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When community leaders, who sometimes operate independently, come together to act collectively, they can harness the community's power to support even more members.


In this blog, we introduce the activities of MVPs from the Netherlands and Japan who have united to deliver podcasts and live broadcasts, sharing the latest technology information and ideas with the community.



Netherlands: DevSecOps Podcast series

Starting in November, a new DevSecOps Podcast series was launched by three MVPs in the Netherlands, Sander ten Brinke, Pouyan Khabazi, and Frans Oudendorp. This series, a part of the Podcast, brings together these three individuals with diverse backgrounds to discuss various topics related to DevSecOps. Sander expresses his joy about the initial broadcast, saying "DevSecOps is a software development methodology that emphasizes integrating security practices into the DevOps process. Our first episode about "the developer's workplace" has been out for a while." They recently released the second episode, freshly unveiled on December 14: Episode #32 - Series DevSecOps #02 – Code Security from a Developers perspective | Talking Security


In creating this collaborative podcast, Sander shares insights into the unique roles of each MVP. "I am a Developer Technologies MVP and cover the voice of the developer on the podcast. I like coming up with the topics, though Pouyan and Frans also help with this! Pouyan is a Security MVP and he is able to bring in refreshing new perspectives from his field, especially on Endpoint Security. He also takes care of the podcast studio to ensure we can deliver a great listening experience. Last but not least, Frans Oudendorp is also a Security MVP, seasoned podcaster AND brings in a lot of experience from the workplace management field. He also drags a giant box around filled with podcast equipment and edits the podcast when the recording is done," he explains.

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Pouyan emphasizes the importance of a correct understanding among people from all walks of life for the realization of their goals, stating "Innovation is the lifeblood of an organization in the digital age, and it needs to be both enabled and protected. – I have learned that integrating security into this process is critical to mitigating risks to the innovation process, the organization's growth, and the existing assets within the organization." He notes that the podcast is intended for an audience of 'everyone', indicating a broad target demographic. "With this new podcast series, we are creating a bridge between the developers, security, and operations teams. We show what the challenges are from each perspective and how these can be resolved or mitigated. So, I would recommend this podcast to everyone, from IT management, architects to engineering professionals," he adds.


Frans expresses a desire to share their experiences from three different perspectives. He says, "This generates a very unique dynamic in the recordings. All three of us have very different backgrounds, which results in very fun conversations. We are all excited to contribute something to the community and in this way, we can have a positive impact."


During the podcast's debut in November, major conferences like Microsoft Ignite and .NET Conf 2023 were held, where numerous announcements were unveiled. The trio was asked about the information from these conferences that particularly caught their attention.


Sander ten Brinke: “I'm really excited to be using .NET 8 in production. Every year brings great improvements to C# and .NET which I can't wait for. I'm very curious for the official launch of .NET Aspire and the impact it's going to have on the community. Finally, I'm a big fan of the new AI products and can't wait for all these copilots to skyrocket my productivity through the roof!”


Pouyan Khabazi: “Ignite was once again a great confirmation of how important integration and cooperation between technologies and teams are. With Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud now integrating more closely, and with Defender for DevOps and Defender for API moving to General Availability, topped by the introduction of Security Co-Pilot, it's evident how cloud security is evolving. These developments are enhancing visibility and protection across the rapidly changing IT landscape.”


Frans Oudendorp: “Personally, I am very interested in the developments around Copilot and especially Security Copilot. How can this assist in even better safeguarding and optimizing customer environments where we work with.”



Japan: DevBlog Radio

Microsoft Developer Blogs ("DevBlogs") is an official Microsoft blog widely referred by many community members using Microsoft's development technologies. It serves as a pivotal resource, offering up-to-the-minute information, valuable insights, key announcements, and the latest news in the tech world.


Based on the content of articles published on DevBlogs, Kazushi Kamegawa and Yuta Matsumura (Developer Technologies MVPs), and Yui Ashikaga (Azure MVP), broadcast a radio-like live show called devblog Radio (YouTube channel: DevlogRadio).



Kazushi explains, "We three host a one-hour YouTube Live broadcast every other Friday at 22:00 (JST), where we discuss DevBlogs content in Japanese. During major events like Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, and .NET releases, we sometimes invite guests. While we don't have specific roles, our areas of technical expertise cover Azure Infrastructure, Azure Developer, and beyond, allowing us to cover a wide range of topics mentioned in DevBlogs. As a result, each of us explains topics in our areas of expertise."


Yui highlights the appeal of this live broadcast: "DevBlogs covers various technologies including Microsoft Azure, .NET, AI, and tools, making it an excellent resource for those who want a cross-sectional view of the latest Microsoft technology news and tips. Our devBlog Radio can serve as a gateway to DevBlogs, encouraging listeners to read articles that interest them and deepen their understanding."


Yuta shares his thoughts on what they aim to deliver through this broadcast: "Microsoft shares a wealth of information through its blogs. It's exciting for us to share articles that offer tips not found in the official documentation. We're happy to help our audience discover these articles through our broadcast."


Finally, each of the three MVPs shares an article from DevBlogs that particularly caught their interest:


Kazushi Kamegawa: Ignite 2023: Ushering in the era of Microsoft Copilot extensibility

"I recommend the entry summarizing Microsoft Copilot extensions. Not only can users utilize Microsoft Copilot, but they can also create their own extensions. This blog, which compiles methods for creating and deploying extensions, can be a helpful guide for those looking to develop their own."


Yui Ashikaga: Performance Improvements in .NET 8 - .NET Blog (

"I am interested in the Performance Improvements series of articles. With each new .NET version release, articles are published showing how much the performance has improved (and these articles are quite lengthy). I am always impressed by the team's commitment to improving performance with every new version, down to the nanosecond."


Yuta Matsumura: Announcing .NET 8 - .NET Blog (

"I recommend the article about the release of .NET 8. It compiles information on new features and performance improvements in .NET 8, which I think is essential reading for .NET developers."

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