Build it with AI: Empowering your AI assistant with your own data (Python & .NET8)

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About the series: Build it with AI is a Microsoft Reactor series hosting AI entrepreneurs who share their experiences and learnings in their path of building innovative solutions with AI.

About this episode:

Chander Dhall – host of this episode – is the founder and CEO of Cazton, he’s part of the Microsoft Regional Director community and he’s a twelve-time awarded Microsoft MVP.

In this episode:

  • Chander discusses the exponential growth and exciting possibilities in the AI industry today, empowering businesses worldwide and enhancing productivity and digital transformation.
  • He unveils the challenges of an AI entrepreneur in this landscape, together with some tips and tricks on how to face them daily, without giving into fear of failure.
  • Also, Chander shares a real-world example of empowering an AI assistant with data sources, using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Azure OpenAI service, by writing only a few lines of code.



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