Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter – January 2024

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Ace Aviator of the Month


January's Ace Aviator: Mark Brimble


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What is your role and title? What are your responsibilities associated with your position?

My job title is integration architect at Bidone. I was responsible for moving their EDI solutions from BizTalk Server to Azure. That is now done. I am now elaborating the long-term strategy for Bidone EDI cloud architecture.


Can you provide some insights into your day-to-day activities and what a typical day in your role looks like?

My day at Bidone changes, it can include assessing requests for new EDI interfaces, reviewing existing architecture against latest Azure functionality, Azure cost assessment, reviewing our Azure security, implementing interfaces and third level Azure support.


What motivates and inspires you to be an active member of the Aviators/Microsoft community?

I have always written about what I do for 3 reasons. Firstly it clears my mind of stressful situations, it is a record of where I have been and what I write might help some else.


Looking back, what advice do you wish you would have been told earlier on that you would give to individuals looking to become involved in STEM/technology?

My advice to a younger self would be join or start a startup. Take some risks because you will learn from any failures.


What has helped you grow professionally?

I think presenting is a good way to learn because I always think that you don’t understand anything until you have to teach some else about it.


Imagine you had a magic wand that could create a feature in Logic Apps. What would this feature be and why?

I would have a universal mapping tool that creates XSLT and liquid templates. (I know you are halfway there but would like it for consumption too).

Customer Corner:

Microsoft Customer Story-KPMG Netherlands streamlines enterprise integration platforms through Azure Integration Services

kpmg logo.png

Check out this customer success story about Microsoft helping KPMG Netherlands increase operation speed and create opportunity for future enhancements. With the use of Azure API Management and Logic Apps, KPMG Netherlands reduced integration time from days to nearly instantaneous. Read more in this article about how Azure Integration Services benefit KPMG Netherlands, leading to plans for expansion to other branches.

News from our product group:



Use Logic Apps to build intelligent OpenAI applications 

Read more about leveraging Logic Apps and OpenAI to develop intelligent workflows and applications. 


Azure Integration Services year in review: An exciting innovative 2023!

Hello 2024 - catch up and review Azure Integration Services' remarkable year. 


Business Process Tracking - Frequently Asked Questions (microsoft.com)

Have any questions about the Business Process Tracking Public Preview? Check out this video with answers for some questions from the community. 



Utilize legacy Web Service code in Logic App Standard

In this article, read about how to automatically create local function app classes that can be called by Logic Apps. 




Passing Complex Objects to .NET Framework Custom Code in Azure Logic Apps (Standard)

Read more on how to pass a complex object to Custom Code in this post by Kent.


Author API Management policies using Microsoft Copilot for Azure

Microsoft Copilot for Azure introduces policy authoring capabilities for Azure API Management. Read more on how to leverage AI assistance to seamlessly author, maintain, and understand API Management policies. 


BizTalk Server 2020 Cumulative Update 5

Read up on the CU5 for BizTalk Server 2020, now available for download. 


Optimizing Service Bus message processing concurrency using Logic apps Stateless flow.

In this article, read how to utilize host configuration for Service Bus trigger in Logic App Standard.


Https Trace Tool For Logic Apps Standard

Learn more about enhancing Logic Apps Debugging with the HttpTraceForLogicApps tool.



Announcement - Target Based Scalin Support on Logic Apps Standard

Target-based scaling is a new feature in Azure Logic Apps Standard that provides a fast and intuitive scaling model for customers that replaces the current incremental scaling model as the default for applications.



News from our community:

Migrate APIM to compute stv2

Post by Massimo Crippa


In this article by Massimo, learn how to approach the APIM migration in a practical sample use case. 


Azure Logic Apps: securing HTTP Triggers with Microsoft Entra ID authentication

Post by Stefano Demiliani


Read more on how to ensure safer data processing and access control for Azure Logic Apps' HTTP triggers by implementing Microsoft Entra ID authentication.


Should I use a Function App or Inline Functions? 

Post by Mike Stephenson


In this video, Mike answers the question of Function App or Inline Functions with the new release of inline .NET functions for Logic App Standard. 


Azure Function to Apply XSLT Transformations

Post by Sandro Pereira 


In this article, read up on how to use the ApplyXSLTTransformation function by setting up an Azure Storage Account and a container to store the XSLT files.


A Quick Introduction to Azure SQL Trigger for Functions

Post by Sri Gunnala


Watch this quick introduction and step-by-step walk-through of setting up and configuring SQL Trigger Azure Functions.


Azure API Management | Logic App (Standard) Backend  

Post by Andrew Wilson


Learn in this post by Andrew a configurable and secure method to setup front-to-backend routing for a Logic App (Standard) workflow as an API in API Management.

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