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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 52 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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AdvAIsor: AdvAIsor from Tendencias Consultoria Integrada is an AI tool for text creation, proofreading, and translation. This LLM-powered add-in for the Microsoft Office suite brings enhanced proofreading and translation experience for your documents, with maximum integration. Through a docked dashboard, get quick, easy, and dynamic access to all features with just one click.

AI Perfect Assistant for Microsoft 365.png

AI Perfect Assistant for Microsoft 365: Powered by ChatGPT, AI Perfect Assistant from OOO enhances Microsoft Word and other Microsoft 365 applications to help users with tasks such as ghostwriting, translation, and summarizing text. With AI Perfect Assistant, you can generate stunning PowerPoint slides, reply to messages in Outlook and Teams, craft elegant documents in Word, and more.


aMail: From Asite Solutions, aMail is a Microsoft Outlook plugin and add-in that connects your inbox and the Asite Cloud. This customizable email management tool enables users to save emails and attachments in project folders on Asite, providing a secure and central filing cabinet for project-related correspondence.

Anagrams by Frameable.png

Anagrams by Frameable: A simple yet competitive word game for Microsoft Teams, Anagrams by Frameable presents a team-building activity for before meetings get started or any time during the workday for engaging activity between coworkers. Combine letters to guess the word blanks collaboratively, competitively, or just on your own.


Atlan: Get effortless metadata enrichment and lineage impact analysis in bulk with this Atlan Technologies add-in for Microsoft Excel. This integration allows you to document descriptions, certifications, ownership, tags, and announcements for columns and any list of upstream or downstream assets right from Excel and sync it all to Atlan with a single click.


BlueCargo: This AI-powered add-in for Microsoft Outlook analyzes and recoups per diem fees directly from your inbox. After a user opens a per diem invoice attached to any email, BlueCargo analyzes the invoice, audits your per diem charges, and finds any potential savings. BlueCargo includes templates for presenting supporting evidence in dispute emails.


Blueink: Blueink is a secure, cloud-based e-signature solution that allows you to prepare, send, track, save, and download important documents and contracts for electronic signatures using Microsoft Teams. Blueink's certificate of evidence provides a detailed audit trail of the entire signing process, including the document, the signers, and the IP address of the signer.

Carousel Pro.png

Carousel Pro: Prakash Software Solutions' Carousel Pro elevates your Microsoft SharePoint experience with interactive storytelling through eye-catching animations and seamless integration. With this powerful tool, you have the freedom to infuse life into your site's homepage and other pages, effortlessly engaging your audience and delivering information in a captivating format.


ClearContract: ClearContract offers AI-powered contract analysis to help reduce legal risk, helping in-house counsel and contract managers analyze incoming contracts by highlighting missing clauses and clauses that are deviating from the market standard. ClearContract frees up time for legal departments while reducing and streamlining contract risk.

Corcentric Platform Add-in for Word Online.png

Corcentric Platform Add-in for Word Online: This Corcentric add-in features contract clause libraries and template management to improve the editing workflow of contract documents in the Microsoft 365 online. version of Microsoft Word. Users can collaborate directly on files without having to download and re-upload to the Corcentric Platform, and changes will be integrated into the final negotiated contract.

Data Simulator.png

Data Simulator: Turn to Prakash Software Solutions' Data Simulator for Microsoft SharePoint data testing and development. The SharePoint List View Data Simulator Command Set is your passport to a hassle-free, efficient data generation experience in which you can handpick columns, set record counts, define data types, and impose numeric boundaries.

dokublick Add-In.png

dokublick Add-In: Digital document management is made easy with this offer from Buhl Data Service. dokublick is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that automatically stores all documents and receipts in digital folders, giving users an overview of documents and access from anywhere at any time.   


Domo: The Domo app allows you to find cards and datasets you have access to within the Domo platform. When discussing data in a Microsoft Teams chat or meeting, users can easily find and post Domo data without leaving Teams. Additionally, all KPI cards you post will display a snapshot of the data.

Don't Interrupt.png

Don't Interrupt: From Hootware Limited, Don't Interrupt is a powerful tool designed to enhance productivity and work-life balance while using Microsoft Teams. With a subset of our full features, users can easily enable or disable Don't Interrupt and manage overrides directly within Teams.


Donut: This offer from Donut Technologies makes strategic connections in Microsoft Teams to achieve common goals and better outcomes. Donut will pair everyone on the team and send a message prompting them to connect — they can open a chat or video call in Teams or find a time to meet using the Teams calendar.

ELIGO eVoting.png

ELIGO eVoting: ELIGO eVoting by ID Technology is a secure election management platform that digitizes and automates the entire process. Catering to public and private organizations, ELIGO eVoting meets legal requirements, ensuring legally valid election results. Microsoft Teams users will benefit from an integrated voting experience that’s secure and anonymous.


Enjo: From Troopr Labs, Enjo is a full-stack generative AI toolkit purpose-built for support teams. After being added to Microsoft Teams, Enjo assists in the resolution of employee requests by deeply embedding generative AI capabilities into your existing support workflow. Enjo understands user intent and retrieves relevant information from across all knowledge sources to craft human-like responses.


farBooking: From FAR Networks, farBooking helps users better organize their work, both remotely and in person, via Microsoft Outlook and Teams. Give your employees the ability to connect with colleagues, find spaces, desks, and resources, and increase productivity, all from one platform. A farBooking account is required to use this app.

GanttPRO APP.png

GanttPRO App: GanttPRO from DPM Solutions is an online project management tool based on Gantt charts that transforms work through seamless collaboration without having to leave Microsoft Teams. Intuitive and visually appealing, GanttPRO has a short learning curve so even new team members can start working on a project in 10 to 15 minutes.

HGC UC Talk.png

HGC UC Talk: From Deltapath Limited, HGC UC Talk allows you to call anywhere from Microsoft Teams with HGC Softphone or the HGC Mobile App. Outgoing calls launch the HGC UC Softphone or HGC UC Mobile App. A subscription to HGC UC Softphone or HGC UC Mobile App is required.

HiHello Email Signatures.png

HiHello Email Signatures: Email signatures from HiHello allow organizations to ensure that every email sent presents a professional and consistent brand experience. Admins can create custom email signatures and instantly deploy them to everyone at your company for a consistent, beautiful email experience.


Jambo: Jambo for Microsoft Outlook enables fast and easy creation of new communication records for your Jambo projects, saving you time and effort. When you send emails, this add-in lets you easily log the interaction.

JobPts for Outlook Add-In.png

JobPts for Outlook Add-In: Designed to seamlessly integrate colleague appreciation into your email workflow, the JobPts add-in for Microsoft Outlook lets you choose the recognition type, recipient, and message with just a few clicks.


KeeperAI: The KeeperAI add-in for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook enables you to build meaningful connections within your virtual workspace. KeeperAI does this by helping you understand colleagues' personalities and soft skills. This add-in requires a KeeperAI account. The assistant for Microsoft Word empowers lawyers with AI-driven features enabling them to optimize daily practices. simplifies the creation of legal documents, saving time and effort, while also providing enhanced search capabilities within its internal document repository.

Macroplot Link for Excel.png

Macroplot Link for Excel: Economists, macroeconomic analysts, and financial analysts can use Macroplot Link for Excel to easily import time series data FRED, New York Fed, BIS, World Bank, WITS, and ECB. It also supports national sources from Uruguay (BCU, INE, BEVSA, DNA), Argentina (BCRA,, and Brazil (BCB).


Maileva: Available in French, Maileva by Docaposte supports fast preparation of shipments for La Poste, France’s universal postal service provider. Maileva can take care of printing, preparing, and delivering traditional mail to the post office or send your registered mail 100% electronically. This add-in from RGN Brand Identity Services simplifies the selection and integration of uploaded and tagged assets from the application. With a paid subscription, users gain access to a beautiful library of branded images to effortlessly enhance Microsoft 365 documents.

News Scroller.png

News Scroller: This web part by Prakash Software Solutions turns your Microsoft SharePoint site into an engaging, information-rich hub. Enjoy dynamic, customizable, and interactive new updates that will captivate readers.

Overview by Frameable.png

Overview by Frameable: This simple dashboard for Microsoft Teams surfaces your most important chats, channels, files, meetings, and ongoing calls. Save valuable time with a view of new messages, calls, and meetings, all on one page. Unlock total flexibility to add, move, or hide columns to fit your work style. syncs your data from business applications such as CRM, ERP, finance, and accounting tools into Microsoft Excel, centralizing it into a data warehouse. Get a complete view of your customers, products, and invoices, and analyze further and build reports with just a few clicks.

Pixel Art.png

Pixel Art: This app from Digital Inspiration creates stunning pixel art using Microsoft Excel. Simply upload an image and watch as it’s transformed into a grid of colored pixels within your spreadsheet.

ProFile - Large File Exchange.png

ProFile - Large File Exchange: This solution from Mevitco lets you send and receive large files that aren’t suitable for email. It features integrated and self-updated antivirus protection, configurable file extensions, and native Microsoft Entra ID integration. There’s no file size limit, and transfers auto-retry when connections are lost.

Rowsie AI.png

Rowsie AI: Rowsie helps you understand, build, and update Microsoft Excel modes with ease. Ask it anything about your spreadsheets, from model logic to deciphering complex formulas. Rowsie can craft formulas, clean up formatting, and even build new models from scratch.


Seleam: This fixed assets management platform manages physical assets and consumables. By providing accurate tracking and reducing waste, Seleam helps enterprises optimize spending. Employees can even view and manage fixed assets assigned to them and request repairs, apply for new assets, and initiate asset handover.


Sidekick: A companion app to the XOPS Control Center, XOPS Sidekick gives employees contextual notifications through Microsoft Teams channels from the XOPS platform delivering Autonomous IT. Sidekick gives you a heads-up for your action items and takes care of the rest.

SigningCloud eSign.png

SigningCloud eSign: This solution from Securemetric Technology lets you securely sign and manage documents in Microsoft Teams. Sign documents from almost any device and keep track of the signing process. Once signing is complete, download a tamper-proof, digitally signed document via Teams.

Simply Stakeholders for Outlook (Restricted).png

Simply Stakeholders for Outlook (Restricted): Simply Stakeholders from Darzin Software creates a comprehensive record of all your stakeholder engagements so you always know who important stakeholders are, and who has been meeting with and talking to them.

Skills Copilot.png

Skills Copilot: Skills Copilot by Lake Union Solutions lets you record your professional skills, acquire new skills, and set career goals, it provides access to more than 98,000 skill definitions and 1.25 million job-to-skill mappings. Use it to find skilled coworkers, learn about different roles, and access training resources.


SMS2GO: Send and receive SMS messages from Microsoft Outlook with SMS2GO by CIM-Mobility. It features message scheduling, templates, and the ability to send to users in more than 150 countries.


Sortino: Investment bankers and institutional investors use Sortino to automatically build fully linked comparable companies analysis, DCFs, 3-statement models, and more. It extracts and analyzes data from many sources such as company financials, SEC filings, earning call transcripts, news, and market data.


Squadify: More than just an opinion poll or engagement tool, Squadify analyzes, tracks, and develops teams to drive optimal outcomes in performance. It spotlights issues to remove barriers to team success quickly, and translates them into clear, actionable insights that enable constructive conversations and drive results.

Swam Phishnet.png

Swarm Phishnet: Swarm Phishnet from Autnhive is an integrated email and data transfer security platform that combines multiple layers of protection and verification to safeguard your communications. Its primary goal is to detect fraud and phishing attacks while protecting data during transfer.

Tall Emu CRM.png

Tall Emu CRM: The Tall Emu CRM add-in lets you view, edit, and upload all your document templates directly into Microsoft Word. Give your business documents a cohesive, branded look and feel by editing logos, information, and layout.

TR Legal Communication Hub.png

TR Legal Communication Hub: Streamline your team’s approval process with the TR Legal Communication Hub from Thomson Reuters. It enhances collaboration and efficiency with quick and easy approval management right in Microsoft Teams. Say goodbye to decision making delays and endless emails.


Trusty: Trusty makes referrals easy, allowing any member of your organization to refer talent from their network or share personal referral links to boost your brand and communicate open positions. Trusty helps your recruiting team by automating many daily tasks like announcements, referral campaigns, and more.

Viva Announcements to SharePoint Connector.png

Viva Announcements to SharePoint Connector: Cloudwell’s solution will help you stay informed and updated with a seamless announcements experience, bringing announcements from Microsoft Viva Connections into your SharePoint intranet as a web part.

VOXO Meet.png

VOXO Meet: Arrange online meetings efficiently with the VOXO Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Designed for VOXO platform users, it automatically creates an online meeting room for every calendar event and email, no more manual scheduling or scrambling to set up online meeting rooms.


Waybook: Waybook lets you bring all your training, onboarding, documentation, and best practices together in one place. Assign team members policies they’re responsible for and empower employees with a searchable Waybook knowledge base available anywhere using Microsoft Teams.


WellB: The WellB platform infuses moments throughout the workday with curated content that empowers and rejuvenates. It brings together global content creators to provide desk optimized exercises, mindfulness tools, and more. The world of wellbeing is now available within Microsoft Teams.

XM Fax (CA).png

XM Fax (CA): Send faxes securely, directly from Microsoft Teams with XM Fax from OpenText. XM Fax eliminates mishandling of sensitive information by allowing users to manage document transmission without leaving Teams; no printing or device switching required. Faxes are encrypted, with centralized traceability for easier audits. Optional zero-retention settings further ensure document protection.

XM Fax (EMEA).png

XM Fax (EMEA): Send faxes securely, directly from Microsoft Teams with XM Fax from OpenText. XM Fax eliminates mishandling of sensitive information by allowing users to manage document transmission without leaving Teams; no printing or device switching required. Faxes are encrypted, with centralized traceability for easier audits. Optional zero-retention settings further ensure document protection.

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