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We are excited to announce the launch of the Microsoft Graph connector for ServiceNow Tickets. Now you can index tickets from ServiceNow and end users can search for these tickets in Microsoft Search and Copilot. 


Tickets is a system provided by ServiceNow for enterprises to manage and resolve IT issues efficiently. A ticket is a special document or record that captures details about incidents and requests. It is generated by employees or automated systems, which are then assigned to IT agents for resolution. For more details, check out this link.


How to configure the ServiceNow Tickets connector? 

Navigate to the Connectors catalog page. Select ServiceNow and from the right panel, select ServiceNow Tickets.  Follow the steps as mentioned in the ServiceNow Tickets Graph connector documentation. 



Graph connectors catalogGraph connectors catalog




ServiceNow ConnectorsServiceNow Connectors


Key Features 


 1. Define users who can access tickets: The connector supports search permissions, ensuring that indexed tickets are only visible to users with appropriate access. You can select up to 25 properties to define who can access ServiceNow tickets in Microsoft Search & Copilot (Opened by, Assigned to, Resolved by, Last reopened by, and more) 


Select permissionsSelect permissions

2. Choose from multiple authentication methods: The connector supports multiple authentication methods, including Basic Authentication, ServiceNow OAuth, and Microsoft Entra ID OpenID Connect. 


Authentication optionsAuthentication options


3. Select only the type of tickets you want to index: You can choose to index only incident tickets or change requests by selecting the appropriate table in 'Select properties' screen. 


Select ticket typesSelect ticket types


We are sure you will find the ServiceNow Tickets Graph connector useful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve it. 


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