Toll-free numbers for Microsoft Teams now supported on NCE

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We have exciting news! New Commerce Experience (NCE) now supports the ability to acquire toll-free numbers for Microsoft Teams.

Please see the following guidance to share with customers on how to acquire toll-free numbers on NCE. Provisioning of toll-free numbers will be managed through the Teams admin center.


  • For your customers currently on NCE: No action needed. Unless the customer was previously on legacy and had enabled “Auto-recharge” for communications credits.


  • For your customers moving from legacy (Communications Credits) to NCE:
    • If the Communications Credit balance is zero, then the commerce system will automatically move the customer to postpaid and the new meter will be validated


    • If the customer has a positive balance for Communications Credits, the commerce tool will be able to automatically identify this and the remaining Communication Credits will be used for billing until the remaining balance is drained


      • Important note: Most customers have the “Auto-recharge” flag enabled within their account which will automatically refill their Communications Credit balance to whatever threshold they configured it as. They will need to disable this option if they wish to utilize the consumption meter, otherwise the Communications Credit balance will indefinitely refill itself, and the commerce system won't switch to the post-pay mechanism. See screenshots below for how to disable.







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