SharePoint Premium and Content Management: 2023 in Review and What’s Next in 2024

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The year of generative AI

2023 was the year of generative AI, from consumer to commercial scenarios. In the workplace, organizations and employees are looking to AI to enhance employee productivity and experiences.


Last year, Microsoft introduced Copilot, your AI companion at work, and it is now generally available. Copilot is more than just ChatGPT for your enterprise. It brings the power of large language models (LLM) – through the Microsoft Graph which understands the security of your data – to your Microsoft 365 apps and search.


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New Work Trend Index data shows that already, Copilot makes people more productive and creative, and saves time. Through both surveys and experiments, the data is clear - the age of copilots is here.

  • 70 percent said copilot makes them more productive
  • 68 percent said it improved the quality of their work
  • Users were 29 percent faster overall across a series of tasks; in particular, Copilot helped users catch up on missed meetings nearly four times faster


Copilot loves content, and Microsoft 365 is the home for the vital content that informs and powers transformative AI experiences across Copilot. SharePoint Premium is the best way to prepare and ground your content for Copilot.


2023 Wrap Up


In 2023, we released innovative content processing capabilities as pay-as-you-go consumptive services as part of Microsoft Syntex (now SharePoint Premium).


• Unstructured document processing
• Structured document processing
• Prebuilt document processing
• Content assembly
• Taxonomy tagging
• Image tagging
• Optical character recognition
• eSignature (rollout begins January 2024)
• Translation (rollout begins January 2024)

At Microsoft Ignite, we announced the new SharePoint Premium – our advanced content management and experiences platform and the next evolution for Syntex.




Content experiences and solutions– optimize high-value, critical business document processes like contracts, invoices, SOWs, and more with AI, security, and workflow.
Content processing – organize your content to maximize its value with AI-driven automation to build, classify & tag documents and prepare content for Copilot.
Content governance – actively address oversharing and content sprawl by managing the content lifecycle and control access with simple yet powerful tools.


To address your content governance needs, we also brought SharePoint Advanced Management – now part of SharePoint Premium – to general availability. In this era of AI, governing your content is essential for success. It’s paramount to be able to shape the permissions on your content, find relevant content, and keep content fresh. With SharePoint Premium content governance, we’re giving content owners and IT admins the tools, insights, and controls you need to manage content at scale throughout its lifecycle.


Additionally, we introduced SharePoint Embedded - a new way for developers to build custom content apps that leverage Microsoft 365 collaboration, security, and compliance capabilities.


We also announced Microsoft 365 Backup, which protects your data in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange Online with backup and restoration in place at unprecedented speeds, at scale. Your data is stored within Microsoft’s trust boundary and retains Microsoft 365 security and compliance benefits, providing business continuity and peace of mind in the event of accidental deletion or security breach.


Microsoft 365 Archive is a new long-term, cost-effective tier storage solution for your inactive or aging content that is still essential for records and compliance. Because your content is archived in place, it retains Microsoft 365’s valuable security, compliance, search, and rich metadata.


2024: New year, new products in general availability


We’re excited to bring many of these solutions to general availability soon.


SharePoint Premium content processing services (previously known as Syntex) along with content governance (previously known as SharePoint Advanced Management) are already generally available today. New SharePoint Premium content experiences will be available in the first half of 2024.


SharePoint Embedded is currently in public preview and will be coming soon to general availability in the first half of 2024.


Microsoft 365 Backup is currently in public preview and coming to general availability in the first half of 2024.


Microsoft 365 Archive is currently in public preview and coming to general availability in the first half of 2024.


More details to come, and we hope to see you at AIIM23 and Microsoft 365 Conference.


New promotional offer available now – included capacity at no cost

To kick off the new year, we’re excited to introduce a new SharePoint Premium promotional offer for select pay-as-you-go services available now through June 30, 2024. This is your opportunity to try out SharePoint Premium content processing services (formerly known as Syntex) at no cost. Each service that’s part of this promotional offer includes a set capacity of free uses per month for every Microsoft 365 commercial tenant. For example, you can process unstructured documents, classifying and extracting data from up to 100 pages per month from documents in your SharePoint library, at no charge. Find out which SharePoint Premium pay-as-you-go services are part of the promo, and get more details here.


In summary

With lots of innovations coming in 2024, we hope you are excited about the new possibilities and opportunities that Microsoft content management offers you this year and beyond.


Generally available now In public preview now Coming in H1 CY2024

SharePoint Premium content processing pay-as-you-go services (formerly known as Syntex)
• Including SharePoint eSignature

Microsoft 365 Archive SharePoint Premium (previews and general availability)
• Including Adobe and DocuSign integrations with SharePoint eSignature
SharePoint Premium content governance (formerly known as SharePoint Advanced Management) Microsoft 365 Backup SharePoint Embedded (general availability)
  SharePoint Embedded Microsoft 365 Archive (general availability)
    Microsoft 365 Backup (general availability)


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