How to estimate pricing for WordPress on App Service

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Estimating pricing is a crucial step for your business. It helps you plan your budget, forecast your expenses, compare different options, and optimize your cloud usage.


However, estimating pricing for WordPress on App Service can be challenging.


WordPress on App Service is not a standalone Azure product. It is a combination of multiple Azure resources that provide you with the best WordPress experience. These resources include:


- App Service (Linux): A fully managed web hosting platform that runs your WordPress web app.

- DB for MySQL flexible server: A fully managed database service that stores your WordPress data.

- CDN or Front Door: A content delivery network or a global load balancer that improves the speed and reliability of your WordPress site.

- Blob Storage: A scalable storage service that stores your WordPress media and static files.

- ACS Email: A communication service that handles your WordPress email notifications.

- Other integrations: You can also integrate your WordPress site with other Azure services, such as Azure cache for Redis, Azure Monitor, Azure Key Vault, Azure Active Directory, and more.


In this article, we will show you how to estimate the monthly cost for a WordPress site on App Service (Standard hosting plan) with the following configuration:

Azure Product

Link for pricing

SKU or Usage

App Service (Linux)

Pricing | App Service

P1V2 – Pay as you go.

DB for MySQL flexible server

Pricing | MySQL flexible server

B2S – Pay as you go.


Pricing | CDN

Microsoft – 5GB across all regions.

Front Door

Pricing | Front Door

No usage since we are using CDN.

Blob Storage

Pricing | Blob Storage

Standard performance – 5GB capacity.

ACS Email

Pricing | Communication Services

5000 emails. 0.2 MB per email.


Please note that App Service and MySQL charges depend on the region as well. We will take ‘East US’ as the region for this article.

Step 1: Go to Azure Pricing Calculator. Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure



Step 2: Go to Web > App Service. This will add App Service to the list of resources. Select region as ‘East US’, Operating System as ‘Linux’, Tier as ‘Premium V2’ and instance as ‘P1V2’.



Step 3: Go to Databases > Azure Database for MySQL. This will add MySQL to the list of resources. Select region as ‘East US’, Deployment option as ‘Flexible Server’, Tier as ‘Burstable’, Compute as ‘B2S’.



Now you can see the total price for App Service and MySQL Database combined.

Step 4: Repeat this for Azure CDN, Blob Storage, and ACS Email.



Now you can see the entire price for the selected resources. You can export, save, and share this estimate. To check this estimate in Azure Pricing calculator, use this link:

To learn more about the pricing calculator, refer to Estimate costs with the Azure pricing calculator - Microsoft Cost Management | Microsoft Learn

To learn more about cost optimization, refer to Optimize your Azure costs to help meet your financial objectives | Microsoft Azure Blog


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