Business Process Tracking – Frequently Asked Questions

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We have released Business Process Tracking (and Integration Environment) in Public Preview as of November 15th. Since this time, we have been able to speak with many customers, partners and the community. There have been some great questions asked and I wanted to respond to those questions in one place. To allow for richer responses, I have recorded a video where I will go through the following questions:


  • Is there a cost for Integration Environment/Business Process Tracking?
  • Do I need to create a database in Azure Data Explorer (ADX)?
  • What Azure Data Explorer configuration settings do I need?
  • Can I use expressions in Business Process Tracking Editor?
  • How to detect errors?
  • Does Business Process Tracking support Parallelism/Conditions?
  • Can I emit events from other sources?
  • From what subscriptions can I add Azure Resources?
  • What about Business Process Status/State?


If you have any feedback about what we have currently built or want to ask some questions about additional capabilities, please fill out the following form and I will be happy to setup some time to chat. 


If these questions are of interest to you, please check out the following video:



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