Microsoft Purview and Azure Databricks Better Together

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Microsoft Purview integrates with Azure Databricks and Unity Catalog to help you discover Lakehouse data and bring its metadata into Data Map. Microsoft Purview empowers you to govern your entire data estate across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS applications, serving as a complete “catalog of catalogs”.


General Availability of Metadata Integration

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Azure Databricks Unity Catalog metadata scan. With this integration, you can now:

  • Scan Azure Databricks in both public and private networks, powered by the fully managed Microsoft Purview integration runtime.
  • Scan the entire Unity Catalog metastore or choose to scan only selective catalogs.
  • Extract a comprehensive set of Unity Catalog metadata, including details of metastore, catalogs, schemas, tables/views, and columns, etc.
  • Automatically classify the data based on built-in system classification rules or user-defined custom classification rules to identify sensitive data.
  • Run the scan on-demand or on a daily/weekly/monthly recurring schedule.

Learn more about the step-by-step instructions from Connect to and manage Azure Databricks Unity Catalog in Microsoft Purview.


Figure 1: Azure Databricks SampleTableFigure 1: Azure Databricks SampleTable


Along with it, the Azure Databricks workspace-scoped hive metastore scan in Microsoft Purview is also generally available now. Learn more from here.


Microsoft Purview and Databricks continue to collaborate and extend our integration capabilities to serve broad data governance scenarios. Stay tuned for future enhancements.


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