CES 2024: Intel introduces new processors for gamers, creators and professionals

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At CES 2024, Intel revealed new and expanded processor families geared toward gamers, creators and other professionals who use Windows 11 laptops and desktop  PCs.  The new Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile processors are built for gamers, creators and professionals who need the highest levels of compute performance and require the mobility that a laptop provides. The new series is led by the Intel Core i9-14900HX, featuring eight Performance-cores (P-cores) and 16 Efficient-cores (E-cores). It also makes a big leap in creator performance thanks to 50% more E-cores in the Intel Core i7-14700HX processors. This family of processors has up to 5.8 GHz turbo frequency, delivering up to 17% better gaming performance and up to 51% faster multitasking performance than the previous generation. More than 60 Intel Core 14th Gen HX-powered partner systems are coming to market in 2024.  The newly introduced Intel Core U mobile processor Series 1 family aims at efficient, balanced performance mainstream mobile PC users want in thin-and-light laptops. These processors include up to 5.4 GHz turbo frequency along with up to 10 cores (two P-cores, eight E-cores) and 12 threads in its Intel Core 7 processor 150U. It’s also got Thunderbolt 4 – universal connectivity for work and play, enabling 40 Gbps bandwidth for connection to multiple 4K monitors and accessories. Up to 96GB of total DDR5-5200/DDR4-3200 MT/S memory will also be available, as well as the latest in Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.  Intel’s expansion of the Intel Core 14th Gen desktop stack gives people and businesses who use Windows 11 PCs new ways to experience the performance of 18 new processors. They include up to 5.8 GHz turbo frequency delivering up to 7% faster all-around performance and up to 37% faster multi-thread performance from the previous generation. There’s also support for up to 192GB of total DDR5-5600/DDR4-3200 MT/S memory – providing backwards compatibility with existing Intel 600- and 700-series-based motherboards. These processors enable powerful AI and compute-intensive workloads, from interactive whiteboards in school classrooms to detail-rich medical imaging displays to controlled automation and robotics on the factory floor.  Find out more about these processors at Intel. 

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