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Practice mode is now available in Forms. It’s tailored for EDU users, particularly students, offering a new way for students to review, test, and reinforce their knowledge. Follow me, let’s check out more details of practice mode. You can just try it from this template. (Note: Practice mode is only available for quizzes. ) 

Practice modePractice mode


Instant feedback after answering each question
In practice mode, questions will be shown one at a time. Students will receive immediate feedback after submitting each question, indicating whether their answer is right or wrong.

Instant feedback after answering each questionInstant feedback after answering each question


Try multiple times for the correct answer
Students can reconsider and try a question multiple times if they answer it incorrectly, facilitating immediate re-learning, and consequently strengthening their grasp of certain knowledge.

Try multiple times to get the correct answerTry multiple times to get the correct answer


Encouragement and autonomy during practice
Students will receive an encouraging message after answering a question, whether their answer is correct or not, giving them a positive practice experience. And They have the freedom to learn at their own pace. If they answer a question incorrectly, they can choose to retry, view the correct answer, or skip this question.


Encouragement message and other optionsEncouragement message and other options


Recap questions
After completing the practice, students can review all the questions along with the correct answers, offering a comprehensive overview to assess their overall performance.

Recap questionsRecap questions


Enter practice mode
Practice mode is only available for quizzes. You can turn it on from the “…” icon in the upper-right corner. Once you distribute the quiz recipients will automatically enter practice mode. Try out practice mode from this template now!

Enter practice modeEnter practice mode


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