Intelligent App Chronicles: How to build an AI App in less than 2 days!

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The Intelligent App Chronicles for Healthcare is a webinar series designed to provide health and life sciences companies with a comprehensive guide to building intelligent healthcare applications.


The series will cover a wide range of topics including Azure Container Services, Azure AI Services, Azure Integration Services, and innovative solutions that can accelerate your Intelligent app journey. By attending these webinars, you will learn how to leverage the power of intelligent systems to build scalable and secure healthcare solutions that can transform the way you deliver care.


Our hosts will be: (99+) Shelly (Finch) Avery | LinkedIn(99+) Matthew Anderson | LinkedIn & (99+) Frankie Riviera | LinkedIn


This session, How to build an AI App in less than 2 days!, is on 1/16 at 11:00 CT, click here to register. 



Join us for an exciting session on how to use Microsoft technology to build AI-powered healthcare applications. Our guest speaker, Jared Matfess, Sr Dir of Microsoft Solutions at Slalom, will share his non-developer experience on building out an AI Prototype in less than 2 days.

He will cover things like: 

  • The benefits and challenges of building AI-powered healthcare applications
  • The tools and technologies that Microsoft offers for creating intelligent healthcare solutions
  • The steps and best practices for building an AI prototype in less than 2 days
  • The demo and walkthrough of the AI prototype that was built

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and engage with other healthcare technology leaders. 


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