New on Azure Marketplace: December 22-31, 2023

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 177 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Teams Recording as a Service (TRaaS): Numonix's Microsoft Teams Recording as a Service (TRaaS) is a cloud-native recording solution for large organizations and developers. It offers simplified integration, rapid deployment, compliance readiness, flexible billing, and direct APIs for enhanced control. The solution is certified and compatible with Microsoft Teams, ensuring compliance and reliability.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Accelerate Developer Productivity with GitHub Copilot: 12- to 16-Week Implementation: GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered pair programmer that suggests whole lines or entire functions for developers based on the context of their code. Cognizant's service helps customers increase developer productivity. Includes onboarding, deployment, baseline developer productivity assessment, and a summarized report of change after deployment. 
Add Your Own Data to ChatGPT: Get a tailor-made ChatGPT solution that offers security, data protection, and easy accessibility to company knowledge. The package includes setting up data containers, web-content optimization, seamless integration, artificial intelligence, and referencing. Noser Engineering's solution can be used in areas such as expert knowledge, customer care, education, research, healthcare, marketing, media, legal, and human resources.
Azure Arc Implementation: Intech Systems offers a transformative implementation of Microsoft Azure Arc, extending Azure management and services to on-premises environments and cloud platforms. This allows businesses to develop applications and services with the flexibility to operate across datacenters, at the edge, and in diverse multi-cloud environments. The implementation offers a unified experience and facilitates the configuration of custom locations.
Azure Machine Learning Overview: 2-Hour Workshop: The Azure Machine Learning Overview is designed for data analysts and scientists who analyze data and produce analyses for business users. It covers topics such as machine learning, automated machine learning, designer, notebooks, and related Azure services and costs. Available in French, Var Group’s session includes a theoretical and practical presentation by an Azure Machine Learning specialist.
Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Zero Trust Model: ZainTech Solutions offers rapid deployment of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with a zero-trust security framework on Azure. They provide comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance assessment for remote work implementation, along with security policies and best practices using Azure services. 
Back Up Your Physical or Virtual Server or Client Using Azure Backup: 1-Day Implementation: IT Partner offers data protection and scalability with simplified setup and streamlined recovery processes. It includes definition of backup points and policies, configuration of Microsoft Azure Backup, and installation of agents on target systems while supporting secure and efficient backup practices with unlimited scaling options and seamless test data recoveries. 
Business Resilience Workshop: Sentinel Technologies’ experts will analyze the impact of remote work on your organization's communication processes, business and department management, and remote connectivity. Deliverables include recommendations aligned with your strategic goals and business objectives.
Cloud Adoption Workshop: Sentinel Technologies' Cloud Adoption Workshop assesses critical factors for successful adoption of IaaS and PaaS from public cloud providers. The virtual workshop focuses on cost, security, strategy, reliability, performance, and operation of Microsoft Azure environments. The team identifies gaps and issues affecting cloud adoption and provides recommendations for improvement.
Cybersecurity Framework Workshop: Sentinel Technologies workshop covers the NIST Cybersecurity framework, which offers a prioritized, flexible, and cost-effective approach to managing cybersecurity-related risks for Microsoft Azure environments. It identifies security standards and guidelines applicable across sectors of critical infrastructure, enables technical innovation, and provides guidance for measuring performance.
Democratize the Use of Generative AI: 4-Week Proof of Concept: To help businesses integrate generative AI into their processes, SQLI's offer includes ideation workshops, building a shared database, mastering AI responsibility, and training an AI team. The program also includes a proof-of-concept phase during which a prototype is built and reviewed with the client.
Generative AI on Azure: 10-Day Prototype and Proof of Value: Ascent will build a Microsoft Azure OpenAI prototype on Azure. The program includes an introductory call, a design workshop, and a 10-day engineering sprint to iterate on the identified priority use case. The goal is to provide a functional prototype ready for use, a validated business case, and a costed roadmap for taking the prototype into full production in 60 days. 
Generative AI for Customer Service Agents: Audax Labs' Generative AI for Customer Service Agents uses Microsoft Azure Open AI and Azure Cosmos DB to provide customized tools for enterprise-level customer service departments. It combines advanced AI technologies with empathetic problem-solving to swiftly collect and analyze customer inquiries, identify potential issues, and empower agents with insights before engaging with customers.
Microsoft Sustainability Manager Implementation: Microsoft Azure Cloud for Sustainability and Microsoft Sustainability Manager help companies measure sustainability dimensions. The solution provides transparency and management over the value chain, reduces costs, and improves profitability. Baufest Mexico’s implementation includes discovery, configuration, customization, development of integrations, user training, deployment, and support services.
Nonprofit Virtual Assistant: 4- to 8-Week Implementation: Valorem Reply's Microsoft Azure OpenAI Virtual Assistant for nonprofits simplifies and accelerates the development and implementation of virtual assistants. It generates personalized letters using the language capabilities of OpenAI and the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams. The solution accelerates fundraising, enhances collaboration, and adapts communication strategies.
SD-Wan Readiness Workshop: Sentinel Technologies' SD-WAN Readiness Workshop helps organizations overcome legacy WAN issues by increasing bandwidth, centralizing management, providing network visibility, and boosting security for Microsoft Azure. The workshop aligns business needs with SD-WAN technologies, prioritizes advanced capabilities, identifies application-based intelligence needs, and validates ISP SLAs with key performance metrics.
Microsoft Sentinel Migration: 4-Week Proof of Concept: The Microsoft Sentinel proof of concept from ELEVATE Solutions includes design workshops to understand your security objectives, implementation of workspace creation, configuration, testing, and knowledge transfer for management and operational aspects. It also includes onboarding data connectors, integrating threat intelligence, creating analytics rules, and configuring playbooks. 
Telehealth and Telemedicine Maturity Workshop: Sentinel Technologies offers a comprehensive analysis of your current telehealth/telemedicine posture for Microsoft Azure, conducts working sessions with key personnel to review workflows, reviews security and controls to assess whether they meet regulatory requirements, and provides recommendations and presents findings on telehealth/telemedicine maturity.
Tiger Fabricator: Tiger Analytics' Tiger Fabricator is a cost-efficient, secure, and governed data lakehouse and analytics platform that utilizes Microsoft Fabric features such as real-time integration, AI-based code generation, and data privacy. It offers expertise, best practices, reusable frameworks, and simplicity in Microsoft Fabric adoption. Technologies used include Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, SQL Server, and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.
Zero Trust Security: Sentinel Technologies' Zero Trust 2.0 Workshop offers expert recommendations to improve alignment of zero trust security with business practices and goals, addressing current and future challenges. The workshop provides steps to achieve optimal zero trust posture, presenting assessment results with a risk score and current level of maturity.

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5days - Lifetime Access
5days - Partner Credits
AccuKnox Zero Trust CNAPP
AOAI Laboratory
Apache 2.4.41 on Ubuntu 20.04
Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 23.04
Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 23.10
AudioCodes Live Calling Plan
AudioCodes Live for Devices
AWS CLI Server on Debian 10
AWS CLI Server on Debian 11
AWS CLI Server on Linux 7.9
AWS CLI Server on Linux Stream 8
AWS CLI Server on Ubuntu 18.04
AWS CLI Server on Ubuntu 20.04
AWS CLI Server on Ubuntu 22.04
AzuraCast Server on Debian 10 Minimal
AzuraCast Server on Debian 11 Minimal
AzuraCast Server on Linux 7.9 Minimal
AzuraCast Server on Linux Stream 8 Minimal
AzuraCast Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
AzuraCast Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
AzuraCast Server on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal
Azure FinOps Cost Assessment: 2-Week Consultancy
Blog Assistant - SEO AI Writer, Translator, and Paraphraser
BriefCourt Web App
Brillio Medical Prior Authorization: 4- to 6-Week Assessment
CABEM Competency Manager
Cake Cart
CentOS 7.9 Minimal
CentOS 7.9 with GUI
CIS Hardened Images on Debian Linux
CIS Hardened Images on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Citiri OS Meetings Management
Customized White Label Solutions
Cybernod: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection for Your Business
DataMotion Platform
Dealer Management System
Debian 10 Minimal with Trac System Server
Device42 - Visualize Your Entire IT Infrastructure
Docker CE on AlmaLinux 8
Docker CE on AlmaLinux 9
Docker CE on Debian 10
Docker CE on Debian 11
Docker CE on Debian 12
Docker CE on Linux 7.9
Docker CE on Linux Stream 8
Docker CE on Oracle 7
Docker CE on Oracle 8
Docker CE on Oracle 9
Docker CE on Red Hat 7
Docker CE on Red Hat 8
Docker CE on Red Hat 9
Docker CE on Rocky 8
Docker CE on Rocky 9
Docker CE on SUSE 12 SP5
Docker CE on SUSE 15 SP5
Docker CE on Ubuntu 22.04
Docker on CentOS 7
DocsNG - Effortless Document Generation with Qualified Signatures
Doctor Engagement (DMR)
Doctor Marketing Cloud
Enterprise Virtual Assistant Powered by Generative AI
EXACT GST Software
Folio3 Advanced Business Intelligence Services
Fortis Assessment HIPAA
Fortis Assessment PCI DSS
Fortis Penetration Testing Internal Pen Test
Health Authority/Hospital/Medical Center Management Solutions
Hospital Analytics Command Center
HR Self Service Using Microsoft Power Apps
HYPPOS Virtual Machine
Insight Global
ITCO Managed Services for Client Using Azure
ITP Assistant for Teams App
Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM on Azure
Linux Ubuntu 22.04 Server LTS VM on Azure
Macaw Azure Monitoring Accelerator
Managed Identity Services
MiID - Mi Identidad Digital
Monaccode Native
Monte Carlo Data Observability Platform
NBA Nudge Engine
Microsoft Fabric Adoption: 2-Hour Briefing
Nightfall DLP Service
NIS2 Directive Assessment and Implementation
NIST CSF Cybersecurity Assessment and Planning
Excellon Dealer Management System
Opinum Data Hub SaaS
Oracle Linux 7.3
Oracle Linux 7.4
Oracle Linux 8
Oracle Linux 8.7
Oracle Linux 8.8
Oracle Linux 9.1
Oracle Linux 9.2
Patient App in a Box
PureFTPd Server on Debian 10
PureFTPd Server on Debian 11
PureFTPd Server on Linux 7.9
PureFTPd Server on Linux Stream 8
PureFTPd Server on Oracle 8.6
PureFTPd Server on Red Hat 8.6
PureFTPd Server on Ubuntu 18.04
PureFTPd Server on Ubuntu 20.04
PureFTPd Server on Ubuntu 22.04
QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 Server with Microsoft 365 Applications
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9
Reliancy VM
Remodel Cloud - The Estimate and Leads Management Solution
RepsMate for Banking Sector
RepsMate for Retail Sector
RepsMate for Telco Sector
RF Terminals for Dynamics AX 2012
SaaS Fintech Service
Sample Harmonized Data for Top CPG Retailers and Distributors
Self-Hosted GitHub Container App Job Runners
Sequelstring Pry
Seraphic Security Connector Integration Package for Microsoft Sentinel
SQL Server Diagnostics Review
Swirl Enterprise for Azure
Trac System Server on Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
Trac System Server on Windows Server 2016 Datecenter
Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal with Trac System Server
Ubuntu 22.04 - Generation 2
Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 - Generation 2
Water Wise
Weavee Connector
Webissues on Linux Stream 8 Minimal
Webissues Server on Debian 10 Minimal
Webissues Server on Debian 11 Minimal
Webissues Server on Linux 7.9 Minimal
Webissues Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
Webissues Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
XENSECURE - Managed Security Operations XDR + SIEM + SOAR


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