The Twelve Days of Blog-mas: No.11 – The Kitchen Sink

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Hi folks!


I am running out of days for my “Twelve Days” timeframe, so I’m dropping a pile of topics here that I feel are important/helpful but less-known.


Apologies in advance for the brevity and link-breadcrumbs.


On-prem App Provisioning + MIM Connector Re-use


Apps in Intune




 Enable Company Portal to be the ‘user portal’ option for the Software Center option in Configuration Manager Client Settings




NOTE: Enabling that integration of CM apps into Company Portal does NOT break or disable Software Center, though – that still works fine:






Surface Management Portal






Patch Windows.  Better.  From the Cloud.


Protect.  Detect.  Respond.

Defender for Identity is an amazing product.  If you have it going in your enviro, you already know this.  If you don't have it going yet, get to it - you'll sleep better.  It proactively monitors network traffic/patterns and event logs for Active Directory (and ADFS and now ADCS/PKI). 




  • The 'usual suspects' like Domain Admins are tagged as sensitive, but of course, you can tag your own, too:



  • The "Report" is a multi-tabbed XLS with all the ‘who/what/where/when’ glory. 



"Happy little clouds"

This Visio evolved from an ad-hoc whiteboard drawing during a customer discussion about endpoint and server management - enjoy the Bob Ross (RIP)



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See ya tomorrow!



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