How Augury’s AI-powered IoT monitoring solution in Azure Marketplace can deliver 3x-10x ROI

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In this guest blog post, Sara Aldworth, Content Marketing Manager for Augury, discusses the benefits of manufacturing IoT monitoring. For more than 20 years, Sara has worked with tech start-ups and established SaaS companies, communicating the positive impact of their business solutions. Her most recent work has focused on the intersection of AI and IoT and its power to improve the health of humans and the health of machines in heavy industry.


Manufacturers added $2.9 trillion of value to the U.S. economy in 2023. With that much money at stake, manufacturers must keep their production high and their downtime low. Monitoring the real-time health of their rotating machines is necessary to ensure the consistent, reliable delivery of products promised to customers.


Benefits of AI-powered IoT machine health monitoring

Thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), maintenance teams can leverage predictive, prescriptive condition-based monitoring to get ahead of machine failure. Benefits include, but are not limited to, cost savings by:

  • preventing unexpected breakdowns and allowing teams to plan their downtime for minimal impact on the business;
  • optimizing asset care to extend the lifespan of expensive machinery and reduce the need for costly repairs/replacements;
  • maximizing yield and capacity by fine-tuning processes and improving overall performance; 
  • and reducing waste, loss, and emissions by improving energy usage to meet sustainability goals.


Success at achieving such benefits can be found through AI-driven machine health solutions. Microsoft partner Augury’s Machine Health on Azure Marketplace is one such example, and has been adopted by some of the most innovative companies in the world:

  • A leading global chemical manufacturer realized 7x ROI after implementing Augury at several pilot sites, with significant wins in preventing unplanned downtime and driving increased productivity.
  • Similarly, an industry leader in the U.S. pet food manufacturing vertical averted 700+ hours of downtime using Augury Machine Health to monitor their equipment and achieved an estimated $1M+ in cost savings.


Gaining 3x-10x ROI through data-driven decisions
Maintenance and reliability teams use Augury Machine Health to glean real-time insights into machine performance and to make data-driven decisions on caring for their equipment. Augury Machine Health combines advanced IoT sensors, AI expertise, and change management resources to create tangible business results, with most customers seeing 3x-10x ROI in a matter of months.


Augury’s AI has 99.9%+ diagnostic accuracy and has been trained on more than 450 million recorded machine hours, with a vast and growing database of unique machine signatures across over 65 distinct machine types.


Additionally, Augury’s team of Cat III & IV vibration analysts are on standby to assist maintenance and reliability teams as they create actionable plans to restore their equipment to optimal health.


How to gain additional benefits through Azure Marketplace

In early 2022, Augury migrated its cloud services to Microsoft Azure. Azure provides storage for Augury and enables our AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze the data collected from our customers. Augury has worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft sellers to transact multiple deals through the Azure Marketplace.


Subscribing to the Augury solution through Azure Marketplace has multiple benefits for customers. Those who have completed multimillion-dollar transactions with Augury through the marketplace experienced:

  • Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) contract decrement;
  • consolidation of multiple purchase orders (POs);
  • access to other budgets allocated for Microsoft;
  • streamlined procurement;
  • and security and governance through Azure.


Take for example one customer, who had been trying to finalize its MACC contract for months. By purchasing Augury’s Machine Health through the marketplace, the customer was able to:

  • increase and meet their required Azure usage goals;
  • sign a larger MACC contract to receive more benefits and funding from Microsoft;
  • and decrement their MACC contract instantaneously with the Augury purchase.


Given the large number of manufacturers who leverage Azure for their internal services, the partnership between Microsoft and Augury creates great synergies for customers, starting with the simple, seamless purchasing process.


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