Enable Microsoft Fabric Copilot for Your Organization: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to enable Copilot for everyone 


To get Copilot turned on for everyone in your organization, follow these steps: 

1. Sign in to Microsoft Fabric using your admin account credentials. 

2. Select Fabric settings and then from the menu select Admin portal. 



 3. Select Tenant settings and scroll down the page to “Copilot and azure Open AI Service(preview)” and turn on Enabled 





4. On your left side, Select Capacity settings. 

5. Select
Fabric Capacity tab. 

6. Select Set up a new capacity in Azure (It will take you to Azure to set up your capacity) 



7. In Azure, you should see Create Fabric Capacity (Login into your Azure and use the account you want for the Fabric Copilot capacity). 


a.Select your subscription. 

b. Select or create a resource group. 

c. Select or create a new capacity name (Copilot in Microsoft Fabric isn't supported on trial SKUs. Only paid SKUs (F64 or higher, or P1 or higher) are supported.) 
Click Review + Create below. 

e. Click Create 




 8. You will see validation succeeded. 





 9. Go back to Power BI and Click Workspaces 


10. Create New workspace. 



11. Give it a Name.  


12. Click Advanced dropdown and click Fabric Capacity





 13. Select Capacity and pick the capacity created in Azure. 



 14. Click Apply 

Microsoft Fabric Copilot is now available.  


In addition, if you want to add new users to a workspace to use copilot features. 

  1. Go to the workspace you created 
  2. Click Manage access. 
  3. Add people or groups. 









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