Inspiring learning and talent development with AI, LMS365, and Microsoft AppSource

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In this guest blog post, Henrik Eriksen, VP of Global Strategic Alliances at LMS365, discusses the role of AI and the endless learning opportunities it brings to your workforce anytime, anywhere, on any device with LMS365 and Microsoft.


We stand at the precipice of a transformative era that will reshape the very fabric of our lives, our workplaces, and our interconnectedness. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, with its unprecedented scale, scope, and intricacy, promises a metamorphosis to all ways of our life.
Each industrial revolution has left an indelible mark on human progress. The first harnessed water and steam to mechanize production, while the second harnessed electric power to usher in mass production. The third revolution connected electronics and information technology, paving the way for automated manufacturing. Now, the fourth industrial revolution builds upon this digital evolution that has unfolded since the mid-20th century.

This revolution is characterized by a convergence of technologies so profound it blurs the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological domains. Yet, amidst this transformative whirlwind, it's the role of artificial intelligence (AI) that stands as a beacon of change, promising to revolutionize the way we prepare and empower the modern workforce for the challenges and opportunities of this new era.
One of these challenges is the growing demand for continuous learning and talent development. This need is only propelled further by the shrinking shelf life for learned skills. In fact, in its Shift Index, Deloitte found the skills college graduates acquire during college have an expected shelf life of only five years, and that is for current students.

However, you can also see this decreasing skill shelf life impacting more tenured professionals, now needing to upskill and reskill at a more demanding pace in order to stay up to date and well-trained for the evolving workplace. This is where AI toolsets are being adopted by organizations to provide more tailored and automated skilling and development opportunities to their employees.


How AI is reshaping learning and talent development
AI has the highest potential to revolutionize learning management and talent development out of many technologies available today. AI is expected to see an annual growth rate of 37.3 percent between 2023 and 2030, only emphasizing the impact it will have for years to come. And when it comes to the learning management and talent development space, this technology is making huge strides in automating and tailoring employee training environments and opportunities.
AI can significantly improve learning management and talent development by providing differentiated and individualized learning experiences, automating administrative tasks, and assisting administrators in identifying areas where their employees need improvement.
Imagine a learning experience that is not only engaging but also personalized, aligned with your business objectives, and accessible right from the applications you use daily. LMS365's AI-powered learning capabilities are designed to do just that, making learning a breeze for employees and administrators, and driving business success.


Enhancing learning management with LMS365's AI-powered tools
LMS365 on Microsoft AppSource is a Microsoft Azure AI-powered learning platform built into Microsoft 365, which enables learning and development (L&D), human resources, and IT teams to leverage the superpowers of AI to deliver personalized training right in the applications people work with every day to maximize usage, engagement, and performance.


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LMS365's AI-powered learning technology addresses a myriad of challenges faced by course creators, administrators, learners, and businesses alike. Here's how:


  • Seamless integration: LMS365 is built into Microsoft 365, seamlessly integrated with the suite of workplace tools like Teams, SharePoint, Viva Learning, and Outlook.
  • Powerful AI chatbot: An AI-powered chatbot assists users in finding courses and provides tailored recommendations. It even helps learners to follow their training progress and can streamline onboarding with Entra ID group integration.
  • Analytics and improvement: Ready-made analytics through Power BI offer insights into training data, while user feedback and ratings help your organization continuously enhance your content and delivery methods.
  • Flexible API integration: LMS365's application programming interface (API) allows integration with nearly any app, helping your organization connect business systems and streamline processes.

Upcoming releases of LMS365 will enable L&D admins to create courses and gain insights with AI assistance. L&D admins will be able to produce engaging courses faster with AI-powered course building. Let AI turn documents and videos into engaging courses with modules, quizzes, and more, all in a matter of seconds. Adjust the content as you like and publish the training, easily.

LMS365 is dedicated to responsibly improving and expanding on the AI-powered capabilities of the platform, continuing to align with the AI goals set forth by Microsoft.


LMS365 and Microsoft: your blueprint for innovation and impact
LMS365's AI-powered learning technology, combined with Microsoft applications, ensures your learning experiences are tailored, engaging, and geared toward achieving your business goals. By adopting this unique solution, you can remain competitive, innovative, and adaptable in the rapidly changing business landscape through tailored upskilling and reskilling.


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LMS365 leverages the power of Microsoft products to provide a comprehensive learning solution:


  • Integrations via Microsoft Power Platform: Connect LMS365 to other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Power BI, and Forms for customized business applications and streamlined processes.
  • Microsoft Teams app for training: Utilize the Teams app for training purposes and simplify onboarding with Azure Active Directory group integration.
  • Feedback and content improvement: Collect feedback from learners, improve content, and gather detailed insights using Microsoft Forms.


In a world where adapting to change is key to success, LMS365 and Microsoft offer you the tools to thrive, innovate, and lead your industry into the future. Leveraging the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, LMS365 enables organizations to deliver tailored and streamlined learning experiences for employees and ground-breaking course creation capabilities for admins. LMS365's cutting-edge AI-powered learning technology empowers individuals and organizations to upskill, reskill, and stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving market, ensuring sustained competitiveness and innovation.


Read more in the LMS365 AI Product Highlights Guide or book a demo with us.

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