How Forms can help you build a well-crafted holiday invite

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As the holiday season approaches, you're probably gearing up to organize a fantastic gathering for friends, colleagues, or classmates. Microsoft Forms is here to help you make it unforgettable! Join me in discovering how Forms can help craft an invite tailored perfectly for your holiday celebration.


First let’s check out an example of a well-crafted Christmas party invitation using a Christmas theme, including music! The due date of the form is clearly visible in the cover and question numbers are removed for a less formal approach. When responders submit the form, they will receive a warm thank-you message, expressing gratitude for their participation in creating a memorable event.


A well-crafted Christmas party invitationA well-crafted Christmas party invitation

 Here are some tips to build a great invitation. You can also create your own from this template.

  • Theme suggestions / customize your own theme - After you finish adding questions, you can select a theme from various AI suggestions based on your form title. If none of these suits your needs, simply click the “+” icon and upload one from the internet or your PC.
  • Background music - Give responders an immersive experience by adding background music.


Theme & musicTheme & music

You can add the following options in settings by clicking the “…” icon on the upper-right corner.

  • Set a start and end date so your guests know the deadline for responding.
  • Disable question numbers to create a more relaxed atmosphere for responders, eliminating the sense of filling out a business survey.
  •  Personalize the “thank you message with any additional information or expression of gratitude.
  • Allow respondents to save and edit their responses for the most accurate RSVP list.
  • Turn on notifications for each response to promptly review and manage new registrations.


Forms settingsForms settings

You can make the event more engaging and interactive by using the live presentation capability to display entertaining questions during the celebration then sharing the responses in real-time.


Live presentation capabilityLive presentation capability

Why wait? Take charge and host your own incredible holiday party or event using this amazing template.

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