MPPC23: MVPs Unveiled the Future of Power Platform

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The Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2023, a comprehensive event that covered all aspects of Power Platform, took place in Las Vegas, USA. This conference, launched in 2022, featured a keynote speech Power Platform in the AI Era: Low-Code Development & the Copilot Revolution by Charles Lamanna, Microsoft's Business Apps & Platforms VP. He talked about Power Platform and AI's current and future state, sparking interest among participants.


At the conference, over 70 sessions and 12 workshops were conducted by 180 speakers, including industry experts and engineers like Microsoft MVPs. This year, a new bonus track, Dynamics 365 CE (Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement), was added alongside the Power Platform, offering broader information for modern workplace users to achieve more. The conference also featured various programs like Ask Me Anything and Networking Opportunities, captivating participants from around the world.

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Laura Rogers, a Business Application and M365 MVP and speaker at the conference, shared, “The Power Platform conference proved to be an immensely beneficial experience." She reflected on her experience, highlighting key points, “This conference highlighted the Power Platform's capabilities in enabling organizations to create custom applications, automate workflows, and extract valuable insights from data, all with minimal coding. Many of the sessions emphasized the significance of integration between the products in Microsoft 365, for enhanced productivity and innovation. Hopefully, this experience has inspired attendees to explore low-code solutions to drive digital transformation within their organizations”.


Laura shared her expertise in sessions, Why Integrate Power Apps with Power Automate?, and Unlock the Power of Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate, receiving positive feedback such as "This was, by far, the most impactful 60 minutes I have spent at this conference," "All good, best session so far, very down to earth, and applicable to day-to-day life," and "I felt this session covered the topic very well."



As a community leader, Laura spoke about the positive impact of community collaboration on others' growth. She says, “What truly stood out was the vibrant and supportive community surrounding these technologies. The conference facilitated valuable networking opportunities, which enabled all of us to connect with like-minded professionals, experts, and enthusiasts who were passionate about this technology, and use it to tackle organizational challenges. The willingness to share insights, best practices, and success stories was remarkable, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. It is apparent that this community is not just about software; it's about empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital age. This supportive community has become an ongoing resource for me for 15 years, and it continues to enrich my understanding of Microsoft 365 and its ever-evolving capabilities.”


Another Business Applications MVP, Azure McFarlane, also participated as a speaker in two sessions. The participants were so engaged that they kept asking questions for more than an hour after the sessions ended!



The panel on Women & Allies in Low Code explored the stories, achievements, and obstacles of women and allies in the low-code field. The panelists shared insights on how to create and support diverse, inclusive, and collaborative cultures in low-code communities. In the technical session, Customizing Peak Performance with Adaptive Cards, Azure and a Business Applications MVP Matthew Devaney explained business process improvements using custom Adaptive Cards.


Azure shared insights about this opportunity as a speaker: "Sessions, whether technical or conversational panels, continually remind me of the inherent value in expertise and sharing one's voice - it's not just about showcasing knowledge but creating a space for others to learn too. For the panel, recounting my journey into the tech world, sharing personal and professional insights, practical solutions, and lessons learned creates a connection with attendees. It shows them that their own tech journey is a shared experience and reminds them they don't have to do everything alone. In technical sessions, I've found that attendees don't need to fully understand what you're talking about. Making content relatable, providing inspiration, and being honest about product limitations, coupled with solutions for limitations goes a very long way. It helps attendees feel comfortable exploring new topics or diving deeper into an existing one."


The Microsoft Power Platform Conference was a successful event that attracted thousands of attendees who were eager to learn about the latest technology and various use cases. The conference also offered opportunities for networking and interaction with other participants and speakers. To access the conference sessions, visit the official website or watch them on the official YouTube channel, Microsoft PowerPoint Conference.


The organizers are already planning the next conference, which will take place in September 2024 in Las Vegas. If you are interested in attending, please check the official website regularly for updates.


The article ends with a quote from Azure, who expresses enthusiasm for the next conference. “I can't wait for the next Power Platform Conference. It feels like a family reunion getting to see friends and meeting MVPs and community members!”

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