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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 220 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Analytics 365 - Teams Call Analytics: This solution from Tollring provides insights into customer communications on Microsoft Teams Phone, helping organizations manage call center and customer-facing teams. Web-based delivery offers an intuitive dashboard with multiple views, comprehensive metrics, and the ability to create wallboards. Customers can set targets and KPIs for contextual insight, visualize end-to-end call journeys, and sync with Microsoft 365. 
Battle Road Atom Engine: This offer from Carahsoft is a cloud game engine that can simulate scenarios as large as a planet or as small as a single vehicle. It allows teams to collaborate, plan, and operate their scenarios in real time via a shared persistent world user experience. The platform runs completely in the cloud, eliminating the need for local software or expensive hardware.
Beat: Our artificial intelligence (AI) tutors in Microsoft Teams and provides personalized training in AI fundamentals, guiding students based on their preferences. We offer flexible course settings and can explore advanced topics beyond the basic curriculum. TeraTeams' goal is to spark potential and help clients master AI-related knowledge with firm decision-making and leadership.

BeesWall License: BeesWall offers a digital knowledge library that makes it simple to access and organize your files and information, providing seamless data governance for efficient organization and deep focus. It saves time for data scientists and custodians by cleaning and organizing information on-premises or on the cloud, especially for digital marketing. 

Data Lake Connector: Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store Data Lake Connector transfers data from your real-time historian to Microsoft Azure Event Hub, making it easily accessible for storage in your data lake. Once within the Event Hub, data becomes accessible for effortless storage within your designated data lake. The streamlined process ensures efficient management and utilization of valuable data resources. 
Engage: From Udyamo, Engage is an app that streamlines employee recognition and communication within an organization. It allows for easy shout-outs, increased transparency, and improved company culture. The app provides managers with data on employee recognition and progress tracking. 
Extra360: This platform from Extra Loyalty Solutions enhances customer engagement and loyalty through promotions, integrated digital wallet solutions, data-driven decisions, omni-channel engagement, gamification techniques, and scalability. It offers bespoke solutions to cater to unique business needs and has a proven track record of effectiveness in the marketplace. The platform is versatile and adaptable, catering to a diverse range of sectors. 
Imperium Sales CPQ: This offer from Imperium Dynamics is a quote management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. It offers easy product configuration, swift quoting, and efficient order creation. The intuitive customer-facing portal empowers businesses to create a comprehensive product catalog that allows customers to conveniently request quotes. It reduces errors, empowers upselling and co-selling, and elevates customer experience.
Label Printer: This app from System Solutions allows for easy label creation and customization directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Labels can include text, numbers, and barcodes for item pricing and tracking. Labels can be printed based on price changes, sales orders, purchase orders, and unit of measure. Available in English for Canada and the United States.
LawToolBox AI: This offer from enhances the core LawToolBox for Microsoft 365 with advanced deadline and appointment extraction and rules-based calendaring in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. It extracts deadlines from emails and attachments, maps deadlines from links to civil rules and other documents, and summarizes emails and attachments. 
MarketServe: MarketServe simplifies the process of publishing applications on Azure Marketplace. This Cloudserve Systems product offers an intuitive interface, efficient submission process, optimization assistance, comprehensive guidance, faster time-to-market, and increased visibility. It's a strategic partner for success on Azure Marketplace.
OLS360 Platform (Essential and Advanced): This no-code platform from One Logic Solutions offers cost-effective solutions for growth and innovation. It provides data mart integration, multi-level security, customized SLAs, and task scheduling. The platform has essential and advanced plans, with dynamic menus and customized intranet pages. OLS360 combines advanced technology with practical applicability for efficient and productive management.
Processifier Process Mining: This process mining visual from Processifier simplifies achieving actionable insights for confident decision-making in Microsoft Power BI without complex data integration projects. Try the trial version and upgrade to the full version. Aso, check out the feature-rich Power BI application for graph visualization, conformance checking, variant analysis, and advanced process discovery.
Repairs and Refurbishment: ReverseLogix simplifies the management of returns, repairs, and parts replacement. It helps recover more value from every unit, reduces environmental impact, and identifies consistent trends or problematic product issues faster. The centralized, cloud-based platform enables seamless coordination of in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, and provides total visibility at every step in the process.
Returns Initiation: ReverseLogix's Returns Initiation module streamlines the returns process with a branded portal, RMA initiation, image and document capture, shipping labels, and notifications. The platform also handles repairs, refurbishments, and tax calculations, making it a comprehensive solution for managing returns.
Returns Processing: ReverseLogix offers an end-to-end reverse logistics management platform to optimize returns processing, improve efficiency, and standardize decision-making. The platform centralizes operations, provides real-time data, and enables effective communication with customers. Enhanced returns processing ensures products are restocked, repaired, and recommerced efficiently.
Customer Engagement for Dynamics 365: Solgari's Microsoft AI customer engagement solution connects customers to the right people quickly, allowing communication through any preferred channel. The app offers advanced self-service options and skills-based routing, with real-time conversation summary and sentiment analysis. Supervisors can monitor and mentor agents mid-call, while business leaders are protected by industry-specific regulations. 
Think Open AI Offer: This solution from Think AI uses large language models to automate document processing and data extraction with up to 100% accuracy without requiring machine learning training. It can be customized for various industries and departments, and can extract structured and intelligent information from documents for further data analytics. The solution also includes a Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension for real-time chat and report generation.
Vimheslo: From European Code Factory, Vimheslo is a password management app that allows you to store and share passwords with team members. It generates strong passwords that comply with the Cyber Security Act. The free version allows up to five passwords, while the unlimited version requires contacting Vimheslo.

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Accessibility: 1- to 2-Day Workshop: Nexer Group offers practical and strategic consultancy to guide organizations on using Microsoft 365 to build inclusive workplaces, products, and services. It addresses challenges, embeds the European Accessibility Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines expertise, and ties into the Microsoft Horizon strategy for inclusive digital infrastructure, Accessibility as a Service, and improved productivity and efficiency.
Consultancy for Microsoft 365: Imperium Dynamics offers comprehensive consulting services for Microsoft 365, including seamless transition, integration with existing systems, efficient implementation, ongoing support, and training. Its team develops customized solutions and provides comprehensive training sessions to empower users. ID also offers dedicated support to optimize the benefits of Microsoft 365 as businesses evolve and grow.
Copilot Countdown - AI Adoption Journey: Advania provides support for organizations to leverage the Microsoft Copilot suite and AI tools. The service is driven in phases to ensure good governance in adapting AI tools, including identifying opportunities, understanding risks, piloting and deploying, and managing change. The service offers personalized plans, security recommendations, and training seminars.
Copilot Countdown - AI Opportunity Workshop: This Advania service helps organizations create personalized plans for using AI solutions, including Copilot for Microsoft 365. The plan includes deployment recommendations and an estimated timeline. The workshop covers the current state of AI, large language models, and Copilot's capabilities and benefits. Gain insight into AI's potential for improving employee experience and productivity.
Copilot Countdown - AI Pilot and Deploy Consulting: This Advania service helps organizations prepare for the integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365 by ensuring a secure IT environment, successful deployment, and understanding of benefits and challenges. It accelerates AI journeys, enhances employee experience and productivity, ensures security and compliance, and provides expert guidance.
Copilot Countdown - AI Rollout and Scale Consulting: This Advania service helps organizations adopt Copilot through training seminars, support workshops, and a tailored playbook. It accelerates adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and other AI solutions, empowers employees to use it effectively and responsibly, and measures outcomes and benefits. It also provides guidelines for discovering new use cases.
Copilot Countdown - AI Security Workshop: This Advania service helps organizations prepare for the deployment of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Azure OpenAI solutions. It provides recommendations for immediate security and policy actions, risk analysis, and understanding of Copilot standards. The workshop covers technical requirements, risks and challenges of AI solutions, risk analysis, and environment assessment.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Extensibility FastStart: 4-Week Implementation: Copilot for Microsoft 365 can streamline processes and provide fast access to data held in other platforms, transforming the employee experience. Advania's expertise in developing Copilot plugins and integrations can unlock its potential as a unifying layer across company systems, allowing employees to complete tasks without leaving the Copilot interface. 
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop: This Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop from Netrix Global is a three-phase engagement that helps customers assess needs, understand Copilot's capabilities, identify persona-based scenarios, and define an actionable roadmap. The workshop includes a self-guided assessment, presentations and demos, and a plan development phase based on real personas in the organization.
Copilot Launchpad Training Package: Advania offers an AI kickstart training package to help businesses improve employee experience and productivity with AI and automation solutions. The package includes familiarizing with Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Azure OpenAI, examining readiness, managing security, and successfully deploying Copilot products.
Data Adoption Roadmap: The EpicData Data Adoption Roadmap is a program that assesses an organization's data adoption level and provides tailored training on skills such data ingestion and modeling. It emphasizes building a data community within the organization and promotes a culture of continuous learning. The program's transparent pricing makes it accessible to all.
Data#3 Copilot for Microsoft 365: Extension: Data#3 offers extension services for Copilot for Microsoft 365, including developing a business case, performing a readiness assessment, change management, and training. It also provides advice on extending Copilot, integrating third-party solutions, and implementing Microsoft 365 with third-party solutions.
Data#3 Copilot for Microsoft 365: Implementation: Data#3 offers implementation services for Copilot for Microsoft 365, including developing a business case, performing a readiness assessment, and providing training services. It works with organizations to understand their technical landscape and ensure the deployment is aligned with the planned rollout.
Data#3 Copilot for Microsoft 365: Organizational Change Management: Data#3 helps organizations implement Copilot for Microsoft 365. Its services include developing a business case, performing a readiness assessment, training staff, and extending Copilot. The structured approach can improve adoption, reduce the risk of failure, and increase employee engagement. Data#3 also helps organizations prepare, manage, and sustain the adoption of Copilot.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Consulting: Imperium Dynamics offers customized Microsoft 365 Customer Service consulting solutions to meet specific business requirements. It conducts a thorough evaluation and provides tailored training and ongoing support to ensure efficient implementation. ID's experts help identify customer service needs and choose the right features for seamless integration.
Dynamics 365 Sales Elevate: Imperium Dynamics offers tools and expertise to transform sales processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth. It provides customized packages with comprehensive features, training, and support to maximize the value of Microsoft 365 Sales. The package is recommended for enterprise-level businesses seeking unparalleled sales performance.
Dynamics 365 Sales Ignite: Imperium Dynamics offers tools and expertise to transform sales processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth. It provides customized packages designed to meet the unique needs of each organization, with comprehensive training and support. It also offers improved forecasting, 360-degree customer view, and scalability. 
Dynamics_365_Sales_Transform: Imperium Dynamics offers customized solutions for businesses seeking to enhance sales processes and drive growth. With Dynamics Sales Hub, businesses can capture leads from various sources, gain access to advanced sales tools, and improve forecasting. The solution is scalable and provides real-time data and analytics for accurate sales forecasts. Recommended for growing businesses seeking an integrated sales solution.

Evo-Soft Consultancy Offer: BCN Group's ERP assessment and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation consultancy provides an overview of how your business operates with your existing business applications, identifying gaps, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies in processes. From this information, BCN will recommend how it can help you transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Globalization LATAM Chile Implementation: This AW offer for Chile includes tax determination, electronic invoicing, tax reporting, bank payments, and commercial documents. AW's team of more than 100 professionals provides ongoing support and additional solutions for a complete and personalized experience. 
Globalization LATAM Costa Rica Implementation: This AW offer for Costa Rica includes tax determination, electronic invoicing, tax reporting, bank payments, and commercial documents. AW's team of more than 100 professionals provides ongoing support and additional solutions for a personalized experience. 
Globalization LATAM Nicaragua Implementation: This AW offer for Nicaragua includes tax determination, electronic invoicing, tax reporting, bank payments, and commercial documents. AW's team of more than 100 professionals provides ongoing support and additional solutions for a personalized experience. 
Globalization LATAM Panama Implementation: This AW offer for Panama includes tax determination, electronic invoicing, tax reporting, bank payments, and commercial documents. The AW team of more than 100 professionals provides ongoing support and additional solutions for a personalized experience.
Hyperautomation Consulting: Hiberus offers tailored services for organizational transformation, leveraging Microsoft technologies to connect people and processes. Solutions include automated contract and procurement workflows, enhanced security and scalability, real-time business insights, and ongoing support and maintenance. Hiberus specializes in optimizing global digital transformation journeys for enterprise and government organizations.
Improve Organizational Efficiencies: 4-Week Assessment and Proof of Concept: CongruentX is a technology consulting firm that helps businesses increase efficiency, decrease costs, and boost revenue by analyzing processes and aligning technology with people and processes. CongruentX uses design thinking to simplify technology for users and has a track record of success with satisfied clients.
MC4N Gift Aid Add-on: 30-Day Implementation: Kerv Digital's accelerator for fundraising and engagement automates and streamlines claims submission to HMRC. It requires Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit (MC4N) with Fundraising and Engagement, and offers customizable processes, real-time tracking, and compliance with HMRC guidelines. The solution reduces manual efforts and enhances accuracy in claims processing.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption: 4-Week Deployment: Talan's Copilot AI tool revolutionizes business processes. Talan offers a three-step approach to help teams understand and adopt the tool, including acculturation to generative AI, training on how to speak to Copilot, and deep dives to identify use cases for specific job functions.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Consulting and Training Service: Este Bilisim explains the highlights and use cases of Microsoft 365 Copilot, showcasing its potential through live demos. This service features hands-on scenarios for Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, and Loop.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop: Microsoft Copilot, integrated into Microsoft 365, streamlines tasks and enhances collaboration with AI. Quisitive's Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop offers a three-phase engagement to assess needs, prioritize scenarios, and define an actionable roadmap. Benefits include understanding Copilot, built-in AI-powered tools, and access to AI and productivity experts.
Microsoft 365 Evergreen Lifecycle: This Atos International offer helps manage feature changes, reducing risk of confusion and loss of productivity. It covers Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, Viva Suite, Windows 11, Apps for Enterprise, Azure Active Directory, Defender, and more. Presentations by an expert and license review with feedback are included. 
Microsoft 365 Mergers and Acquisitions: 4-Week Implementation: This Spyglass implementation migrates data to its desired destination across Microsoft 365, Azure, and third-party solutions. Security and compliance are ensured for data and users affected by migration activities. The implementation includes data discovery, security assessment, migration, testing, and training. Price is based on specific needs of the customer.
Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Direct Debit Add-on: 30-Day Implementation: This implementation from Kerv Digital automates and streamlines regular donation collection via direct debit for non-profit organizations. It includes features such as effortless setup, campaign integration, and comprehensive BACS report processing. The package enhances fundraising efficiency and reliability while ensuring compliance and accuracy.
Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising Foundation: 3-Month Implementation: Kerv Digital's packaged service helps charities migrate to Microsoft's fundraising app. It offers pre-built templates to migrate data and on-demand training to ensure a seamless transition. The service includes comprehensive insight into fundraising architecture, streamlined management of stakeholder data, and efficient handling of donation inflows. 
Microsoft Copilot for Edge and Windows (Bing Chat Enterprise) Adoption: 4-Week Implementation: Long View Systems' Microsoft Copilot for Edge and Windows adoption offer includes discovery workshops to develop personas and use cases, a governance workshop to review guidelines, an adoption plan with communication and training, and technical coordination for enabling Copilot.
Microsoft Teams Room Lifecycle Planning: Microsoft Teams offers integrated video, voice, and data for businesses. AVI-SPL's Lifecycle Planning service prepares organizations for a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use collaboration environment. The service includes a consultant-led workshop, documented findings, and recommendations for long-term success. 
Migrate Email to Microsoft 365: 3- to 8-Week Implementation: This implementation plan from Provisions Group helps migrate on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers to Microsoft 365. It includes assessing the current environment, designing a migration plan, setting up and running test migration, and testing and cutover. The plan provides recommendations for tools, approach, timeline, and team approach.
Email Migration via IMAP: Migrating IMAP files to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 can offer improved access, security, collaboration, and productivity. The migration project from Lattine Group includes email history migration up to 35MB, but not contacts or calendars. The scope covers assessment, implementation, and validation, with actions required from both the client and Lattine. 
Office 365 Proof of Concept/Pilot: 5-Day Consulting Service: IT Partner offers a pilot project to help with the successful rollout of Microsoft 365, providing resources, tools, and experts to drive adoption and customize services. The project includes tenant creation, user account setup, and reviewing Microsoft 365 ROI. Client responsibilities include providing necessary data and access to servers.
Power Apps Scoping: 1-Week Workshop: Microsoft Power Apps can automate business processes, track implementations, and roll out enterprise applications. Fractal Analytics offers expert consulting in a workshop format to help teams develop apps. The workshop includes stakeholder calls, interviews, application design, scoping, and project planning. Deliverables include a project plan and statement of work for application build-out.
Power BI Consultancy: Imperium Dynamics offers specialized consulting services to help businesses unlock the full potential of Microsoft Power BI. Its experts streamline implementation, facilitate seamless integration with existing systems, assist in data management and integration, and provide ongoing support and training. ID works with clients to develop customized solutions and offer comprehensive training sessions to empower users. 
Proof of Concept Solution - Microsoft 365 Copilot: KPCS CZ provides a personalized exploration of Copilot's capabilities within a business context. The service aims to enhance productivity, creativity, and security while providing valuable insights and expert guidance. Customers can witness firsthand how Copilot streamlines processes and receive a strategic roadmap for full-scale implementation.
SharePoint Online - Migration with Metadata: 3-Week Consulting Service: Managed Metadata in Microsoft SharePoint allows for efficient organization and migration of files and folders, preserving metadata when transitioning from other platforms. IT Partner ensures compatibility, effective structuring, and secure migration, with additional services available. A comprehensive project closeout report is provided.
SharePoint Online and Office 365 Apps Customization: 3-Day Consulting Service: IT Partner helps businesses optimize and customize their Microsoft 365 environment. It provides expert assistance in deployment, configuration, and customization, empowering clients to explore and utilize advanced features. IT Partner services extend beyond the basics, allowing clients to customize the look and feel of Microsoft Cloud Services.
Strategic Power BI Dashboards for Driving Your Business: Data Mind offers dynamic, interactive, and real-time data visualizations that are easy to understand and act upon. Its expert team develops dashboards that reflect critical business metrics, integrating data from various sources into a consolidated, interactive visual experience. The dashboards provide clarity, drive decision-making, and move your business toward its aims.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Pack: TDG offers a three-step program for digital transformation: diagnosis, immersion experience, proof of concept. The program includes a comprehensive analysis of the IT infrastructure, training on Microsoft 365 services, and testing of data security measures. The proof-of-concept phase evaluates the collaboration solution and establishes a zero-trust Copilot environment.
Training - Power BI DAX Bootcamp: This EpicData course delves into the technical aspects of DAX in Microsoft Power BI, teaching various use cases and best practices for writing performant formulas for common and advanced business scenarios. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of DAX.
Training - Power BI Fundamentals: This EpicData course for Microsoft Power BI covers everything from tool introduction to hands-on data visualization and storytelling techniques. It also includes guidance on transforming and connecting data to various sources, as well as DAX and M code. The course combines theory, demonstrations, and exercises to prepare you for your data journey.
Windows 365: 10-Day Pilot Service: This Ultima Business Solutions service is a comprehensive engagement that helps evaluate the potential of Microsoft Windows 365. It covers planning, deployment, and training stages, and provides expert guidance and best practices. The service offers insights into hybrid work end-user computing goals and objectives and delivers a detailed report with findings and next steps.

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AI Readiness and Analytics Health Check - Platinum
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ALAIQ - Digital Colleagues
Allsop Platform - Order Automation
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Aptean Pricing Matrix for Food and Beverage
Artis for Excel
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Banza Loyalty Program Engine
Barcode Scanning Add-On for D365
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Bin Content Per Tracking
Bonuses and Accruals Extension PL
Bridgit Properia
Bridgit Properia Preventative Maintenance
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Comtigo Service for IT
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Security and Readiness Assessment
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Technical Readiness: 2-Week Assessment
CPQ/Contract Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365
CS Connect
Czech Language for LS Central (Czechia)
Data Quality App for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps for Nonprofit Organizations
Data#3 Copilot for Microsoft 365 - Business Case
Database Query with Generative AI
Digital Management
Docuten Connect
Dual Axis Scatter Chart (Pro)
Dynaway EAM Analytics for Business Central
Ecommerce Suite - Solution with PIM, B2B, B2C, CMS, DAM, and Template Builder
EPAM AI Category Manager
ESG Materiality Assessment for Microsoft Sustainability Manager: 6-Week Assessment
Extended Accounting
ez2view Australia
FE Argentina Abroad
FileOn Document Manager
Fintech Enablement Platform Release V1.0
FRISS Underwriting Analytics
Gift Registry for Dynamics 365
Goom Park Machinery
Gurusoft Integration with Plugins
Implementation for Microsoft Synapse - Unified Data Estate
Incant - AI Magic for Excel
Information Governance Pre-Study
Ink Display
insighto for Digital Stakeholder Insights
Intune Secure Score: 1-Week Assessment 
JBS Power BI Assessment
Jobplan for Westeer
Kronos Visual Plan (KVP)
KSA E-Invoice
kuando Busylight WorkSpaces
Lototo Digital
LSM Macedonian Language for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Market Maven
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 1-Day Assessment
Microsoft ERP AIM Assessment for Dynamics On-Premises Customers
Microsoft Licensing Cost Optimization: 3-Day Assessment
Mobile Security Protection
My Approvals App
NSS Contracts
OLS360 Platform (Corporate)
Order Staging Pebblestone Feature
OutOnSite - Field Service Management Software
OLS360 Platform (Enterprise)
Polestar Data Nexus Fabric
Power BI Consulting Services
Power BI User Experience (UX) Review: 5-Day Assessment
Power Prosecutor+
Primus Gamma
Primus Web Services
PSG Axiom Cybersecurity Grant
PYTHEOS Premium SaaS 2024
Quality Requirements and Specifications
RapidSOS Premium
Readiness Assessment for Microsoft 365 Copilot
Red Ink Text Templates
Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards for Business Central
Rental Management
Sales Automation
Sales Commission Based on Cash Receipt
Scan2 App
SD Easy Customise
Security Copilot Readiness Assessment
Sequel Meter Reading
Sequel Vendor Portal
SMART Payroll and SMART HCM and LMS Connector
Splashtop Secure Workspace
Synoptek Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM): 3-Week Assessment
SYNQ Frontline Hero
Tangra Immersive Learning
TASK: End-to-End Transaction Management Platform
Teams Telephony Readiness
tegossuite - NA for Electronic Asset Disposition
Temporary Item
Time and Attendance App
TimeOffs by Udyamo
Tinx SparkLayer Connector
TRADE.connect Approval
TRADE.connect Assembly
TRADE.connect Base
TRADE.connect Complaints
TRADE.connect Layout
TRADE.connect Price List
TRADE.connect Purchase
TRADE.connect Rebates
TRADE.connect Sales
TRADE.connect Statistics
TRADE.connect Surcharge
TRADE.connect Tools
TRADE.connect Warehouse
TRADE.connect WMS
Training App
Virtual Town Metaverso
VisualSP In-App Training for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Waterfall Visual Extended
YumiSign for Microsoft Teams
Zebra Workcloud Communication


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