Manage users across all your tenants using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

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The new User metrics report helps you see key user information across all your tenants in one place 

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) managing multiple customer tenants, you need to keep track of the users across all your customer tenants. For example, it’s important to know how many users are in each tenant, how many are licensed, and how many are active. It’s also important to know other details about these users, like how many are admins with high privileges or guest users that are accessing company resources. These metrics can help you maintain audits, ensure proper hygiene, and protect against security risks. Today, partners must switch between multiple portals and tools to get some of this information, but with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, you can now get this information more easily and efficiently. 


A Bird’s-Eye view of User inventories 

The User metrics report in Lighthouse gives you a high-level overview of the user inventories across all your customer tenants in a single view. You can see the total number of users, licensed users, global admin users, guest users, inactive users, and shared mailboxes that have not been blocked in each tenant. You can filter, sort, or export the data for further analysis or reporting. Additionally, selecting any tenant from this report opens the Users page from its Microsoft 365 admin center, where you can view and manage all their users. 

A screenshot of the User metrics report in LighthouseA screenshot of the User metrics report in Lighthouse


 How can you use this report? 

The User metrics report in Lighthouse is designed to help you gain insights and take necessary actions on your user inventories. For example, you can use the report to: 

  1. Limit the number of global admins in each tenant to mitigate risks associated with elevated access. 
  2. Revoke access from Guest users who no longer need access to company resources. 
  3. Save your customers money by cleaning up and reclaiming unused licenses from inactive user accounts while reducing risks. Read more about cleaning up Inactive users in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. 
  4. Block shared mailbox accounts from signing in directly, as they are common cyber-attack targets. 
  5. Ensure users are compliant with your deployment plan to maximize your customers’ health, productivity, and security. Read more about Baselines and Deployment plans in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. 

The User metrics report provides unprecedented visibility to critical information into users across every tenant you manage, making it easier to see and mitigate threats associated with user accounts. If you are not already using Lighthouse, you can sign up for free today. If you already use Lighthouse, check out the User metrics report and see how it can help optimize your user inventories. 


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