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We’re pleased to announce Surface Hub 3 begins shipping today, available in both 50-inch and 85-inch sizes. Designed end-to-end by Microsoft, Surface Hub 3 is the premier all-in-one hybrid meeting and collaboration device built for modern work. Go to your Surface device reseller to purchase a new Surface Hub 3 or get the Surface Hub 3 Pack to upgrade from Surface Hub 2S.


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We're so pleased that Surface Hub 3 now supports Smart Rotation and portrait. This makes it super easy to switch the screen layout to whatever suits your needs in the moment.



Surface Hub 3: A new era of collaboration

This state-of-the-art device symbolizes a paradigm shift in conceptualizing teamwork and workspace technology, emphasizing seamless integration and user-centric design.


Surface Hub 3 is not just another collaboration tool; it's a comprehensive solution that redefines the dynamics of team interaction. It's built on the principles of intuitive use, versatility, and integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms. This all-in-one device is designed to cater to the needs of modern businesses, offering a unique blend of Microsoft's iconic design and the latest in collaboration technology.





  • Enhanced team meetings: Surface Hub 3, running the Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows experience, offers a seamless meeting experience. It bridges the gap between remote and in-office participants, ensuring everyone is equally engaged through video, audio, and interactive content sharing.
  • Immersive collaboration: Innovative features like Front Row foster a deeper connection between in-person and virtual meeting participants so you can see people, content, and chat simultaneously.
  • Iconic Surface design: With 20-point multi-touch, dual-pen active inking, and high-quality optics, Surface Hub 3 provides an unparalleled user experience. Its 4K screen -- in 55" or 85" sizes -- and smart camera ensure clarity and focus, whether you're in the room or joining remotely.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Surface Hub 3 offers unmatched versatility enabling users to rotate the device to Portrait and quickly roll it into other spacesmaking it adaptable to various meeting styles and spaces. Its modular design means it can be easily upgraded.
  • Secure and efficient management: Built on Windows 11 IoT Enterprise, Surface Hub 3 offers layers of security and quick management through familiar IT tools. This ensures your data is protected while simplifying the administration of these devices.


Surface Hub 3 Pack

Surface Hub 3 Pack provides all the new hardware capabilities of Surface Hub 3 including Portrait, Smart Rotation, Smart AV, power and performance upgrades. To see how you can quickly upgrade from Surface Hub 2S, check out this short video. To order the Surface Hub 3 Pack, contact your Surface device reseller.



Migrate from Surface Hub 2S

Alternatively, you can migrate your Surface Hub 2S to run Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows following the public release of migration software and instructions early next year. Check back for more updates. 


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Check out the new Surface Hub admin guide on Microsoft Learn:




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