It’s a new year: Sharpen your skills

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As we start the new year, we want to inspire developers to hone their skills—so we’ve gathered resources that will help you learn new skills and build upon the ones you already have. Read on to explore learning modules, Cloud Skills Challenges, documentation, and other training resources to help you acquire highly sought-after skills. Improve performance and productivity, get started with .NET 8, earn a C# certification, learn how to build modern intelligent apps, collaborate with Copilot, and more.


Cloud Skills Challenge: Blazin' 2024 with Blazor
Kick off 2024 off with a blazing start! Check out this collection of learning materials and join this Cloud Skills Challenge to learn how to build your first Blazor web app from front to back.


Cloud Skills Challenge: New year … New C# certification
Get your C# certification in 2024. Join the C# Cloud Skills Challenge to complete curated Microsoft Learn content, get hands-on experience, and develop new skills. This challenge will help kick start your C# learning and get you closer to completing the C# certification.


Learning path: Get started with GitHub and Visual Studio Code
Use GitHub and Visual Studio Code to build and manage code. Check out this free learning path to explore GitHub, find out how to integrate GitHub into Visual Studio Code, and learn about using GitHub Copilot in VS Code.


Collection: GitHub Copilot and AI for developers
GitHub Copilot can do much more than just help you write code. It can help you understand someone else's code, write documentation, learn a new technology, or debug a problem. This collection of resources will help you get more out of GitHub Copilot.


Collection: Build intelligent apps with AI and cloud-native technologies
Start building intelligent, cloud-native apps. Explore learning resources from Microsoft Learn. Follow step-by-step guidance, interactive content, and documentation to learn about OpenAI, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and cloud-native apps.


Get started with end-to-end testing with Playwright
Discover a powerful tool to streamline testing modern web applications. Playwright is an open source, end-to-end testing framework from Microsoft. This six-part video series covers everything from installing Playwright to writing tests to debugging and running your tests.


.NET Conf 2023 recap — Celebrating community, innovation, and the launch of .NET 8
Want to catch up on highlights from .NET Conf 2023? The event featured more than 80 sessions packed with insights on building modern, cross-platform apps with .NET. Check out this selection of top sessions, and then explore other sessions from .NET Conf on demand.


Learning path: Create Power Platform solutions with AI and Copilot
Do you know how to build Power Platform solutions with AI and Copilot? This Microsoft Learn path will show you how to start creating intelligent apps for your organization.


GitHub beginners collection from GitHub Universe
Explore learning resources to get started with GitHub. Learn how to create and modify projects, start coding with GitHub Codespaces, and find out how to work with GitHub Copilot.


Develop apps that use Azure AI services
Learn how to build apps that use Azure AI services. Check out samples and tutorials for using Azure AI services with your preferred language: Python, NodeJS, .NET, or Java. Then deploy a RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) chat app.


Adopt, extend, and build Copilot experiences across the Microsoft Cloud
Learn how to adopt and build Copilot experiences across the Microsoft Cloud. Discover how Copilot will help you improve productivity, creativity, and data accessibility in your organization.


The future of collaboration and AI
Build your own AI apps and copilots for Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 applications using the Teams AI Library. Teams Platform has the tools you need to create a complete end-to-end AI experience for users.


Microsoft AI Tour
The Microsoft AI Tour offers free one-day, in-person sessions that will help you discover new opportunities to increase productivity with AI and enhance your skills to deliver more value using AI and Microsoft Azure. Find an event near you.


Introducing Teams App Test Tool
The new Teams App Test Tool offers a simpler way to debug Microsoft Teams bot apps within Teams Toolkit. Read the blog for everything you need to know.


Extend Copilot for Microsoft 365
Find out how to enhance Copilot for Microsoft 365 with plugins and Graph Connectors. Watch this 5-minute recap of key announcements from Microsoft Ignite.


Extend, enrich, and customize Copilot for Microsoft 365
Plugins and Microsoft Graph connectors let you use AI to increase productivity in your organization. Explore resources to learn how to extend and customize Copilot for Microsoft 365. Connect Copilot to your apps and company data.


Learn .NET 8 with new videos for beginner
New to .NET? Check out these new .NET 8 for Beginners videos to tackle .NET one step at a time, from C# to generative AI to .NET IoT and more. Learn what .NET is, what you can build with it, and how to get started.   


2024 SlashData survey promotion
Take the Developer Nation Survey. Answer questions about your favorite tools and platforms and help make an impact on the future of development.


Learning path: GitHub Copilot fundamentals — Understand the AI pair programmer
Explore the fundamentals of GitHub Copilot and see how it can increase developer productivity and innovation. Complete this Microsoft Learn path to understand how to implement GitHub Copilot in your organization.


Mastering GitHub Copilot for AI paired programming
This 6-lesson course covers everything you need to know about using GitHub Copilot as an AI paired programing resource. Check out the repo on GitHub to get started.


Paving the way for platform engineering
Do you know the power of platform engineering? Take a deep look inside platform engineering and learn how your team can leverage it for impact at scale.


Build your first custom Graph connector for Copilot for Microsoft 365
Bring external data into Copilot for Microsoft 365. Watch this quick demo of how to ingest external data sources using a custom Microsoft Graph connector. Follow these easy steps to utilize enterprise data in Copilot responses.


Azure webinar series: Boost dev productivity with GitHub Enterprise and Copilot  
Generative AI is changing how companies build software. Watch this Azure webinar session on demand to learn how to boost developer productivity with AI-assisted programming using GitHub and Azure.


Accelerate your AI journey with key reference solutions
Jumpstart your AI journey with key reference solutions and start building intelligent apps on Azure with tools that bring common use cases to life. Check out the solution accelerators on GitHub.


Master platform engineering: Architecting scalable and resilient systems
Learn best practices for platform engineering so you can provide a consistent and automated experience for dev teams, helping them ship new functionality quickly, securely, and more efficiently.


Now go learn something new. 





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