The 12 Days of Copilot – Day 3 Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word – HLS Show Me How

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The 12 Days of Copilot – Day 3 Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word – HLS Show Me How

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Welcome to the 12 Days of Copilot Day 3. Each day our AI is giving us a Microsoft 365 Copilot gift. On day 3 our AI is giving us a great assistant for summarizing large documents in Microsoft Word.

About Microsoft 365 Copilot use in Word:

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a powerful tool that can help you extract the main points and key information from long and complex documents in Word. Whether you need to write an executive summary, a presentation, or a report, you can use Copilot to save time and effort. Here's how you can leverage Microsoft 365 Copilot to summarize large documents in Word:

- Open the document you want to summarize in Word.

- Click on the Copilot icon in the ribbon.

- Choose the Summarize option from the drop-down menu.

- Adjust the slider to select the desired length of the summary. You can also choose to include or exclude headings, tables, and images.

- Click on Generate Summary and wait for Copilot to analyze the document and produce a concise summary.

- Review the summary and make any edits or additions as needed. You can also copy and paste the summary to another document or application.

Previous Days of Copilot:

Here are some resources about Microsoft 365 Copilot and its use in drafting documents in Microsoft Word:

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