Add LLM Prompts to Reports using Power BI Copilot for Microsoft Fabric

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Interested in learning more about Power BI Copilot for Microsoft Fabric? I've published a new video walking through the Power BI Narrative visual with Copilot that provides a no-code (SaaS) mechanism for report developers to embed Azure OpenAI (Copilot) prompts into their reports.


There are a few great videos out there on the web for building and editing reports using Power BI Copilot, but the new Copilot Narrative (still in preview at time of recording) visual deserves more attention. LLM prompts can be added to the visual, which can be re-run every time an end user filters a report. Switching your filters from "Florida in December" to "Maine in January," and you'd like to enhance the report with some external demographic data that ties to the data from your Power BI Semantic Model? All you need to do is push a button for a new narrative.


Also, by enabling report developers to store prompts in the visual, you can instruct the Azure OpenAI LLM that is powering Copilot to add urls and citations for the data that was used in the response.

The demo in the video is using over 220 million rows of data from the Git Repo that I put together with Inderjit Rana for customers to try out Microsoft Fabric and the Power BI Direct Lake connector, and you can recreate it yourself at this link:


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