January 2024 Viva Glint newsletter

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Happy New Year from our Microsoft Viva Glint family!      


Welcome to the January edition of our Viva Glint newsletter! This communication is full of information that will help you get the most from your Viva Glint programs. 


Our next feature release


Viva Glint’s next feature release is scheduled for January 13, 2024. Your dashboard will provide date and timing details two or three days before the release.


In your Viva Glint programs


Customize a message to your survey takersWithin General Settings, enter any org-specific guidance that you’d like added to your existing privacy statement.  This message will apply to all new and scheduled surveys and can be translated into additional languages. Within a specific survey, go ahead and edit that statement in Program Setup, as needed.


Customize your logo and survey email content, too!  Your customization capabilities are enhanced!  By following in-platform guidance, we’re empowering you to take the reins and deliver customized email communications that meet Microsoft compliance requirements. Use the Microsoft Admin Center to set a custom logo and sending domain to create customized survey emails in Viva Glint that resonate with your organization.


We are just a few weeks away from the Copilot in Viva Glint Private Preview!  This innovative new tool within the Viva Glint platform is designed to help organizational leaders and HR analysts easily understand, interpret, and act on employee feedback. Say “goodbye” to the tedious task of sifting through thousands of comments – Microsoft Copilot in Viva Glint provides short, natural language summaries that accurately represent the feedback you need to see.


Changes to how you’ll set up your employee attributes – As an admin, the changes we’re rolling out will allow you to view and edit your original schema after its initial setup, incorporate user time zones, setup survey and dashboard language fields, set up personal email fields for surveying exiting employees, and we’ve updated tenure buckets, too. Read about the new attribute setup experience.


News from Viva People Science


The Microsoft Viva People Science team has been busy hosting events and authoring blogs on current tips and trends to empower you to improve your business. Check out our most recent content:


  • People Science Predictions: The impact of AI on the Employee Experience - Read our blog from the Viva People Science team, who has been busy making predictions about how AI is likely to impact employees and organizations. Read the 12 Predictions blog.


Connect and learn with Glint


Join us for our first Viva Glint: Ask the Experts session! Use this early registration link to join our new series to have questions answered about your Viva Glint programs.


We have platform trainings for Viva Glint admins and managers on Microsoft Learn! Use step-by-step guides to understand our dashboards, reports, and how to have quality team conversations.  All Viva Glint users can benefit from our new module - Navigate and Share your Viva Glint results module located on Microsoft Learn . Use these step-by-step guides to understand our dashboards, reports, and how to have quality team conversations.


Thanks to all our Viva Glint Learning Circles first-time joiners! The Viva Glint Learning Circles program is open to all customers who want to connect with other like-minded talent professionals to share knowledge, experiences, and challenges related to employee experience. Watch for news of our next sign-up period in this monthly newsletter.


How are we doing?

Please share feedback with your Customer Experience Program Manager (CxPM) if you have one, or by emailing us here. Also, if you do not want to receive these emails in the future, please let us know and you will be removed from the distribution list. Conversely, if there are people on your teams that should be receiving this monthly update, send us those emails and we’ll be sure they are added.


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