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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 163 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Aspect EHS: This environment, health, and safety (EHS) management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers real-time insights to manage risks and improve operational efficiency. You can automate compliance processes, view insights instantly, and collaborate across your entire organization while increasing transparency of your EHS performance. It includes incident management, audits, inspections, and more.
Drill Down Graph PRO (Pin): This customizable and intuitive graph visual from ZoomCharts lets you create interactive Microsoft Power BI graphs featuring complex hierarchies, explore relations among data points, and identify outliers. Ideal for banking, IT, cybersecurity, sales, and marketing, this tool is used by 80 percent of Fortune 200 companies.
FanTail: FlashBI's FanTail is designed to make your Microsoft Power BI dashboards shine. The app displays hierarchical data structures using a radial layout so you can drill up and down to see the relative impact and value of different aspects of your business. It uses space more efficiently compared to linear chart tools and is great for visualizing sales data, website navigation paths, revenue sources, and more.
Harvest Connect: Harvest is a cloud-based solution for time tracking, project management and invoicing. Harvest Connect integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Harvest’s time tracking for seamless revenue recognition and cash receipt management. The app eliminates manual tasks by automating processes such as importing invoices from Harvest and posting them to G/L, VAT, and customer ledgers. 
Ivanti Neurons for ITAM: Reduce risks and outages by proactively driving timely asset maintenance and replacement processes with this solution from Ivanti. The mobile app consolidates your IT asset data and lets you track, configure, optimize, and strategically manage them anytime, from anywhere, using barcode scanning.  You can search for assets by serial number, tag, device name, user, and location.
Synergyflow: Synergyflow is an intelligent workflow platform that centralizes project management and knowledge capital acquisition, management, and deployment. It is ideal for organizations with project-oriented users and compliance-oriented processes. Synergyflow empowers organizations with training, quality control, best practices, and efficiency to increase knowledge capital, quality, and profitability while decreasing risk.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Accounts Payable Approvals: Integrated with Microsoft Teams, this scalable solution from OfficeLabs allows users to manage invoices on the go. It acts as a single storage repository for all supplier invoices with features such as automated approval workflows and Microsoft Power BI reporting.  By reducing manual effort and errors, it can make your accounts payable workflow simple and productive.
Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain QuickStart Service: Armanino offers a structured and risk-mitigated approach to migrate your on-premises Microsoft ERP systems to Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Key features include accelerated migration, best practices, comprehensive assessment, data migration and integration, user training, and ongoing support.
Advanced Cloud Protection with Microsoft XDR: 8-Week Implementation: Beyondsoft will integrate Microsoft security tools such as Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft Intune to provide continuous monitoring, detection, and incident response services against security threats. The implementation includes cybersecurity assessment and onboarding for up to 100 users, devices, and servers. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Journey: BRINEL will provide personalized workshops, assessments, integration, and support to help companies understand and utilize Microsoft 365 Copilot for growth and employee experience. Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps users work faster and better across Microsoft applications.
Microsoft 365 Copilot - Expand: Increase Your Business Value: MindWorks' service will help businesses adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot by providing a framework for implementing the right processes, deploying tailor-made solutions, and leveraging AI. It includes end-user adoption, change management strategy, AI readiness, and custom Copilot and AI extensions. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot - Start: Begin a New Journey: MindWorks offers a Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption program that helps customers optimize business value and leverage AI. The program includes readiness and onboarding, end-user adoption, and change management strategies. Identify business opportunities and create a competitive advantage with Copilot.
Microsoft 365 Exchange Online: 7-Day Migration: IT Partner will provide a flexible and quick way to migrate all your emails, contacts, tasks, and other data from a third-party hosted and managed Microsoft 365 Exchange Server to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. The cutover migration mode transfers all mailbox information to a new location, with email service downtime depending on DNS settings.
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Migration: 7-Day Migration: IT Partner offers an IMAP migration service to transfer emails from Gmail, Microsoft 365 Exchange,, and other IMAP-compatible systems to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. The service covers mailbox data, users, and folders, with break-fix support for migration issues. 
On-premises Microsoft 365 Exchange Server to Microsoft 365: 7-Day Migration: IT Partner will help customers running at least one on-premises instance of Microsoft 365 Exchange Server to seamlessly migrate their mailboxes to Microsoft 365. The client must provide a dedicated point of contact, configure network equipment, and assist with high-risk user identification. 
G Suite (Google Apps) to Microsoft 365: 7-Day Migration: This service from IT Partner will migrate user mailboxes from G Suite email system to Microsoft 365 using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for email migration, focusing on emails and folders only. The solution emphasizes user satisfaction and provides a closeout report upon project completion. 
Microsoft Purview Data Security - Labels and DLP: Bulletproof's consulting service helps organizations deploy Microsoft Purview Data Security tools, including sensitive information types, protection labels, and data loss prevention. Their experts will provide a baseline review, customized recommendations, delivery, and knowledge transfer to ensure successful deployment. 
Communication Plan for End-Users: 3-Day Consulting Service: IT Partner will ensure a successful deployment of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Intune, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a communication plan that includes a kickoff meeting to assess security objectives and a security roadmap. Success criteria include timely delivery of documents and media materials.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Implementation: TrimaxSecure will help launch your company’s digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This full self-service online portal will enable your agents to take customer requests from any channel, handle multiple sessions at a time, interact with multiple apps without losing context, and enhance their workflow with productivity tools.
Dynamics 365 Sales: 12-Week CRM Migration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM platform designed to empower your sales teams with automation, contextual insights, and next-generation AI. TrimaxSecure's implementation process includes system setup, data import, sales hierarchy setup, and user acceptance testing. 
Dynamics 365 Project Operations: 4-Week Implementation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations will help you get business insights from sales to project financials and empower your team to streamline project workflows and optimize resources. NaviWorld's implementation includes FRD, SDD, configuration, data migration, user role setup, training, and go-live support.
Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central: Migration: SMB Suite/NextCorp will help streamline your business operations by migrating Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with ongoing support and upgrade assistance. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.
CSI Security Engagements: 3- to 4-Week Workshops: As part of Microsoft's Cybersecurity Incentives Program (CSI), the experts from Elisa will evaluate your security posture and offer four different workshops based on your needs to reduce your risk exposure by using advanced Microsoft security products such as Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management, Microsoft Secure Score, and Microsoft Purview.
Google Workspace to Office 365: 7-Day Migration: IT Partner offers a secure and cost-effective way to migrate from G Suite to Microsoft 365, including email, contacts, calendars, tasks, files, and data. The process involves gathering and verifying G Suite information, configuring a Microsoft 365 tenant, creating a migration plan, and optimizing the migration. 
GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Cutover Email Migration: 7-Day Service: IT Partner offers migration services from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365, including planning, design, and email migration. Prerequisites include global-admin level access to both the source and destination Office 365 tenants and access to the email domain DNS zone. 
Hybrid Office 365 Migration from Exchange Server: 7-Day Service: Hybrid deployment extends on-premises Microsoft Exchange to Exchange Online, providing seamless user access and centralized mail transport. IT Partner analyzes your current Exchange on-premises solution, prepares configuration for synchronization, sets up user and password synchronization, and migrates mailboxes. 
Microsoft Endpoint Management: 2-Month Proof of Concept: T-Systems' offer provides a minimum configuration of Microsoft Endpoint Manager for self-service device testing. The bundle includes an onboarding workshop and compliance and configuration policies. 
MDR Workshop: The experts from Grant Thornton blend technical expertise and business acumen to provide tailored user experiences, adaptive assessments, and actionable analytics to enhance managed detection and response (MDR) programs using Microsoft solutions. The workshop includes analysis of goals, evaluation of technical implementation, and identification of Microsoft technologies to increase value. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot and AI Advisory Workshop: Microsoft 365 Copilot offers AI-powered tools to improve productivity and customer experience, automate processes, and gain insights from data. Telstra Purple's workshop provides Microsoft's MCI recommendations to deploy and adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365, tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Deliverables include a collaborative workshop and a high-level report with recommendations.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Discovery Workshop: Telstra Purple's three-phase engagement assesses user needs, discovers required outcomes, and develops success criteria and recommendations for deploying and adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot. The workshop provides a starting point in the customer's journey and delivers a high-level report with recommendations and a plan to adopt Copilot.
Microsoft Viva Goals: 12-Week Proof of Concept: Enabling Technologies will help you seamlessly track your business progress with Microsoft Viva Goals to drive clarity and transparency using the OKR (objectives and key results) framework. This proof of concept includes planning, enabling select users, and summarizing key learnings and results. Viva Goals can improve productivity, performance, and employee experience.
novaAudit Power Cloud Edition: 10-Day Implementation: Available only in German, this all-in-one solution from novaAudit simplifies data and document management. Compatible with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, it offers granular permission control, third-party system integration, and automated deployment. The implementation includes installation, configuration, and customization.
Office 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Cutover Email Migration: 7-Day Service: IT Partner offers advanced migration services for Microsoft 365 tenants, including planning, design, and email migration. The service ensures minimal downtime for incoming mail and avoids NDR. The migration includes exporting resources from the source tenant, importing them to the destination tenant, and changing records in domain zones.
Tableau to Power BI Migration: The experts from Office Solution will help clients understand their business needs, set up Microsoft Power BI, develop custom dashboards, provide training, optimize performance, ensure security and compliance, and offer strategic insights. 
Microsoft Viva Insights: Pilot Program: adaQuest will provide privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations to streamline decision-making and improve business performance. The pilot program allows you to deploy a Microsoft Viva Insights trial in your production tenant, run queries on your data, deliver results for two advanced analytics reports in Viva Insights, and more.
Power BI: 4-Week Implementation: Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards provide a comprehensive and detailed view of business metrics in one place, updated in real time and accessible on all devices. This implementation by myPartner provides efficient data collection and management, secure data access, and personalized reports and dashboards. 

Power Pages Consultancy: Imperium's consultation services for Microsoft Power Pages offer affordable website development without compromising on style or information. Their Microsoft-certified experts provide customized solutions that can expand and adapt to your company's future needs. Onboarding takes as little as a week or two, and they offer extensive training and ongoing support.

Power Platform Management: 2-Month Proof of Concept: T-Systems’ Bundle Quickstart offer supports customers in configuring Microsoft Power Platform management for self-service on their Microsoft Azure tenant. The bundle includes an onboarding workshop and implementation of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power BI.
Sales Quickstart: 1-Week Implementation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM platform with sales and marketing capabilities, seamless integration, and data analytics reporting. TrimaxSecure's implementation service includes core customizations, data migration, user acceptance test, and deployment, as well as admin functions, license provisioning, and user account setup.
Securing and Hardening On-Premises IT Environment: 7-Day Service: IT Partner offers professional services to enhance the security of your on-premises and Microsoft 365 environment. Their experts will analyze your IT infrastructure, implement security measures, and deliver a comprehensive closeout report. The plan includes a kickoff meeting, on-premises health check, securing process, and post-assessment tasks. 
User Home Folder Migration to OneDrive for Business: 7-Day Project: This service migrates personal files from various storage systems to the user's Microsoft OneDrive for Business folders, enhancing Microsoft 365 effectiveness. IT Partner verifies domain and workstation configurations, prepares the domain for OneDrive, and configures redirection of work folders. 
Windows 10 Autopilot: 3-Week Initial Setup: Windows Autopilot is a cloud-based deployment technology in Windows 10 that simplifies device setup, configuration, and repurposing with minimal infrastructure. IT Partner’s deployment includes customized first boot experiences, automatic enrollment in Microsoft Intune, and immediate application of policies, configurations, and apps. 

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52LEASING Migration Tool
Base Registration of Addresses and Buildings
Advanced Accounting (GB)
Advanced Standard Cost
AI-Powered Online Compiler
Alna HR Office (WTA Advanced - Consolidated)
Aptean Quality Control for Food and Beverage
Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams
AutomationEdge Hyperautomation Platform
B-BBEE Reporting Toolkit
Bank Transaction Import for Dynamics 365 Business Central
bossInterface Vendor Assessment
bossInterface eInvoicing eBill
Business Intelligence Connector
Cargo Intelligence
CIO Advisory Services: 1-Week Briefing
Cleo Integration Cloud for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Compleat Accounts Payable & Purchasing Automation
COSMO Advanced Pricing and Discounting
COSMO Cash Register
Cyber Security Health Check: 4-Hour Assessment
DataGenie - Your Business Smart Watch
Datawise for Dynamics 365
Discover Copilot for Microsoft 365
DocsChat App with ChatGPT
Drill Down Combo PRO (Pin)
Drill Down TimeSeries PRO (Pin)
DX360 Security ARMOR Collaboration Edition
Dynamics 365 Customer Service: 1-Hour Assessment
Dynamics 365 Sales: 1-Hour Assessment
Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Hour Assessment
E-Statement Automator
Eagle Control (SaaS)
EDI for Italy
Emission Sentri
Employee Lookup
Enlighten Custom Visual License - Dev Environment
Entity Record Counter
Evaluate Microsoft Azure Discounts: 12-Month Subscription
AWS to Azure: 12-Month Subscription
GCP (Google Cloud) to Azure: 12-Month Subscription
EX Managed Services - Premium (including Microsoft 365 Copilot)
eXperts Hybrid Project Management Service
Ezy Commerce
Factory Cost Control
Factory Cost Control for Italy
Fusion5 API Generator
GlobalRapide for Endpoint Management for Microsoft Teams Rooms
GMI Gservice Dime
GMI Gservice Document Output
Go4TMS - Transport Software
HAWK:AI Transaction and Customer Monitoring
Histogram Chart (Pro)
History and Statistics (GB)
InnoLIMS (SaaS)
Item Costing
Ivanti Neurons Bot - Americas
KwikTag Document Management
LATAM Customs Clearence
Map by Squillion
Market Execution Platform by Eviden
Messaging for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys
ManageWise Services for Microsoft 365: Assessment
Microsoft 365: 3-Week Security Configuration Diagnosis
Microsoft CRM Cloud Migration Assessment
Migration to Dynamics 365: Assessment
Neoteric 365 Scan&Go for Dynamics 365
NielsenIQ Activate
Novisto Integration for Word
NTT Extend for Microsoft Teams
Officesuite HD Meeting for Office 365 Add-In
OmniAnalytics for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Ontinue ION MXDR Service
Perform HCM
Power BI Professional Services: 2-Hour Briefing
Power BI: 1-Day Assessment
Pricing Optimization
Produgie for Microsoft Teams
Prodware Retail Boost Accelerator
Project Management 365
Quality Base Management Next
Quality Item Management Next
Quality Next for Dynamics 365
Quality Vendor Management Next
Quick Flow
Relevant Match
Sales Dashboard (AT)
Sales Dashboard (GB)
Microsoft 365 Collaboration: 1-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Intune: 1-Week Assessment
Self Service Portal - Alna HR Office - Consolidated
SharePoint Metadata Sync with Dynamics 365 Using Dataverse
SMART Retail Localization for Georgia
Agrotools: Remote Agricultural Monitoring
StandUps by Udyamo
Dynamics 365 Migration Service
Tampnet Offshore Private Mobile Network (4G/5G)
Tangicloud Excel Import
Taxxon Enhancement Pack for El Salvador
Taxxon Enhancement Pack for Nicaragua
Microsoft Copilot Readiness: 4-Week Assessment
Microsoft Viva Connections: 4-Week Assessment
unitop DASBV
unitop RBM
unitop ZMV
CEO Pro for Swedish Real Estate Market
Wipro GenAI Investor Onboarding
Wipro GenAI Loan Origination
Wipro Live Workspace Cognitive Automation


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