Microsoft and Trevor Noah: A Partnership for Asking Questions

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Trevor NoahTrevor Noah


How comedian Trevor Noah is helping Microsoft for Nonprofits spark curiosity and innovation in the era of AI


Microsoft believes in the power of questions. Questions can inspire creativity, challenge assumptions, and lead to breakthroughs—that's why Microsoft named Trevor Noah Chief Questions Officer. Trevor is a keynote speaker at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit and brings his curiosity to exploring the future of nonprofits making an impact with AI.


As Microsoft Chief Questions Officer, Trevor uses humor, insight, and curiosity to engage with the future of AI for powering change. With his series “The Prompt,” he explores how technology like AI, cloud computing, gaming, and edtech are driving social impact.

Trevor Noah is a perfect fit for this role because he is a master of asking questions. His passion for learning and innovation combined with a global perspective and sharp wit inspires people to approach AI with curiosity and unleash their potential.


At the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit, Trevor will join Kate Behncken, CVP of Microsoft Philanthropies, for “Q&AI”, a conversation on the power of curiosity as we meet the challenges and opportunities of AI together. Be sure to register for the event with code VIRTUAL to watch and learn.


For a look at how Trevor brings curiosity to conversations about AI for impact, watch the latest episode of The Prompt, exploring how the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is using AI to combat addition with emotional support.


Trevor Noah at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit, January 31Trevor Noah at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit, January 31



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