprehensive view of customers and real-time insights. It standardizes data using AI and enables personalized experiences. It also offers marketing automation and next-best actions. isolutions' workshop is available to help businesses identify use cases and implement a proof of concept.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Implementation and Marketing Automation: Accigo offers assistance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, journeys, and data migration. The company provides technical and strategic marketing support, including system setup, marketing automation, and event management, and its digital adoption model (DAM) ensures effective implementation and user adoption. 
Defender for IoT Professional Security Services: 8-Week Implementation: Microsoft Defender for IoT is a professional security service that bridges the gap between IT and OT security, enabling enterprise-wide security management and reporting. Difenda's experts will design, install, and configure Defender for IoT and Microsoft Sentinel, ensuring tailored deployment plans aligned with specific business objectives. The solution integrates with various Microsoft security products, providing better visibility into OT assets through enhanced logging and unifying IT and OT security environments.
Digital Justice Platform: 18-Week Implementation: Microsoft's Digital Justice Platform, which includes six modules, is used by courts around the world to implement virtual and hybrid hearings, digital records management, and modern case management. The platform can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual courts. Governments that already license Microsoft 365 can see immediate results through a proof-of-concept engagement, followed by incremental adoption of the platform across their justice system.
Dynamics 365 Business Central Quick Setup: 3-Week Implementation: Spark365's Signature Kit offers a rapid implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for companies with specific accounting needs. It includes predefined settings, data migration templates, live workshops, and tailored trainings. Optional bank transaction detail upload function is available. Spark365 is designed for small to midsized businesses and powered by Calsoft Systems.
Dynamics 365 Business Central QuickStart Implementation: Prysma provides consultation, training, and support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations. The client is responsible for data extraction and validation and designating a key user. Joint tasks include defining analytical dimensions and configuration.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Month Migration: Companial offers technical migration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, providing various migration strategies such as clean start, transition data only, upgrade, and lift and shift. The process involves uploading the solution file, choosing the best migration strategy, agreeing on project scope and timeline, and receiving regular project status reports. Companial also offers a free online estimate tool for initial migration proposals.
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 2-Month Implementation: Marqués' Start&Go methodology offers a user-focused, guided process for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central financial functions in just two months. The system manages accounting, finance, treasury, purchases, warehouses, sales, and customers, with additional features such as post-startup support, user-specific training, and unlimited user support for the first 12 months. 
Dynamics 365 Business Central: Rapid Start Consulting Package.: Rapid Start for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a fixed-price package that includes core modules such as General Ledger, Bank, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. It also offers a high-level business process review, project initiation and setup, provisioning of environment, and more. Optional support packages for data migration and general support are available.
Dynamics 365 Field Service Consulting: Imperium Dynamics offers custom solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service implementation, including specialized expertise, efficient implementation, optimal tool utilization, seamless integration, and ongoing support. Expert consultants will provide comprehensive solutions to build brand loyalty and increase business growth, conducting a thorough evaluation and gap analysis to formulate an appropriate strategy. 
Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights: Imperium Dynamics offers package plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights, providing a guided methodology for training, configuring brand templates, and quick deployment. The package includes customization hours, dashboards, segments, and templates. 
Dynamics 365 Sales: 6-Week Implementation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales streamlines sales processes, enhances customer engagement, and improves forecasting accuracy. It integrates with other applications, centralizes customer data, and provides powerful tools for sales teams. Evincible Solutions offers stress-free implementation, training, and support. Learn how Dynamics 365 Sales can transform your company.
Dynamics 365 Sales: 2-Hour Assessment: Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can streamline sales procedures, boost team effectiveness, and meet your team's requirements. Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential functions and capabilities, as well as advanced extensions and capabilities. 
Employee Experience Workshop: Microsoft Viva is a powerful tool that can help organizations improve their employee experience. BDO Digital's workshop guides participants through aligning with key stakeholders, evaluating current experience, delivering a customized report, and creating a prioritized plan to implement Viva solutions. The end result is a workplace that attracts and retains top talent.
Enable Frontline Adoption: 1-Week Workshop: Microsoft Teams helps organizations improve collaboration and efficiency by automating key business processes. Lattine Group's Enable Frontline workshop addresses frontline worker challenges and identifies prioritized scenarios for frontline workforces using Microsoft 365. It includes assessment, communication and collaboration improvement, employee experience transformation, operational efficiency increase, business protection, device empowerment, and plan building.
Endpoint Management Using Microsoft Intune: Ridge IT offers a Microsoft 365 solution that simplifies licensing, management, and vendor landscapes. The solution enables modern management of company devices and data, enhances control over company-owned devices, and securely enables bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios to access company resources. The approach involves assessing, exploring possibilities, and building a plan to improve Microsoft Secure Score, management policies, compliance, and app access. 
Enhanced VAT Module for Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Day Implementation: The enhanced VAT module manages calculations and postings of transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, accommodating non-recoverable, fully recoverable, or part recoverable VAT. Advantage's implementation is compatible with UK VAT100 reports.
Fabric Modernization: 4- to 6-Week Proof of Concept: Cognizant's Microsoft Fabric modernization proof of concept showcases the transformative capabilities of Fabric in data management. Deliverables include fully functional dashboards showcasing the features of Fabric, and the ultimate goal is to create an agile BI template for delivering visually appealing reports and dashboards to drive Fabric adoption in the organization.
flexIT - The Smart IT Solution for SMEs: flexIT is a cost-effective and fully managed IT solution for up to 20 workstations, tailored to startups and SMEs. It covers all aspects of IT infrastructure, including licensing, client management, external backup, system management, and onboarding. Somnitec's service includes Microsoft 365 licenses, proactive monitoring, device protection, and disaster recovery. 
Frontline Worker Enablement Workshop: BDO Digital helps organizations improve frontline workers' productivity by enabling them with Microsoft Teams. The workshop includes an assessment of current tools, a customized report, and a roadmap a prioritized plan for implementation. The result is improved communication, collaboration, and productivity.
Frontline Worker Pilot (Medium - Large Organizations): Covenant Technology Partners' pilot of Microsoft 365 equips frontline workers with the right tools and boosts their engagement and operational efficiency. Customers can engage in the pilot program to implement high value scenarios. The engagement includes a scalable frontline pilot of up to three scenarios and 250 users along with delivery guidance.
Frontline Worker: 3-Hour Workshop: Microsoft 365 Frontline Worker is a solution for companies looking to support and increase productivity for employees in service and production. The workshop covers implementing a modern workplace, Microsoft technology, endpoint strategies, security, and licensing. Targeted at IT decision-makers, management, HR, and communications.
Capability Compass for Power Apps: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Capability Compass is an innovative solution built on Microsoft Power Apps that offers customized interactive workshops to identify, analyze, and optimize critical capabilities to achieve strategic goals. Available in German, XLENT's workshop series is divided into three focused sessions, and a tailored solution in Power Apps is provided. 
Cloud Security and Compliance with Microsoft 365: 1-Day Workshop: AppSphere's workshop is designed to help participants understand complex aspects of Microsoft 365 security and compliance within digital transformation. The workshop provides in-depth information on cloud security and compliance and helps develop strategic solutions for organizations.
Government Catalyst: 2-Week Workshop: RSM's Government Catalyst workshop is based on the Microsoft Catalyst framework, helping businesses build a roadmap to implement Microsoft technologies such as Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. The program includes an envisioning workshop to collaborate and define digital transformation strategies.
NextGen Windows Standardized Pilot: adaQuest's standardized pilot engagement showcases the benefits of Windows 365 for hybrid work scenarios, with Zero Trust security, proactive remediation, and productivity without downtime. The pilot helps improve knowledge of cloud-based end-user computing options and accelerate endpoint management with Microsoft solutions.
Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Adoption Workshop: Lattine Group's Hybrid Meetings and Rooms workshop covers evaluating and transforming rooms and spaces, Microsoft Teams rooms management, and virtual meetings and events. It also includes optional modules for Teams rooms and devices, adoption change management, and reporting. 
Infosys Sustainability in a Day Workshop: This workshop from Infosys focuses on implementing sustainability practices into day-to-day operations. It covers ESG metrics, regulatory frameworks, and how technology can be used as an enabler. Microsoft Sustainability Manager is used to navigate and explain how technology can be used for sustainability.
INTOUCH365 Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Experience Track: Intouch365 offers a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Experience Track to help organizations evaluate and prepare for the activation of the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights functions. The phased approach includes identifying stakeholders, a hands-on lab, a proof of concept, and implementation. Intouch365 provides tools and guidance to empower organizations to understand their customer data and harness it for insights and hyper-personalized experiences.
Microsoft Intune Standard Implementation: Join Suri Services for a series of sessions to explore and deploy Microsoft Intune. From configuration to device enrollment and support, experts guide you through the process to optimize device management and data protection. Don't miss the chance to improve your organization's cybersecurity. 
Managed Detection and Response [Security Monitoring]: Black Cell's MDR Security Monitoring is a fully managed service that provides extended security monitoring via Microsoft Defender suites. It offers a range of services managed by certified Microsoft professionals, full incident analysis with actionable remediation guidance, and regular review and recommendations. 
Managed Detection and Response [Threat Hunting]: Black Cell's MDR Threat Hunting is a managed service that uses Microsoft 365 Defender to search for security threats across an organization's data sources. It offers powerful query tools and predefined hunting queries to locate potential security issues. The service provides continuous monitoring, weekly reporting, and defense against advanced persistent threats. 
Mekorma PowerApprovals for Dynamics GP: PowerApprovals is a mobile application that allows approvers to review and approve transactions anywhere, anytime. It works with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Mekorma Payment Hub to extend the AP workflow. Users can view transactions for all companies on a phone, tablet, or browser. Mekorma's offer is available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 2-Week Assessment and Workshop: Alfa Connections offers a workshop to help customers migrate their data to Microsoft 365 Copilot effectively and securely. The workshop provides reports and suggestions on data challenges, governance, security, and adoption. Microsoft 365 Copilot aims to unleash creativity, productivity, and skills. The engagement includes identifying high-value scenarios, showcasing intelligence, and developing an implementation plan. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Accelerator: 12-Week Implementation: Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI tool that automates mundane tasks, streamlines processes, and delivers a differentiated customer experience. BDO's Copilot Care+ program helps assess readiness, accelerate deployment, maximize adoption, and ensure the investment is utilized fully. The program includes a technical readiness assessment as well as employee readiness planning, training, and support. The ongoing support program includes communication updates, updated training programs, monitoring usage and analytics, and re-evaluating return on investment. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Deployment and Adoption Workshop: Alfa Connections offers a workshop to help customers prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot. The workshop provides guidance on how to migrate data securely and efficiently and offers suggestions on how to deal with data challenges, best practices for governance and security, and ways to improve adoption. The workshop is grounded in business data and helps organizations unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and level up skills.
Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Adoption Workshop: The Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Adoption workshop includes evaluation, pre-engagement kick-off, hybrid work scenarios, Microsoft Teams policies, identity and security policies, and cost savings. Lattine Group's engagement facilitates a safe journey to the cloud and concludes with a report and recommendations for next steps.
Microsoft 365 Unlimited Live Productivity Training: 1-Year Engagement: Microsoft 365 Unlimited Productivity training offers live webinars and hands-on classes covering over 60 topics, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel, and Power Automate. The training includes an introduction to Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise, and System Source also offers MegaBytes sessions.
Microsoft Copilot for Service: 2-Month Implementation: Microsoft Copilot for Service empowers support agents to improve customer experience by leveraging generative AI for multi-turn conversations and access to relevant data. RSM offers implementation and integration with existing knowledge bases and Microsoft Teams. The service prioritizes value-driven support, with a focus on retaining customers. 
Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Migration: 2-Day Workshop and AIM Assessment: Sikich offers a well-defined approach to migrate from on-premises Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud. The process includes functional and technical evaluations, and a workshop with the client to prepare recommendations and next steps. The objective is to understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, review business objectives, and plan for migration.
Microsoft Fabric: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Microsoft Fabric offers a platform for enterprise analytics needs, and intecs' pilot program provides hands-on experience in lake house and warehouse implementations. Data ingestion and transformation are facilitated through advanced methods, with Microsoft Power BI reports providing actionable insights. The setup includes a fully operational environment, dedicated storage solutions, and refined semantic models.
Microsoft Intune Autopilot: 3-Week Implementation: Microsoft Intune Autopilot simplifies the deployment and management of Windows devices in the workplace through cloud-based automation. Its features include self-configuration, centralized management, zero-touch setup, tailored device settings, and advanced security tools. The benefits of Reti's implementation service include reduced costs, improved productivity, simplified compliance, and integration with Microsoft Entra ID.
Microsoft Intune: 2-Week Implementation: Reti will implement Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based device and security management solution designed to simplify the management and protection of business devices and data. Its features include multi-platform support, centralized control, efficient application distribution, simplified device provisioning, and advanced security features. Prerequisites include Microsoft Intune licenses, configured Microsoft Azure tenant, unmanaged devices, and applications distributed through native stores.
Microsoft Power BI Sales Analytics for Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Day Introduction: Available from synalis, the Microsoft Power BI Sales Analysis for Dynamics 365 Business Central introduction allows analysis of sales, profits, orders, and inventory data. Learn how you can benefit from flexibility, availability on web or mobile, automated data retrieval, visual representation of metrics, daily data updates, and technical support. 
Microsoft Sustainability Manager: 3-Hour Envisioning Workshop: Microsoft Sustainability Manager automates data connections and calculations to help organizations record, report, and reduce emissions more efficiently. PEAKUP's offering covers how the solution breaks down data silos, visualizes impact, tracks performance against goals, and supports emission reduction strategies.
Microsoft Syntex Workshop: Microsoft Syntex helps businesses scale and automate content-centric processes. It organizes structured and unstructured files into actionable information, streamlining critical processes. Covenant Technology Partners' workshop includes interactive demos and immersive experiences using Microsoft Syntex.
Microsoft Teams Rooms Proof of Concept: Orange Polska offers a Microsoft Teams Rooms solution for testing, providing technical support for installation and configuration of a Teams Rooms and Microsoft 365 environment.
Microsoft Teams Managed Service: Core offers online managed services for Microsoft 365, with four service offerings and three levels of support. Core Frontline is for businesses without an internal IT function, Core Back Office supplements internal service desks, and Core Support provides access to IT strategy expertise.
Microsoft Viva Goals Pilot: Covenant Technology Partners' Microsoft Viva Goals pilot offers a hands-on experience with a goal alignment solution that connects teams to their organization's strategic priorities. It includes trial licenses and delivery guidance, and the objective is to create a roadmap for purchase and adoption. 
Microsoft Viva Insights Adoption Workshop: Microsoft Viva Insights is a solution for employee experience, providing personalized insights and recommendations to increase productivity. Lattine Group's adoption workshop includes evaluation, pre-engagement kick-off, interactive overview of the Viva Suite, advanced insights, and recommendations. It aims to improve employee productivity and well-being.
Microsoft Viva Insights Pilot: Microsoft Viva Insights Standardized Pilot offers customers a trial of privacy-protected insights to gain visibility into workplace activities, communication behaviors, and collaboration patterns. The pilot from Covenant Technology Partners includes scalable delivery guidance with the objective of creating a roadmap for purchase and adoption. 
Microsoft Viva Insights Workshop: Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that integrates communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work. Presented by Covenant Technology Partners, the Viva Insights workshop helps organizations gain personalized insights and actionable recommendations to increase user engagement and productivity. The workshop includes defining scope, identifying stakeholders, envisioning scenarios, prioritizing solutions, and defining next steps.
Migrating Open Source Solutions to Microsoft Cloud Solutions: DAM Invisible Technology offers migration services from open source solutions to Microsoft 365 cloud-based services, as well as platform and cloud migration. The company also provides security solutions such as Microsoft Intune implementation and Microsoft 365 security enhancements.
Modern Workplace: Monthly per-User Service: Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based business solution for companies of all sizes, providing tools for mobile work and collaboration. The modern workplace is a digital, connected workspace that allows for independent work regardless of location or device. Somnitec AG offers end-to-end provision and management of the modern workplace, including hardware and software procurement, Microsoft-based collaboration and communication solutions, and on-site support. 
Modernize Communications Adoption Workshop: Lattine Group's workshop showcases the benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone and covers evaluation, pre-engagement, possible scenarios, and new calling features and devices. Additional topics include switching to Teams Phone, optional modules, connectivity, management, advanced topics, next steps, and reports.
Power BI Success Coaching: ITVT's coaching model helps companies smoothly introduce Microsoft Power BI and gain valuable insights from their data. Experienced Power BI experts guide users through the challenges of initial implementation and productive use, resulting in functional reports and dashboards, training, and a deep understanding of Power BI. Workshops are held virtually via Microsoft Teams.
Power Platform ROI Accelerator Workshop: Rockhop offers a half-day workshop to identify top business challenges and educate teams on Microsoft Power Platform. The workshop includes an executive summary of findings, target solutions, ROI, and actionable next steps. Benefits include understanding platform capabilities and building a business case for problem resolution.
Power Virtual Agents Consultancy: Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a customized solution for businesses to implement chatbots effortlessly. Microsoft-certified experts from Imperium Dynamics will provide training and support to ensure effective use of the product. Onboarding takes as little as a week or two.
Power Platform: Governance and Application Life Cycle Management: NTT Germany offers comprehensive workshops for Microsoft Power Platform strategy, policies, processes, and application lifecycle management. Power Platform provides significant capabilities to accelerate business growth, but a well-structured governance strategy is essential to fully leverage its benefits. Expert guidance is provided on pivotal concepts and decision points instrumental in shaping a successful governance strategy.
Rockhop Power Platform Co-op and Applications Support Service: Rockhop offers a solution to the challenge of no-code/low-code application development sprawl. The company can help organizations structure a Microsoft Power Platform co-op and applications support service, streamline demand management, and enable governance models. This engagement includes Center of Excellence deployment, team enablement, governance model, and ideation process.
Sensitive Data: 2-Day Workshop: Core Technology Systems' workshop helps businesses identify and mitigate privacy and regulatory risks in their expanding data and hybrid workforce. Day 1 includes setting up trial licenses, configuring DLP policy, and assessing data baseline. Day 2 includes demos and recommendations.
Microsoft AI Readiness Workshop: Microsoft 365 Copilot facilitates significant productivity gains, but proper planning and strategy are necessary. Sentinel offers a workshop for organizations already using Microsoft 365 to explore Copilot products and services, measure readiness, and identify gaps and opportunities for remediation.
Teams Contact Center by SoftwareOne: SoftwareOne has partnered with Luware to offer a cloud contact center fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. The solution is Teams certified and works inside the platform, eliminating the need for a separate client or additional hardware. The platform offers enterprise routing features, advanced routing, attendant console, interact, and call recording. 
Teams Essential Telephony: 8-Day Implementation: Cisilion offers a Microsoft Teams essential phone service for small and medium businesses with up to 300 users. The service includes calls, chat, video conferencing, and external telephony, and it is secure, cost-effective, and easy to manage. It also supports a hybrid workplace and includes consulting services, number porting, and around-the-clock technical support.
Teams Hybrid Meetings Accelerator Workshop: The future of work is remote and cloud-powered, with a focus on collaboration from anywhere. Rapid Circle's Hybrid Meetings Accelerator workshop provides an overview of Microsoft Teams meeting and meeting room ecosystem, best practices, and recommendations for inclusive, hybrid-ready meeting spaces. This engagement is ideal for organizations wanting effective collaboration for employees in any location.
University Student Admissions Solution: 12-Month Implementation: Crimson's Microsoft consulting team offers a student admissions solution for universities, transforming recruitment and admissions processes, improving student and staff experience and enhancing automation and efficiency. The solution includes a prospective student portal, agent portal, international agent management, and more. It also features full application management and document/evidence management.
Unlock Your Team’s Potential with Microsoft Copilot Training: Microsoft Copilot is a crucial tool for organizations looking to lead in the AI revolution. Changing Social's professional service offers comprehensive courses, flexible training options, tailored solutions, and continuous learning support to ensure mastery of Microsoft 365 and Copilot. The project kick-off includes training in AI, Copilot, Microsoft 365 apps, and permissions.
Version 1 - Fabric Deploy and Adopt: Version 1 offers a unique approach to Microsoft Fabric, helping businesses understand its benefits and how it can transform their data approach. Their Fabric Deploy and Adopt offering is built around 6 key pillars, providing a data strategy and roadmap, governance approach, MVP implementation, and knowledge sharing. Pricing depends on organization size and complexity.
Viva Goals: 12-Week Proof of Concept: Cloud Productivity Solutions' pilot program offers Microsoft Viva Goals trial licenses, standardized delivery guidance, and a roadmap for adoption. The proof of concept includes activities such as pilot design, onboarding trial licenses, enabling the app in Microsoft Teams, and delivering OKR methodology training. The program concludes with a summary of learnings and an actionable plan for adoption.
Viva Goals: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Quadra offers IT consulting and support for Microsoft Viva Goals, including strategy development, configuration, training, and integration with existing workflows. This proof of concept includes planning, configuration, rollout, and monitoring.
Vulnerability Management: Black Cell's MDR Vulnerability Management is a fully managed service that provides asset visibility, intelligent assessments, and built-in remediation tools for various devices. It prioritizes vulnerabilities based on the probability of exploitation activity and offers security recommendations and management services to mitigate risk. The service includes continuous discovery and monitoring, detailed weekly reporting, and endpoint-based pricing.
Windows 365: 2-Week Pilot: Presented by TC1 Labs, the Windows 365 pilot assesses hybrid work end-user computing needs, pilots Windows 365 in the customer's production environment, and develops joint deployment plans. The pilot has three phases: Plan, Enable, and Grow.

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Neo Agent
Power BI for WMS
Objectives and Key Results for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Objectives and Key Results for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (German)
OmiBill - Bill Presentment and Sending
One Lite
Online Confirmation
Opsgility AI Builder with Power Platform Workshop Hosted on OneVenue
Opsgility AI Developer in a Day Workshop Hosted on OneVenue
Opsgility Medical Claims Management with OpenAI Workshop Hosted on OneVenue
Opsgility Using A.I. for your Business (ChatGPT) Workshop Hosted on OneVenue
Payments and Accounts with Azure OpenAI Hackathon Hosted on OneVenue
Planet Payment Connector for Dynamics 365
Power BI Intelligent Assessment: 2-Day Consultation
Power Export
Product Specifications
Project Online Dashboards: 2-Hour Briefing
QE Document-QE PurchaseLink Connector
Room Booking System
Rungway Notifications
Sincronus: AI-Powered Systems Integration Platform Hosted on Azure
smartQED Bot
SMS Integrator
Supplier Innovation Ideation VAVE Portal
TalentOcean for IT Learners
TalentOcean for IT Professionals
TalentOcean for IT Recruiters
TalentOcean for IT Supervisors
TrueCarbon Cloud Optimization and Sustainability
U.S. Bank AP Optimizer
Upgrade Analyzer: 5-Day Assessment
Work-in-Progress (WIP) Manager
XQ Zero Trust Data Vault


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