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We're excited to introduce point cloud streaming for Azure Remote Rendering! Azure Remote Rendering is an Azure service that enables developers to render high quality interactive 3D content and stream it to devices like Microsoft HoloLens 2, Windows desktops/laptops, and Meta Quest devices in real time. With point cloud streaming, we are dramatically increasing our point cloud rendering capabilities and user experience.



30GB point cloud file that is being rendered by Azure Remote Rendering on Quest.

Point cloud streaming fetches the relevant portions of the point cloud from remote storage as you need them. Before point cloud streaming, users would have to wait for the entire model to download from remote storage before rendering, and the maximum number of unique points we could support in a single asset was capped at 2.5 billion. With the introduction of point cloud streaming, users will see a nearly instant visualization of point cloud files up to 12.5 billion points for a single asset, and you can now load many different 12.5-billion-point files at the same time!



30GB point cloud scan of Mt. Fuji visualized immediately.

Streaming is the new default behavior for point cloud files going forward. To get this functionality, convert your point cloud files with the latest release of Azure Remote Rendering.

We’ve worked closely with our partners at Roboverse Reply, and Augment IT during development and testing:


Roboverse Reply:


Industrial facility lidar scan leveraging point cloud streaming in Azure Remote Rendering.


"The new Point Cloud Streaming feature in Azure Remote Rendering opens new possibilities for our end customers regarding visualization and real-time interaction. The high responsiveness based on user interaction and locomotion, enables a seamless experience without any loading times and without breaking the immersion. Point Cloud Streaming also enables huge data sets for Digital Twin scenarios on a variety of devices like the HoloLens or Meta Quest generated through reality capture.-Maxim Stoljar, Head of Spatial Computing at Roboverse Reply


Augment IT:

 Large point cloud file in Azure Remote Rendering, overlayed on the physical source.


We tested the point cloud rendering solution with Azure Remote Rendering on multi-story industrial buildings and high-fidelity scans, and we were amazed by the results. We could not find the limit of its performance, which proves its broad applicability. The best part is that we can use the original data without any modification, which enables automated workflows.”  -Reto Grob, CEO of Augment IT


-Augment IT offers the ready-to-use solution Inspect AR for engineering and construction teams that need to review their projects on-site, coordinate planned work, and perform maintenance, audits and inspections. Contact Augment IT to get access.




Point Cloud Streaming will unlock even more value in Mixed Reality applications, and we can’t wait to see what developers do with this new capability.

Azure Remote Rendering developer documentation can be found here: 
Azure Remote Rendering documentation - Azure Remote Rendering | Microsoft Docs. 


We’d also love to get your feedback on the service. Let us know in the comments below how you are using Azure Remote Rendering or enter your feedback at and let us know what you want in future releases.


Thank you!


-The Azure Remote Rendering Team


Partners Mentioned: 


Mt Fuji scan data is dual-licensed under CC BY 4.0/ODbL.


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