Azure Spring Apps feature updates in Q4 2023

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The following updates are now available in the Enterprise plan:

The following update is now available in the Enterprise and Basic/Standard plans:

  • Planned maintenance (public preview): Azure Spring Apps regularly patches server-side components that your applications depend on to make sure they are secure and up to date. These components include the JDK, Spring Cloud middleware, APM, base OS image, and runtime infrastructure. For such patches to take effect, you need to restart your applications. With planned maintenance, you can schedule a time on a specific day for such mandatory restarts. For more information, see How to configure planned maintenance (preview).

  • Auto sync of certificates: Some Azure Spring Apps features secure your applications with certificates of your choice. With auto sync of certificates, you can now rotate your certificates in Azure Key Vault and they automatically sync to Azure Spring Apps. This enhancement makes it easier for you to manage features such as custom domain and TLS/SSL settings. For more information, see the Auto sync certificate section of Map an existing custom domain to Azure Spring Apps.


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